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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The fact that I am reviewing this site, and that it has such a name should already give you an idea of what is all about. But whether you actually enjoy what this place has to offer or not is a whole new story. I shall tell you what I liked and disliked about this place, and you can decide if you want to check out the site yourself or not.

The first thing I should probably mention is that is a premium porn site, so if you were hoping to get some cheap ass knockoffs, you should look elsewhere. Here you have HD shit obviously, but that does not mean that you will necessarily like their content. This all depends on whether you care for the content of the porn or not.

I think that those who just like to get straight to the point will not really care much for, for obvious reasons. I mean, here the content is what is advertised the most, and by that, I mean the plot. So, if you want to watch some good porn movies that have an actual plot, I think that you have come to the right place.

What is so interesting about

With so many other places I have reviewed, that are free, why would you be interested in a paysite? Well, there are many obvious reasons; like the fact that all the content here is presented in HD… I mean, if that is not enough of a reason, I do not know what to tell you. All the shits here tend to be exclusive ass well, otherwise, nothing would make sense.

In simple terms, if you ever thought about your favorite character from a movie or a cartoon in a porn scene, and you would love to see it happen, check out The name itself gives away that the content here is about parody porn, and I am sure I do not need to explain that anymore. If you are into parody pornographic scenes you are welcome to explore this place.

Their homepage, or well, tour page is pretty simple and I like that you basically get to see everything that the site has to offer. I think that their teasing works well because you will surely want to create an account once you visit the site… at least I wanted to. But, will you like their options and all of that shit? Well, who knows?

This depends on what the fuck you came here to see, and how much you are willing to pay. For the most part, I think that has the type of content you will either love or find cringy as shit. We all know that pornographic acting is not the best kind of acting out there, so if you are not that good with cringy scenes or whatever, I am not sure that this place is for you.

I’d say that is targeting a certain audience, the kind of audience that cares about the plot within the pornographic scenes, and that is honestly not me. You can check out everything has to offer in snippets, which is what their tour page basically offers. I think that they give you a sneak peek nicely, which is important.

Of course, you will get to see some of their biggest parody DVDs, which is another tease, to be honest. So, if you like parody type pornography I am sure that you will also love However, if you are not willing to pay for porn, and you do not care for the plot as much, you can just check out other sites I have reviewed… obviously.

Lots of great parodies.

I feel like I have to say this, but personally I am not really into parody pornography, simply because I do not care for the plot of the porn. However, I am an open-minded dude who understands that everyone is into a different type of shit, and if you like to enjoy the plot as much as porn, then go right ahead, I think that you will love

The first movie that captured my attention was the Seinfeld parody… I mean, who the fuck ever wanted a porn parody of that old series? Well, it does not matter if you wanted it or not, because you now get it, since apparently somebody asked for it. You have a lot of parodies of known old-school TV shows which I am sure you never thought about sexually.

However, there are also shows that I would love to see porn parodies of… like Star Wars… I mean, as kids, we all wanted to have some action with the lovely Princess. There is also the Sex Files, which basically explains itself, and from the looks of it, there are more parts of it. There was also a sex parody of Big Bang Theory, which is an odd one, seeing as the show is just pure nerds and sexual frustration.

I’d say that they have a parody of everything here, or at least everything that they have the right to release. These are all exclusive videos and they are available in HD both to stream and download. For a site that you have to pay for that is to be expected… since if their content was shit and not worth it, I would not be here talking about what they have to offer.

So, the question here is whether you like to fap to parody pornography. I mean, if you just care for the action that happens, you might as well check out other premium sites I have reviewed instead. Most pornographic scenes done by professionals will have some sort of plot, but some of them are filled with action instead… it always depends on you.

If you are still not sure, you can just check out the site yourself. Their tour page will explain everything I did, but you will also have everything presented visually if you know what I mean. Overall, I think that everyone should check out the tour page before deciding whether to become a member of the site or not… I mean, you are fucking paying, so you might as well invest.

The membership options.

After knowing about their content, I am assuming that most you care about is how much you actually have to pay to enjoy their shit, right? Well, do not worry, because their prices are pretty typical for a premium porn site, and they also offer HD content that is worth it… so I can’t really complain. I think you will love it.

Now, you are given four membership options and a 3-day-trial that will cost you about $5… which is not that little, but I guess if you do not want to waste your money you can purchase the trial and enjoy what they have to offer for those three days. However, if you already know that you will love what has to offer, you should think about purchasing their regular membership.

You have the 1-month membership that will cost you $29.95 a month, and that is the typical price if you ask me. Now, the most popular option is the 3-month subscription where you are billed $54.95 for the three months… this means that you get to enjoy their shit for about $18/month, give or take, and that is a great deal.

You also have the 6-month membership that will cost you $74.95 for the 6 months, and the 1-year membership that will cost you $119.95. I think it is pretty obvious which of the memberships are the most popular and if you already like their content you might as well get a yearly membership since that means that you are basically paying less than $10 a month.

Overall, I think that those who like a little spunk in their pornographic videos will love what has to offer. This is a site filled with lots of dirty parodies of porn, and thus if you are into that you are surely going to love everything has to offer, trust me.

The given memberships are not that pricey, and you cannot really see anything good without a membership, this is a premium site after all. Check out what their tour page has to give, or read my review, which I assume you already did. It is simple if you like parody porn you will love, and if you do not, I do not know what you are doing here.

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