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Updated on 05 February 2024
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User Rating: is a page that asks the right questions, the decision making questions that are so serious that life on Earth depends on it – ass or boobs? The answer – both! I’ll be honest, I’m more of an ass person…at the moment. Sure, I like both, but sometimes my preference changes based on the ug the girl has. However, today I am going to be on both teams so that I don’t alienate anyone, like a good diplomat. Onwards to Prime Curves.

PrimeCurves is simply put a daily updated blog about big boobs and big butts. They make it very clear they like both boobs and butts. They don’t discriminate. A quick look at the home page will give us quite a lot of info about PrimeCurves. You’ll see a bunch of thumbnails floating around (don’t be fooled by my choice of words, “floating around” does not mean that it’s hard to navigate around this page, rather, it’s quite easy), and if you decide to click on these thumbnails, they will take you places. When I say that I really mean it. Now, if you click on a thumbnail, you will most likely be taken to a different website, or you will be taken to a different part of PrimeCurves.

So, once you find a thumbnail that seems very attractive to you, you’ll hover above it with your cursor within seconds, and you’ll click on it. Don’t worry though, there will be no annoying ads popping up on your screen, screwing up the photo gallery you wanted to see so badly. These popups are like Russian roulette to be quite frank. Clicking on pretty much all of these thumbnails won’t bring up any ads at that very moment, however, let’s say the thumbnail led you to a short video or something. Clicking on the play button on the video will usually get a bunch of ads all over your screen, so if you want to avoid ads completely, it’s best that you just avoid videos altogether but then, what’s the point of it all right? Damn popups!

Even though I usually value simplicity on pornographic websites, I’d have to say that PrimeCurves does not have much going on for it, to be honest. Simple stuff is nice, but stuff that is way too god damn simple ticks me off! There’s nothing to do on this page. You can just scroll through a bunch of random pictures and hope that you find something that is interesting. This isn’t exactly what I go for when I visit a porn page, but a lot of people may actually find this to be good enough. I just don’t understand people at times. A guy in heat doesn’t think much. When you get a stiffy, you head to a page, you see boobs, or you see butts (and both of these can be found here, obviously), then you grab your dong, and you do the job. You only need one hand to browse a page as simple as this one, so it doesn’t exactly need to be too complex, doesn’t it? It makes perfect sense. So, while isn’t exactly my cup of tea, it could be yours.

Oh, and did I mention that there are no categories on PrimeCurves? At all. However, if you take a look at that button that looks like grey Adidas stripes in the top right corner and if you click on it, you’ll find that isn’t exactly as simple as you think it might be. The home page offers you pictures and videos completely randomly, but here you get to filter out pictures only (given that you want to see pictures), or you get to filter out videos only, given that you only want to see videos. Sure, you can see gifs as well but if you’re going to do that you might as well head over to Tumblr. There is one more button underneath the “Adidas drop-down menu,” and this one is just called “live sex”.

Obviously, once you click on that button, you are taken to another page with a lot of webcams and stuff like that. Cam shows with nude girls, not a website that sells webcams, okay. This is something that’s very common, you’ve probably seen a bunch of websites do this. Click here, here are some free webcams, and then when you click on it you get sent to another page. You’re a real rookie if you’re not familiar with stuff like this!

A page like this isn’t exactly what I’m going for when I want to watch porn. I like my porn neatly sorted out into categories, you know. I’m a tidy guy, even though I like nasty porn. Maybe I have OCD or something. But that’s an entirely different story. is worth checking out, but in my case, it’s only if I have to empty my balls and soon as possible.

ThePornDude likes PrimeCurves's

  • A whole lot of titties
  • The design of the page is very simple
  • Easy to navigate

ThePornDude hates PrimeCurves's

  • There are no categories on the page
  • It's hard to find any kind of "specific" porn in here
  • No search bar
  • You run into some ads once in a while