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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Ever since the first decade of the aughts was about to end, it seemed like everyone, and their circle jerk buddy had set up a tube site. And, of course, the internet being what it is, most of those tubes are dedicated to hosting torrents of porn.

On the face of it, that’s been great if you want to pinch pennies and not spend too much (or anything) on erotic entertainment, but still comes with some baggage. For one, since tube sites are free, literally anyone can potentially upload a video of theirs. Unlike studio sites, there isn’t any real quality control, and unless a tube has a thriving community, it can be hard to find the best fap material without wasting a bunch of time hunting around for a while.

Further, since people on most tubes can upload whatever they want, and new content is often added on a daily if not hourly basis, it’s not uncommon for tubes to be swamped with copies of someone else’s amateur footage, copypasta clips, and pirated porn movies. I mean it is nice to see that something’s popular enough to be spread around so many times, but sometimes familiarity can lead to boredom or even resentment.

Of course, since a lot of the same footage is often replicated and shared around the tubes and not locked behind a paywall, some content creators are quick to get their copied content pulled. So, you might find something you like on a tube one day only to see that it was pulled for a legit (or false) copyright claim.

And finally, there’s the problem with spam and viruses. While that crap is all over the web, they can be particularly common on tube sites which not only ruins the erotic experience but can even be dangerous. After all, getting a sexually transmitted virus is bad, but what almost worse is getting a virtual infection which fucks up your computer, leaves your personal information exposed, or leaves you vulnerable to hackers.

To make things easier for all of you to find the better and best tube sites, and to know which you should avoid, I’ve made it my mission to find and review the top and bottom tube sites on the net. If you’ve seen more of this site, you’ll know that I’ve covered the “big guys” in the industry like PornHub and XTube, but I’m still going to assess the smaller, up-and-cumming tubes like Porn K Tube.

So, is this relatively new, free porn platform worth checking out?

Let’s find out…

Has The Usual But Still Useful Design

Tube sites are kind of like superhero movies – while you might occasionally see some neat variations, most of them follow a formulaic model. Of course, that isn’t to say that a predictive model is a bad thing; in fact, it can be quite enjoyable. After all, if something ain’t broke there’s no need to fix it and only so much minor improvement you can do on it.

Well, that’s kind of the idea that the webmasters of Porn K Tube went with: stark white background, black text, and gray accents – stripped down and simple, but effective. That isn’t to say that they were lazy, though. In every gorgeous thumbnail you can see the run time, likes and dislikes, along with a mini-preview of the video.

And unlike a lot of other tubes, the video titles don’t read like the near random ejaculations of a poorly programmed AI. In fact, they actually give you a good idea of what you are going to see and may even include the stage name of the girl of focus, which is great if you want to do additional “research” later.

As I referred to, each video has a thumbs up/down rating system, you can download whatever you fancy, and, with an account, you can save videos to your favorites. All of the rest of the typical tube features are here too, like in-video volume control and a series of related videos listed underneath the video.

Just be careful when scrolling through the related video section. Often you’ll find an active, looped GIF but, rather than take you to another video, it’s a link to another tube site. When I clicked on one labeled ‘Russian porn’ I was taken to a Russian tube site which, based on its appearance, seems to be the Russian version of Porn K Tube.

So, the quality of the content and the site design is just as good, but I’m not sure why they’d link you to a platform which is written in a different language. I mean as much as I like some Ruskie pussy, I don’t speak let alone read Russian!

Anyway, that bullshit aside, the website’s presentation overall is pretty good, though I was bummed out by the lack of an active comment section on most videos.

There Are Search Options

On every video page you can clearly see that they are all properly categorized, which helps a lot because, with so much porn on this site, you might want to make use of the search engine. Fortunately, it works pretty well and should even be able to find the sex act or actress you are looking for if you fuck up the spelling a bit.

The filter options aren’t as exhaustive as other tube sites, but besides going through what has been most recently uploaded there are three other filters, you can use.

Latest Updates –

Top-Rated – Who doesn’t like knowing what’s in…especially when it comes to cum conjuring videos of ladies getting it shoved in? Well, if you want to know what’s up which other users found helped them deal with what went up in their pants, then use this filter. With this tool you can refine your search by what’s been rated well today, the past week, the past month, and of all time.

