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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Mr Skin
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Everyone has had a celebrity crush at one point or another. And by celebrity crush, of course, I mean, a celebrity who’s pussy you would crush in a heartbeat if given the chance. My first celebrity crush, at least that I can imagine, was Britney Spears. I mean, come on, was there anything sexier than young Britney, barely legal and freshly 18, nothing but raw sexy energy alongside that country girl next door persona? She was kind of the original girl next door, at least when it comes to mainstream sex symbols. Today, not so much, but Britney in her prime is a chick that I would give my left leg to be able to fuck.

In the years between then and now, though, I’ve cycled through countless celebrity crushes. Allyson Hannigan was my main celebrity fantasy for a little while there. There’s just something about her big, beautiful doe eyes and, again, innocent girl next door charisma. I think I’m starting to realize I may have a type. Following in the same tradition, I was also obsessed with Zoe Deschanel for a while. Same idea, too – sexy and innocent looking, quirky, big, wide eyes.

Lately, though, my celebrity fantasy alternates, between Aubrey Plaza (I’d love to fuck the cold, detached irony right out of her), Miley Cyrus (god, she’s so fucking wild … plus, she’s a key player behind the free the nipple movement, which I can definitely get behind), Rihanna (need I say any more?) and Allison Brie (oh, Annie from Community, how I would love to corrupt you with my cock … there are some really sexy nude and sex scenes of her in the Netflix show, Glow, by the way, if you want to see little Annie all grown up and riding cock, her big, beautiful tits bouncing in absolute perfection).

No matter who your celebrity crush is, chances are there is at least one or two nude or nearly nude photos out there of her. In fact, scantily clad and fully nude content of celebrities is so common, people have made entire porn sites that only cater to featuring them. In today’s day and age, especially, it is more likely than ever before that you’ll be able to see your favorite actress or singer’s pussy, tits, and ass. With everything existing in the cloud, leaks are an extremely common occurrence. Hey, clouds likely mean rain, right? Well, let it rain celebrity porn on me all day long!

The Fappening, for instance, was the perfect example of how celebrity nudes and sexts are more available than ever before. Say what you will about the ethics behind the hacks that made this content available, but there is no arguing with the fact that 100% of you dirty motherfuckers reading this will definitely, if you haven’t already, gladly take a look at the leaked masturbation, sex, and nudie vids and pics of some of the hottest celebrities in the world. Hell, I respect a person’s privacy, but, I mean, the hack already happened. And there’s no way in hell I’m missing out on my girl Aubrey Plaza playing with her tight little pussy in the bathroom mirror, one leg up on the sink. Fuck. Yes. Give me some more, Aubrey.

But we don’t only have iCloud hacks and actual sex tapes to rely on when it comes to celebrity nudity. The paparazzi, little fucking shit stain worthless fucks that they are, are actually good for one thing: snapping candid pics of famous babes. Whether they capture a wardrobe malfunction, a topless sunbathing that should’ve been private, or a particularly sexy public display, the paparazzi have proved themselves useful for one thing and one thing only: helping us celebrity lusters get a little bit closer to the women of the big screen. I still think that they deserve a swift bullet to the back of the brain for how they harass celebrities and often drive them to madness (a la our girl, Britney … remember when she lost her shit and shaved her head? Yeah, you can blame the paparazzi for that). But the silver lining is made of nip slips.

An Exceptionally Well-Done Celebrity Porn Site

As I mentioned before, there are plenty of sites that specialize in sexy and nude celebrity content. But they are not all created equal. Far from it, in fact, many celebrity porn sites are piles of steaming hot donkey shit. Plenty of them charge way too fucking much, offer less than awful site design, and barely even give you the good stuff. I don’t know what the fuck’s up with that, but you definitely have to be careful before picking a celeb porn site to give your money to. So many are as slimy as the paparazzi that make them possible.

This is not the case with Mr. Skin, though Mr. Skin is a site made of celebrity nudes, sexy movie and tv scenes, candid pics, and photo shoots. It’s basically a convenient one stop shop for all things related to our favorite sexy starlets. It’s a blog site, technically, so it gets updated frequently and the content will often shift with the times. Whoever the world is graced with nudies of at a given time is who you will see featured on the site’s front page.

Speaking of, the home page for Mr. Skin should look, more or less, familiar to anyone who’s ever been on a premium pay porn site before. You’ve got a giant banner at the top of the page advertising the site’s latest playlist (which, at the time of this review, was “Celebrity Dopplegangers Sexy and Nude,” and featured pics of Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton). Above that, you’ll find the site menu bar, which allows for easy and convenient browsing of all of Mr. Skin’s celebrity content. Choose between Updates, Browse, Playlists, Gifs, Specials, Blog, and Free Live Cams.

Plenty of A-List Features

That’s right, Mr. Skin offers its own xxx adult cam site. And what sets Mr. Skin’s cam site apart from other premium porn cam sites is the fact that, A.) membership grants you access to it automatically; and B.) you’re gifted 120 free credits right off the bat. Maybe you aren’t aware of it, but this is an extremely rare feature for a porn site to offer bundled into your normal membership. What is all too often the case is that you’d have to register separately for a site’s cam section. And, of course, buy credits to begin having fun. Plus, holy fucking shit, the chicks on this cam site are fucking insane, dude. Easily some of the hottest cam sluts I’ve ever seen, hands down. So, definitely worth checking out whether or not you purchase a Mr. Skin membership.

In addition to offering a fuck ton of celebrity nudes and sexy scenes to browse (effectively, mind you, through a very comprehensive organization and browsing function), the site’s blog offers some very interesting and unique ways to discover sexy celebrity content. They are never boring ass in-depth explorations of anything. Mr. Skin gets that you aren’t here to fucking read! Instead, you’ll find things like the featured post of this week: “Best Breasts of 2019? Sydney Sweeney’s Nude Debut in Euphoria.” I like how Mr. Skin keeps up with the times, functioning almost as a nude celebrity news site, as well as a typical (albeit well-designed) nude celebrity database.

No Sex Tapes?!

I do have one major complaint with this site, though, that I have to air before I leave you to make the decision for yourself. And that is the fact that there is a major lack of hardcore content available on the site. Like, almost no sex tapes. This doesn’t add up at all to me. How the fuck are you going to put the time, effort, energy, and money needed for making such a high-quality celebrity porn site, but then completely ignore the best part of celebrity porn … the leaked sex tape? It doesn’t make any fucking sense.

I guess, maybe, you could argue that they make up for it with their insanely hot cam girls … but, still, it’s not the same. There are plenty of great sex tape classics out there for Mr. Skin to mine, too, like Paris Hilton’s fuck vid, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, etc. This seems like such a basic component of celebrity nudity to leave out, I’m left to wonder if Mr. Skin suffers from brain damage. But chances are, Mr. Skin wants to set himself apart from the other celebrity porn sites out there, carving a niche demographic of just nudes and sexy scenes for whatever reason. Either way, even though this is a great site, I would love to see sex tapes added to it in the future.

ThePornDude likes Mr Skin's

  • Huge archive of celebrity nudes and sexy scenes
  • Great site design, plenty of search features
  • Reviews and show/movie details
  • Reasonable price

ThePornDude hates Mr Skin's

  • Some clips are shitty quality
  • No hardcore sex tapes!