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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Reddit PAWG, aka /r/PAWG! Wanna know what it fucking means? PAWG means Phat Ass White Girls! My type of girls! Big beautiful asses in front of me! This is all I fucking want, brother! I want to grab those asses, to fuck them, slap them! Somebody better stop me before calling Kim Kardashian. I promised that I won’t do that anymore. Kanye is my friend and I don’t want to steal his wife! Going back to PAWG, I need to tell you that this subreddit is like no other. I haven’t seen an ugly post or a post that doesn’t make you tickle as fuck!

If you are a fan of phat asses, as I am, this will be your heaven! By phat ass, don’t understand chubby chicks or something. These are amazing and drop dead gorgeous babes that have big asses. But big as in hot, not big as in don’t-wanna-see-it! They allow pics, GIFs and videos. Yeah, videos, too! I have seen some. If you will make your own post, the material will first have to be accepted by the mods. If approved, it will be visible on the NEW page. Your material can be good and for this reason, it might get upvotes from the subscribers. A post with many upvotes, will go on the RISING page and, eventually, on the HOT section (the homepage of a subreddit). Your image, GIF or whatever it is, must really be good if you want to hit HOT.

There is an area called TOP, where you can go in order to see the most upvoted posts from the past 24 hours, past week, past month, past year or even all time. I always do this when I find a new subreddit. In theory, the most upvoted materials of all time, should really be the best. As I said, in theory. If I like something, it doesn’t mean that you should like it.

Remember that Reddit is a free network. You don’t have to pay anything for all of this porn. Also, remember that you will see a lot of amateur babes doing their posts on a subreddit like PAWG. What else do you want, brother? It’s a perfect destination, if you have a thing for phat asses on white girls. For me, it doesn’t matter the color of the skin, as long as the body is beautiful and fuckable. Click!

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