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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Ever since the civilized world discovered Japan and established trade routes with the island nation, we’ve been trading all kinds of goods and services with them, and they’ve offered us marvels that we had never seen before. No such marvel has been more impressive than the cock-hardening mind-blowing Japanese pussy.

Japanese women are the caviar of fine pussy, in that most of the hot 20-year-olds in Japan look like 15-year-olds with giant breasts. In the early days, Japanese women were very prudish, especially to foreigners. I mean sure, they had geishas in their history, but even those did their ass ramming behind closed doors. Today, Japan has evolved to feed our yellow fever-induced demands with primo Japanese pussy being pounded on camera for the whole world to see.

And there are so many horny Japanese chicks out there; more than enough to go around. Given that we know that the average Japanese cock is about the size of a pencil, you just know that the fine Asian bitches on screen would rather be fucking you than their male co-stars. For those reasons, and many more, soft, supple, and cock-hungry Japanese pussies are prime real-estate in the porn world.

But where do you go for Japanese porn? That’s an interesting question. The Japs are really careful with their pornography. Even though it’s one of the most famous types of porn on the internet, the Japs still have extreme laws and regulations in place that serve to keep us from beating our meat to tight Japanese asses. Luckily, we’ve got sites like R18 that aim to go far and wide to bring us all the Japanese pussy they can possibly find.

Asian Cuisine

The Japanese serve their pussy much like we do. We’ve managed to teach them that women should shave their pussies before going on camera and for the most part they seem to have learned their lesson. Besides that, they also understand the value of giant breasts and servile behavior – We like our women to crave the cock and beg for it, none of that female dominance shit.

Unfortunately, the Japs also serve their pussy with a side of censorship. The western world is a lot more cultured in that way – we’ll show just about anything on camera. The Japanese on the other hand are completely insane, it would appear, because they censor the best part of the woman’s body – the soft ass, wet ass pussies that we’ve come to know and love.

And I know you must have seen a Japanese pussy on full blast here and there, but R18 brings together official JAV titles straight from Japanese companies, so I’m sorry to say The pussies are blurred out, and you just have to live with it.

Can You Jack it to a Blur?

Personally, the sight of a blurred vagina makes me sick. It offends me personally, because I worship the female form and the vagina is the best part. I’d be less upset if they blurred their faces, to be honest. Now they also blur out the cocks, which I kind of like, because I really hate seeing the damn things. But that’s beside the point.

I guess you can jack it to these vids, if you manage to get used to the blurfest. But more importantly, there’s a lot more to a Japanese whore than just her vagina. In this case, all the girls on R18 are mind-numbingly gorgeous. These girls all look like they came out of my imagination, filed under “impossibly attractive cock hungry whores”. They are better looking than most western porn stars and that’s just a sad fact of life.

The site has a ton of different categories and genres, but throughout all of them, whether they be mommy or girlfriend or little sister, all of the bitches look 20 and they look hot. Giant breasts rule this domain. Beyond that these girls have no imperfections. They’re all skinny around the waist, and thick in all the right places. It’s as if their bodies were sculpted to ride the cock.

What’s the Catch?

Besides the censorship, which I firmly believe you can get used to, especially if you’ve got a serious case of yellow fever, there’s another thing you need to know about R18. This is not just a porn website. It’s nothing like the other sites you might be subscribed to. I usually say that a site has a lot of videos when they have a few hundred, up to a thousand of them. Not R18. They’ve got over two hundred thousand videos on their site, and they’re getting new ones each day.

That’s because R18 is not a porn production company. They bring together porn from Japanese companies that make the porn and sell it through a multitude of networks. So you’re basically getting every single slut on Japan’s roster in one place. It’s more of a cable TV subscription than it is a porn site, to be honest.

It would be physically impossible for you to watch all of these videos, or even a quarter of them, in one lifetime. – Unless you’re really trying to jack your dick clean off your crotch.

How Much is Asian Pussy Worth?

According to R18, about $80 a month. Now don’t freak out! You don’t have to pay for the whole subscription. They’ve broken up the site into kinks, so that you can subscribe to a part of the site and only get those videos, for say $20 a month. They let you pick and choose, like western porn networks, so you don’t have to sign up for more than what you need.

However, if you’re the kind of whitey that is obsessed with Japanese women and you don’t want any other subscriptions, then you could just get the full R18 experience, for life, and you really wouldn’t need any other porn ever again.

Personally, I can’t live without western pussy, so I wouldn’t make that commitment, but to each his own erection.

The Website Design

To no surprise, the site has a very strong Japanese aesthetic with a lot of pink colored decorations and distracting menus. It can be a bit difficult to navigate, but you should be able to find the pussy nonetheless. Also, they’ve got more than enough money to break up their videos into proper categories so it’s really easy to sort the videos once you’ve got the hang of the site.

I mentioned the pricing, but one thing that really grinds my gears is that you have to make an account with them first, before you even see the prices, and that’s really annoying. I don’t need a reason to be spammed with commercial e-mails, thank you, I’m just here for the wet pussies.

Beyond that, the site works perfectly fine on your computer and on mobile. It’s fast, it’s responsive, it’s no hassle. Also, because this site is running on cold hard cash, there are very little external ads on the site. As far as I could see, there were only 2 ads on the very bottom of the page, and I had to go out of my way to look for them.

This is not a place you go to get dicked around and bounced between pointless links. You come for the Asian pussy, and then you cum to the Asian pussy.

And you’d be mad if I didn’t mention that you can also pay per video. – Seriously, this site is that much like a cable TV network. You can pretty much pay for porn any way you can possibly think of on this site. It’s as if the Japanese government themselves built this site to bring westerners into their fold.

My Verdict

If you’re rich, or at the very least well off, and you like Asian pussy, get the full membership. Paying per video is stupid, and it’s probably going to lead you down a path of bad decisions. You tell yourself you’re gonna buy one video and before you know it you’ve spent several hundred dollars. Just fork over the $80 and be done with it.

If however you’re turned off by pixelated vaginas or you flat out prefer western pussy, you’re in the wrong place, bucko.

ThePornDude likes R18's

  • Women. Every single hot Japanese whore is on this site. Period.
  • Size. Over 200k videos? Sign me up.
  • Quality. There is no compromise.

ThePornDude hates R18's

  • Pixelated vaginas. I. Want. Pussy. I can’t say it any clearer.
  • Price points. They might be worth it, but people aren’t made of money. $80 a month is rent money in some third world countries.