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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you’re a fan of a certain type of pornography that’s a bit obscure, then you should totally head over to Reddit’s rule34, a section that’s full of the hottest babes from all over the world. Well, not the real world, Matter of fact, we’re talking about the digital world or something like that. Sure thing, you get to see a bunch of real-life girls pretending to be girls from video games or movies or TV shows and stuff like that, but for the most part, it’s just going to be random fictional characters humping each other in front of your very own eyes.

If this kind of thing isn’t something you’re into, you’re very much free to take your wank elsewhere. You’ll find out that this website has all the things that a man needs in order to get off. Not just men, of course, there’s a lot of stuff for the girls here as well…if they’re into male types of pornography. I’m aware that this is just a small number of girls, but oh well. Anyway, back to the main topic. What is it that all people want from a porn website?

Naturally, we all want a page that is completely free of ads, a page that has porn and nothing but porn, and we want all the content on that website (or at least the majority) to be completely free! If it isn’t free, then most folks are going to be repulsed by that fact, and you’ll soon catch that group of people migrating from your own website, with their empty pockets. They’ll take shelter at a page that’s completely free, or, free for the most part…something like PornHub.

Naturally, like any other page on Reddit, this one is completely free, and it’s a great place to be if you’re not one of the cool kids/rich kids or whatever. Even the cool kids aren’t rich in all scenarios, but for convenience’s sake, I’ve mashed them into the same group. I’m sorry if I offended any cool kids in the process. If you’re feeling butthurt, feel free to order some anti-butthurt cream from ThePornDudeHeadQuarters, we’ve got plenty of that in the storage.

So, doesn’t Reddit seem quite attractive to you by now? I mean, to me it does, and I don’t even use this website too often, so I don’t really have any sympathies. I tend to use other forums. Sure, Reddit is fine, but I only use it for porn every once in a while. Unless you have a very specific taste, Reddit isn’t going to do much for you, seeing as their NSFW porn sections aren’t that great.

They don’t come with extra tabs, they aren’t moderated properly most of the time, there are no categorization systems (this one’s a no-brainer, seeing as you can’t expect a website like this to implement something like a categorization system to one of their boards just so that random wankers from all over the world could find their porn easily…that’s absurd), and so on. However, despite all these setbacks, you’re going to find a great little page completely dedicated to porn in front of you…given that you go to the “Rule 34” section. I don’t know about the others, but this one’s pretty great.

Again, I don’t have that much experience with Reddit in general, so I can’t really tell what you can find on this page if you head outside of this section. However, I did spend a whole lot of time on Rule34, and I was pleased with what I saw in here.

I won’t lie, the porn in here is literally top-notch, and it had me drooling, quite literally. Well, ThePornDude didn’t actually leave spit all over his shorts, or his laptop, or whatever you imagine lies directly beneath my chin, but you get the idea, right? This section is crowded with the hottest porn from all over the internet, but it’s not your normal type of porn. Rather, it’s just porn that you can expect to see on websites that are populated by gamers, anime fans, and so on. Now don’t get me wrong…this doesn’t mean that the porn in here is lame or anything like that. These people have a great taste in pornography, and they’re more than happy to help us out with our pornographic adventures.

The people of Reddit share the content they come across on this board, they post the images they get from premium websites and their Patreon accounts…all in all they’re here to spread the love to you and me so that we could also enjoy ourselves without paying up. Not all of us have cash to spend at random places on the internet that provide us with top-notch porn. I mean, some of us set our priorities straight…even though we know that we need our porn as much as we need our food, but hey, you can always picture your porn inside of your head and masturbate to it while you can’t picture food in your head and become well-fed. This isn’t the ideal analogy, but I do believe that my point does manage to come across.

The content

So, what should a normal person expect from rule34? I’ve previously said it that the porn you will find in here is porn that’s made by gamers and anime fans, for the most part, so you should be prepared for a lot of lewd 2D drawings. However, this isn’t the only type of porn you’re going to be seeing here, as there’s a whole lot of 3D porn in here as well.

It’s pretty great if you ask me. Now that you got me talking about 3D…I should also mention that there’s quite a bit of cosplay porn on this website as well that you should check out. Cosplay porn is actually pretty great, if you ask me, given that it is made by the right people. If you let some stupid ugly nerds do it, they’re going to fuck it all up with their unattractive faces and their inexperienced hips. That’s a given.

However, a lot of internet models turn to cosplay porn because men tend to pay them quite a bit to get into certain outs fits before posing nude in front of the camera. If the pay is good, why shouldn’t they do it if they feel like selling their body for cash is something completely fine?

You will also find out that this page gets frequent updates. Reddit’s Rule34 gets a new post pretty much every day, which is great, and it’s rarely just one post, but rather, people get all sorts of things posted every single day, and sometimes this board can be enriched with more than 20 to 30 quality pornographic pictures in a single day, which is just amazing.

You rarely get to see other porn websites get their content that quick, right? We all love a website that tries its best to please its customers. It makes us feel quite loved…and we’ll take every little grain of love we can get, especially if love is measured by pornographic pictures of hot hentai babes and slutty real-world models who are more than willing to strip naked in front of the camera lens.

The extras

You wouldn’t expect a board like this to have any extras, would you? Well…you weren’t wrong, really, because the extras I’m going to be talking about aren’t really that great. I mean, they barely qualify as proper extras, seeing as they don’t much for you. First things first, there are multiple ways to sort the posts on this page out.

You may choose to see the “hottest” posts first, but you can also prioritize the newest posts, the most controversial posts, and the posts that are gaining fame rapidly. It’s your call, really. There are also three types of page-viewing on this website, which is pretty neat, but again, it’s not super useful, it just gives you a cozy feeling. However, I might be the only one getting this kind of vibe; most of you probably don’t even care that much.

Then, I should also mention the fact that this website does come with a proper search bar, and this thing is going to be the most useful tool you have on this website, since there are no proper tags on the website, and as I said, categories are also not a thing in here, so you are pretty much doomed to only scroll through the main page until you find a type of porn that you are into. You can also use the search bar if you want to. Unlike all these other websites, the search bar is actually going to be quite useful in here, so make sure to use it…you don’t get any other browsing tools here.

The conclusion

I didn’t expect much from Reddit at first…seeing as this section of their website can’t be that complicated. It really isn’t, but it doesn’t matter. The content we find in here is great, without a doubt, and even though this section of the page has a lot of setbacks, the redeeming factor is the quality content you can find in here.

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