Most Popular – I know what you are thinking – what’s the difference between the top rated porn and the most popular? Well, top rated videos are ranked based on the number of up thumbs they get relative to downvotes, while the most popular are ranked by the number of views that they get. So what kinds of porn overall are popular on this site? Read on to find out…

Categories – Vanilla And Kinky

Before we get to the best of the best, I should talk about the sheer variety of categories this tube has. Like any normal tube (if there is such a thing) there are the typical like ethnic groups such as Black, Asian, and Brunette, along with categories referring to particular kinks like Shemale, Cum, and Interracial.

But beyond that, there are some which I’ve rarely or never seen on other tubes. For instance, some of the more niche categories include section titles like Drunk, Fat, and Nudist. There’s even one called Work, and trust me it’s equally worth simply gandering at and choking your goose, too.

What’s Popular On This Platform?

Both the popular filter and the separate category page highlighting the popular categories bring up some interesting results. While there are a few dozen noteworthy popular categories listed, here are some of the ones I found more alluring.

Latex – Who needs leather and lace, when a layer of rubber is so much sexier? Besides latex, this section is for all of you lads and ladies who like seeing a fine woman dolled u in unusual costumes, masks, and straps. Given the nature of this kind of stuff, there’s a lot of comic book porn parodies, so nerds are going to love this section, too.

Swingers – Sure porn is fantasy, but that doesn’t mean that these mature movies can’t be in a sense real while the digital reel is playing. So, if you’ve ever wanted to imagine yourself in a relationship where you and your girl swap partners for a bit, or invite another female into the mix, then you’re going to need to check this content out.

Teachers – Some people, both men, and women, know how to fuck better, but fortunately, don’t mind passing on their skills to others. Well, in a lot of the videos in this section you’re going to see a lot of tender (and rough) teaching moments which involve copious amounts of hands-on learning.

Amateur – Okay, this section doesn’t really have true amateur porn. Instead, it’s packed with professional porn which has been shot in a way to make it seem amateurish. Sure some people like the real deal, but this kinda niche stuff ain’t bad in my opinion.

Tattoo – When you’re body looks so good there are only a few ways you can enhance it. Well, one of them is by slapping some bomb body art, and the ladies in this category have. You’re not going to see girls with tattoo sleeves or anything, but there is a fascinating and fap worth level of ink in this section.

Squirt –With only 51 videos, this section is the smallest of the popular videos on Porn K Tube, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. After all, big things – like puffs of pussy juice – can come in, or rather out of, small packages.

Big Tits – This is the biggest category on this site, which certainly seems to fit. With over 1,700 videos features boobs the size of your head, you could spend hours looking through these pages. And if you check it out be careful, because when I first looked through it, I almost did.

Strapon – Porn K Tube does have another larger lesbian section, but it isn’t as popular as this section which is all about lovely ladies give it to each other with rubber dicks. Of course, it may be more than just that which has blown this category up since there are vids of dudes getting dongs shoved up their rears by women as well.

Signing Up Is Super Simple

Like any good tube, signing up is a breeze and requires only the bare minimum amount of information: a username, a password, and your email. That said, having an account only allows you to post comments (which almost no one does) and save videos to your favorites. Since CNTRL+D and a browser folder save location work just as well and take less effort, so I wouldn’t bother getting an account.

Need Help Using The Site?

A strange but particularly nice thing about this tube is that they do have a page devoted to customer service. Now it’s only a page designed to allow you to send an email to the webmasters and you’re not going to be treated like you would be if you were calling, say, Amazon Customer Support.

But it is pretty cool that they do give a damn enough to make it actually easy to get into contact with the web designers. After all, how many other websites – be they porn tubes, blogs, or small e-stores – include a feature like that?

Do I Recommend Porn K Tube?

All things considered, I’d say that Porn K Tube is a traditional but well-designed tube site. There aren’t too many things to complain about other than the occasional redirect or deceptive link taking you to another tube site. On the plus side, there aren’t any ads plastered all over the videos themselves, nor is there any banners or typical advertisements.

The variety of porn you’ll find on the site is , and everything has been tagged and categorized quite well. While the filter options aren’t the absolute best, they work well enough to help you find what you need.

For all these reasons, I give Porn K Tube four out of five hands, but check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Just don’t send me a flood of nude selfies – I’ve already got plenty of those. 😉

ThePornDude likes PornkTube's

  • There’s a great variety of to choose from when it comes to content
  • For a tube, there aren’t that many banners or traditional adverts
  • Everything is nicely organized and put together

ThePornDude hates PornkTube's

  • The lack of community participation kinda sucks
  • There is a lot of spam that you’ll have to deal with
  • Some links take you off-site to alternative versions of PKT