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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Tranny Surprise

Tranny Surprise

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Alright, who here likes cock? Nobody? What if it was on a chick? Yeah, I knew you dirty bastards were in here somewhere. And hey, I’m not judging you or anything either. Instead, I’m here to present you with a pretty hot tranny site. In fact, this site is premium, which means that you can expect content that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. And that definitely has to count for something when you’re looking to get down and dirty with some high-quality porn. I mean you’d probably want it to be exclusive since you’re paying for it and all that, and the site makes that possible. Let’s jump into this website and see what it’s all about.

Some of the highest quality videos in the porn industry

So, if you’ve ever had any contact with the Reality Kings franchise, then you sure as hell know what to expect in terms of quality. This premium porn network didn’t just appear out of nowhere overnight. No, they have been proving themselves in the porn industry for a very long time, so you can only expect top of the line content from them. Of course, if you’re looking for top of the line content, then you better be ready to pay a top of the line price as well. Nothing in life is free, so you’re either going to pay for amazing porn with money, or you’ll watch it on some horrible site that’s probably going to infect your computer with malware. Not to mention that that website will go down pretty soon for hosting content that they shouldn’t.

The best and hottest models with huge tits and nice dicks

But back to, there’s a reason that you’re looking at this site specifically. As I already said, it’s completely fine by me if you like dicks more than pussies. I’m just going to keep fucking pussies, and you’re free to do whatever the hell it is that you like doing. If you like getting fucked by trannies, then, by all means, go ahead and enjoy yourself. More chicks for me in that case. Now I know that not all of you like getting fucked. In fact, most of you dudes just like the thought of the chick having a dick for some reason and only want to fuck them anyway. I guess you’ve been watching a little bit too much futanari porn and it’s taking its toll.

But hey, whatever the reason may be, you’re at the right place. has some of the best tranny porn videos that you can watch and they’re all premium in quality as well as completely exclusive to the Reality Kings franchise. There are plenty of porn sites that you can watch online, many of them are premium too, but how many premium sites can claim that they also have tranny porn? not that many, and this is something that Reality Kings takes great pride in. Not only do they have some of the only premium tranny porn, but they also have some of the best tranny porn for multiple reasons. We’re gonna go over some of them but it’s pretty obvious from the moment you start watching these videos.

The shemale models here look like shemales and not like dudes

The most important thing about is that the models are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re trying to pass off dudes as chicks, then you better not have dudes who have jawlines bigger and harder than Shazam. If you want to have some fun with trannies but you’re not really gay or into fucking dudes, then you need to see some actual chicks with tits and all that. So has some of the best babes with dicks in the industry. All of them have amazing tits and some of them look a little bit fake, but most of them look spot on. You’re going to love jerking off to them.

Oh, and in case you like shemales that look like dudes, then you probably just like dudes bro. Just face your true self and admit that you’re a faggot and go to My Gay Sites on The Porn Dude for some more fun. But since you’re on the version of the site that prioritizes some relatively straighter porn, then you should definitely consider since all of the chicks with dicks on the site are absolutely gorgeous. You won’t even be able to tell that they were dudes at any point in time. They’re just so hot and convincing that you’ll probably think that you’re watching ordinary porn until the chick takes off her panties to reveal her huge cock.

The design is underwhelming and is the same for all premium sites on RK

There’s something else that you should consider about however, and it has to do with the design of the website. Now, I have nothing about having a uniform design amongst all of your premium porn sites, but Reality Kings seems more inclined to have all videos on one site instead of splitting them up in their own entities. So that means that has the same design with the black and blue colors that you’re probably not going to expect since you saw a completely different story on the landing page. But don’t be fooled, that landing page is just for marketing purposes and that’s no the site that you’ll be watching content on. Instead, you’ll be filtering through videos on the actual main domain which is something that implies no specific designs for other premium porn sites.

The layout usage is super easy with great user experience

While the fact that the design stays the same might suck, it certainly is good that they have an easy to use layout. The layout is uniform which means that whenever you switch over to a different set of videos from a different site, you’ll always know what to click to get to where you want to go. This will make the entire process of switching between sites a breeze. However, I’m pretty sure that you’re really into trannies, and as far as I’m concerned you can only stay on for as long as you want and just jerk off to chicks with dicks for the rest of your days. There’s no shame in that whatsoever if you ask me.

Alright, so what is all this hullabaloo about other sites? What does hullabaloo even mean? Why don’t you pick up a dictionary idiot and then come back to the review cause I’m about to blow your fucking mind open. What I meant to say is that you get all sites on Reality Kings the moment you get your subscription to just one website. That means that when you get your membership on you’ll be able to see every other site as well which works out to quite a few websites. I know that you didn’t even consider this fact but trust me it’s a really good deal.

Filter the videos and enjoy them as you see fit on here

You can filter the videos according to the Top Rated ones, the most Recent ones, and even the Most Viewed ones. You can also filter the time frame so that you may see only videos in the current week which are the most watched. This could help you out when it comes to seeing the best content for a specific period if you don’t want to see all the older videos since the quality has jumped quite a bit since then. is always improving with content so always expect to see something new and innovative out of them when you watch content on here.

So yeah, there’s not much left to say about The site is amazing for what it is, and you’ll be able to watch countless hours of hot premium tranny content with your premium membership. That’s almost 700 videos as of the writing of this video, and if you know anything about premium porn sites, you know that that number is a lot of fucking porn content. You won’t be able to burn through all the content from how much they release and will keep releasing in the future. Get your membership today and check out everything that has to offer.

ThePornDude likes Tranny Surprise's

  • Almost 700 premium and exclusive tranny pornos
  • New videos get uploaded all the time on here
  • You get the entire premium network for one membership

ThePornDude hates Tranny Surprise's

  • All the designs are the same across the porn network
  • It can be quite pricey when you think about it