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Updated on 05 February 2024
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This is a site that’s probably going to be close to heart to those who are of generation Y. Some like to call them ‘Millenials,’ but that’s just not accurate. is a site that has a collection of videos and content that has been leaked onto the Internet. Now, most of these videos, pics, and posts have been posted by the actual creators, but the way that they did it made it seem as if it is all genuine. Some posts are, some aren’t but who the hell cares! The content revolves around amateur/homemade photos and videos, and they are all coming at us with a little spin. Thot Hub also revolves around gamer porn, so now, it’s time to see if the claims are accurate and to see what the hell that means anyway.

Before anything, the first thing that you’ll notice is that the site looks as if it’s one of those gamer blogs. It might be because of the logo, or it might be because of the color pallet that the site’s team decided to go on. Many things could be determining factors, but the fact is that the site looks as it should. It looks like a gamer’s paradise. Along with porn that they have, those nerds will enjoy every second that they stay on

Just to be clear on a few things, t.h.o.t. is short for ‘that hoe over there’. It is a new term, one that generation Y is well acquainted with. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the content at hand. So the main page has all these posts that are half blogs, half videos, half something. Since is revolving around the gaming world, the fantasy world, the cosplay world and so on, you will find plenty of videos that have babes dressed in costumes, performing solo sex acts on Twitch, their webcam shows and so on. This is a community that has been developing over the last few years, and today, these girls are becoming full pledged stars in their own right. The nerds adore then, and because they have all these new modern platforms to perform or rather, show off their boobs, they are gathering a hefty following thanks to the new way.

The header tab has the usual, Videos, Photos, ASMR videos and a place where you are encouraged to submit your own “leaks”. See, when you are encouraged to submit a video on your own, that’ snot a leak, but they are just calling them a leak. Damn generation Y, calling things in ways that serves them. That’s the problem in this world! These young’uns need to understand that you need to have substance over hype! But who is TPD to say that, I’m just an old dinosaur to them? So damn disrespectful.!

The videos are made in a blog format, and there is more than one video to be seen. The post has a brief text about what the video is all about, and then the video is presented. The videos stream in well, there are no problems with it. Then, there are some more ‘complex’ posts where the text needs to introduce the story behind the story, the backstory as it is popularly known. So sometimes you will see videos that are taken from YouTube because these ‘performers’ are mainstream starts mainly. Then, once they broke out or are on the verge of breaking out, they post an ‘adult’ version of their “show” and say that “it’s a leak”. This creates a buzz, stupid young people rush to see the video, and they bump up the video view into millions, making these “influencers” stars. Stars as they can be stars in 2018. A very clever yet easy way to get subscribers. Still, the porn that they are supplying is on the ball so who am I to judge the new ways.

I loved This site is the new wave, and it has the potential to be the most popular niche in the coming years. The reasoning behind this is that there are so many gamers out there who are still virgins and nerds and will probably never going to see a real boob in their lives but they are fixated on these game characters who are, let’s admit it, super hot. These girls who are looking like these characters are making money off of this desperation that these nerds have. It’s sad, but that’s the reality that we are living in. All these platforms are becoming more and more popular, like Twitch, Discord and so on that, the girls who are in adult business are recognizing the potential that lies ahead. is one of those sites that recognized and invested. What do you think?

ThePornDude likes ThotHub's

  • The content is hella fresh
  • The blog/porn format is cool

ThePornDude hates ThotHub's

  • It's a shame that some photos don't have videos to compliment them