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Updated on 05 February 2024
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how confused are you? I assume the newcomers are hella confused as to what the fuck ulmf.org is all about. Would knowing the full name actually help you out? I highly doubt, but let’s give it a shot. This site is actually called the Unofficial LineMarvel Forum. Now, you either know exactly what the fuck to expect, or you are even more confused.

I am expecting a lot of newbies to come here and check out what this site is all about. Let’s be honest; it is quite fucking odd to name your website the ‘Unofficial’. Does that mean that there is an official site somewhere out there? Is the name just a joke, or am I reviewing the wrong side of this place? Let’s not forget that the site gets about a million viewers a month, meaning that they are doing something right. But what are they all about?

One would expect there to be an official site as well? I might be an idiot, but I have not found that anywhere. Oh well, I do not think that that matters as much; what you do need to know is who or what LineMarvel is. I am assuming that you have like zero clue, right? Well, don’t worry about it mate, I shall make sure you get the gist. That is why I am here.

Why Unofficial? And who the fuck is LineMarvel?

Let’s be honest, when reading the shit, I wrote above, you probably thought this as well, right? Well, unlike me, you do not have to go further than this review to learn everything about this forum. Me, on the other hand, I had to do a lot of research. Well, LineMarvel is the creator of a flash game that was out a long time ago, in 2005. That was a couple of years before ULMF came online.

If you go to some of the mainstream flash game sites, such as Newgrounds, you can find the games from LineMarvel. There are actually only two games currently, which is something that might change when you check out the site yourself. It all depends if you ask me… but on the other hand, I highly doubt that he will suddenly decide to make more shit.

So, the first game that is offered is the Demon Girl, and then you have the Jungle Girl. The graphics of both games are the same and very simple. It is pretty obvious that not a lot of people worked on the game. The games depict a lot of weird crap, from tentacle rape to just basic fucking. I guess that is why the game and the person behind it became popular or whatnot.

It is a bit difficult to believe that just that one game, and I am talking about Jungle girl, is what put this dude on the map. I mean, there is a lot more you need to do today actually to get this sort of recognition. Apparently, people were so thirsty for tentacle rape games, that he was able to succeed with a simple animation game. Interesting, to say the least.

As for the Demon girl, that is a more published version of the game. You are trying to pass the game without getting raped, but you end up getting raped a lot. Shocking, right? It also involves tentacles, violence, and all that crap. I think it is pretty straightforward, and you already know what the fuck to expect from the game.

The interesting thing here is that when you check out LineMarvel’s profile on some of the known game sites, his reputation is not over the top. I expected a lot more but got a downer instead. Oh well, at least the games are worth checking out, and if you do not think so, I am not sure why the fuck you are here. Oh, that’s right, the ulmf.org.

But, what is ulmf.org about then?

I understand how explaining who LineMarvel is might have confused you even more. Since I did not really tell you anything about ulmf.org, and what the site has to offer, right? I mean, why is there a website dedicated to a person who made a game more than a decade ago? Sure, the game is fucking good, but there are many other great games without a forum.

In simple terms, ulmf.org is a forum filled with the hottest hentai games out there. One could say that this is the most active forum out there when talking about the hentai games. Now, I would like to know why a site that offers something so simply had to be this complicated? There was really no reason to make it like that, but oh well.

From the very beginning, you will see some of their most popular threads. Of course, this does not come as a surprise that Hentai is one of them. You can start by choosing any of the threads and enjoy what they have to offer. Now, here I am assuming that you lads know what the fuck forum sites are designed for? Right?

I highly doubt that there is any need for me to explain what threads are, how this shit functions, and all of that. I understand how you might be confused with the content, but that is why I am here. As for the site’s design and all of that, is this really the best thing you can come up with? It is like they were not even trying to make something that looked a bit more inviting to others.

The hentai games make me hard.

Are you ready to perv out to some hot hentai games? I know I am. That is why we are all here. Well, the hentai sub-forum here is the most active section here. Is anyone really surprised by that fact? I mean, what else would you actually like to check out, than some hot hentai games? That’s what I thought. You can check out all the sections here, but I am sure that the hentai games will be the most interesting to all.

In this particular section, you will be introduced to different threads, either discussing or sharing their love for hentai games. I think that should have been pretty obvious. You can stick around and see what others have to suggest, or you can do the suggesting yourself. I mean, is there really any need for me to explain any of this?

These types of forum sites are pretty straightforward, so don’t fret about it. You’ll get the gist of it sooner or later. My only concern is the fact that there are not that many games to be offered here if you know what I mean. But, at least you have a thriving community that is willing to share their experiences with all of this shit.

Let’s also not forget the fact that you have links that will allow you to download some of the suggested games. However, some of those links are posted by the community, which means that you will be taken to other sites where the download is possible. At least most of the downloads provided will allow you to enjoy the games for free. That is what matters the most, I am sure.

The fuck is up with the Media?

When you have a separate section dedicated to ‘Media’ one could easily expect a lot of content. However, this Media section does not really have much to show. There are just a couple of game screenshots presented. Not enough for the actual sub-section to be made, in my opinion. This way, I am hyped for something that does not even exist.

I am not sure what I expected when I checked out that particular section, but I am pretty sure that I expected a lot more than what I was offered. Oh well, you can’t always get what you want, as the old song would suggest. At least the site is filled with lots of fans who love the same shit as you, and thus you will get to meet lots of friends and get a suggestion for hot hentai games.

While I am sure that ulmf.org is going to be somewhat confusing to most of you, at the same time, I know that you will get the hang of it. This site is filled with lots of great people who enjoy playing hentai games, and you will see lots of different discussions and suggestions. The site is free, and you can also register for free.

ThePornDude likes ULMF's

  • A free place with lots of hentai game suggestions
  • A growing community
  • Downloadable hentai games

ThePornDude hates ULMF's

  • Very fucking confusing at first
  • Third-party downloads