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Updated on 15 January 2022
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They say if you’ve seen one sex forum then you’ve seen them all. I usually tend to agree with that, but sometimes we can have an outlier that presents us with something new and exciting. BDSM forums aside, it’s not often that you find something freaky out here, and the way I see, this won’t be an exception. But before I slam dunk Like LeBron on the obvious mundane features, let’s see if this forum can surprise me in any way as we take a look at everything that it has to offer.

Alright, so the design itself looks pretty boring. Yes, I’m not going to go easy on the forums of Sexy and Funny. Just another forum with the baby blue and the grays and ugh… Come on guys, can we liven it up a bit? Well, at least they let us turn everything black at the bottom of the page. Late night forum sexting here I come! At the top of the page, we have the usual layout of tabs. One leads to the actual website, one takes you back to the home of the forum, one…yawn…sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, there’s a shop apparently and some rules and a tutorial and OKAY, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Down below there are plenty of rooms to choose from, all with their own theme to them. Now what I want to know is where all the hotties are at, so let’s go and explore the rooms and figure it out. General mayhem is for people who like sharing stuff but think that their real-life friends are just not sexy enough. We’ve got news, tech, music… It’s pretty crowded here too so let’s move on.

Now we have the… the uh… Purple monkey dishwasher? I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that the entire color scheme and design of the website changes when you go into this room, or the crazy close bond of all the people that come here. This place seems like it’s meant for the veterans of the website who have exhausted every other possible topic and so they have to resort to the endless sharing of cat and dog pictures! Yes, that is the actual truth, cats, and dogs! But let me be clear, this is a positive thing. I feel so warm inside this room. Oh no, wait! That’s just my raging boner, nevermind, let’s continue.

The Funhouse of fun! What an inviting name. And it holds true. This place has got it all, media, jokes, cartoons, everything. You’ll find loads of things to waste your time with here. The next room is meant for the newbies, so I’ll skip over this one. After all, I’m a veteran in the field so every porn site and forum feels like home ground for me.

Then we’ve got a Q&A section for all your curious needs, and right after that is the Sex talk room. Oh yeah, now we’re talking! Here you can find people talking about pretty much everything sex related, which I obviously like. After that, we’ve got the Master Debaters room. Something tells me that people in this room should spend less time debating and more time masturbating. Moving on. S&F Hotties, now this place is a real treat. Here you can find plenty of hot babes sharing their photos and bodies with the residents of this website. You’ve got new girls, and you’ve got chicks that have been showing off their pussies from the moment they got their first cameras. I love the modern ages, I swear!

Furthermore, we’ve got a bunch of less important rooms and that seems to be it as far as the forum part of the forum is concerned. Now, usually that would be it, but this bad boy has got some other features that I’ve looked over that I wanted to check out. What’s all this about an arcade and casino section? Well, as it turns out we’re not dealing with real money here, just some forum based code that allows you to compete with other forum goers. Maybe not the most fun experience in the world, but it’s still something, and I won’t complain about it being there. The arcade section is a bit more fun because people can make up games on the fly and start entire forum threads that evolve into huge groups of people participating in a made-up sex game, which can always yield interesting results.

There’s also a calendar page that lists the birthdays of all the members on the website. How cute. But just looking at this you can tell that the place is packed with people. There are so many people celebrating their birthdays every single day on, it’s pretty insane. I sure hope a lot of gifts get exchanged here in the form of some sexy steaming hot nudes. There’s also a members list page where you can scour through everyone that has an account on this website. Maybe check if your mom is here while you’re at it. All in all, is a cool place to waste time but man, I’ve seen better. It’s vanilla but when you’re hungry, vanilla is just fine.

ThePornDude likes Sexy And Funny Forums's

  • Choice of interesting rooms and interesting people in them
  • Loads of activity and content from the huge member base
  • Interesting arcade forum threads

ThePornDude hates Sexy And Funny Forums's

  • Somewhat uninteresting design
  • Broken casino system