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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you on your phone? Well, you will need it for, because this place is basically dedicated to those who still like to have hot phone sex. Of course, it will allow you to choose from many of the gorgeous girls who would love to have phone sex with random strangers. For those who do not know what phone sex is, or has never actually experienced the beauty of it, it might be a bit too fucking young actually to browse through here.

As for all the boomers and probably a good part of millennials, I think we all know what phone sex is, and what are the pros. So, if you are still interested in the old-school leasing ways, and the phone masturbation, you’ve come across a perfect site, believe me. This place is filled with the sexiest chicks who are ready to have naughty phone sex by moaning over the phone and narrating your whole masturbation session.

Now, I am not that skilled with phone sex, but I’ve gotten many ladies wet, so that does not matter. What you should know is that you do not really need experience when it comes to phone sex, because the girls are all here to take the lead and please you. All you really have to do is be respectful to a point because let’s be honest; what all these chicks really want is to get fucked good.

So, all of you who were hoping for some dirty porn content, I am not sure why the fuck, you are still here. It is pretty obvious that a site that offers only phone-sex services will not have porn content… I mean, if you did not get that by now, you might be a fucking moron. Anyway, those who are interested in how this site functions are welcome to continue reading because I will cover all the aspects for you.

Quite a 90s-looking site…

Having phone-sex is a very boomer thing. That is what old folks used to do before the internet was created, so having this sort of a design kind of suit sit. It gives you that old-school feeling, which is not that bad. Of course, I always think that they could have made a better fucking design overall because a bit of modernism would not have fucking killed them.

The homepage is basically where all their shit is presented. You will get to meet loads of interesting and sexy ladies who are ready to get dirty just for you. Of course, these are all done through the phone, so you do not get actually to see them. That is why it is called phone-sex, obviously. However, there are loads of dirty things that can happen during phone sex; believe me!

You bet your ass I stayed here, exploring all the options from this site. I am happy to say that they are filled with the naughtiest girls, and their options are pretty simple to understand. Everything you need will be listed on top of the site, so you do not really have to spend your time endlessly listing. You will most likely have to create an account if you want to enjoy everything has to offer.

Now, that was more or less a given. Most sites that offer such services will require a registration… so are any of you actually surprised? There are lots to be explored, and all the options are listed right at the beginning. So I think that you will get the hang of what the site has to offer in no-time. As for the type of beauties you get to meet, they are worth your time and money, trust me.

Those who are not into dirty talk and all that shit, there are many other sites I have reviewed, so go check that out instead. What the fuck else did you expect? Keep in mind that you never know where the phone-call will lead to, so it is worth trying out at least once. Honestly, those who have never had phone sex should enjoy it at least once, trust me.

Let’s not forget that when looking for phone sex in the past, you could not really know what the beauty behind the phone looked like, which could sometimes make your boner a bit difficult to rise to its glory. But, now you actually get to see all the gorgeous beauties who are behind the call, thus using your imagination is easy even for the dummies.

Many gorgeous ladies, and some options.

Every single beauty on this site will have her own profile, where they will share a couple of things about themselves. You will see some info, their pricing, how you can call them, and so on. Before the call, you can email them for special requests or whatever the fuck. Even without a membership, you basically get to see all of this.

Of course, you need to check out their profiles before you actually start the call. Otherwise, you might just be a fucking moron. Once you see what they are all about, what they offer and whatever the fuck, I think that you will surely want to talk to them. But keep in mind that you do not get a fucking video call or anything like that, you just get a phone call.

All the beauties shared their images as well, which makes choosing the cutie who suits your taste a lot easier. This way, you get to see the babe who you are talking to. Unlike it the past, which I already covered. So, if you would like to be pleasured though the phone by any of these wonderful girls, you are more than welcome to explore and enjoy.

Some women like to go all out and share all kinds of personal details, as well as include dirty images. Others will just have some text written, nothing too flashy, and that is about it. Some like to include their fetishes and other special services, while others are shy. So, it all depends on the beauty you choose, and their prices will vary as well.

I’ve seen babes who were asking for as little as $1 a minute, while there were those who asked for like $4 a minute… so all I am saying is that those expensive bitches should better offer some special services as well if I am going to spend so much money. Of course, I tried out their services, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Find the beauty who suits your taste.

On the side of the site, you have different types of search options, and they will basically help you find the beauty who makes your dick hard. You can choose between women, men, and trannies. The women have a lot of different categories for you to check out… from BDSM to fetishes, housewives, BBW, babes who like to use sex toys, and so on.

As for men, you have a lot fewer options. You can choose the home alone, fantasy, BDSM and so on… but I mean, it is really limited for some reason. Then you have the tranny sex talkers, and the options here are again limited. On the one hand, that is to be expected. Usually, men are the ones who like to talk to dirty babes on the phone, so they must have the most traffic.

Other than those options, there are no other search filters, but at the same time, I do not think you really need any. The options that were given on the side were enough for me to find whatever the fuck my woody was feeling, and thus I was able to nut many times. So, if you are ready to talk to some horny ladies, you are welcome to check out everything has to offer.

So, what’s the gist The Porn Dude?

Well, do you like to hear lovely and horny sluts’ breath heavily on the phone, moan and masturbate? If you do, I am pretty sure that you will love everything has to offer. So, take your time and start browsing, what else is there for me to tell you? Many gorgeous women like to share their dirty images and naughty services over the phone, so why not give them a call? I mean, if you are into phone sex, you have found your gold-cave, since I highly doubt there are that many good phone-sex sites. You are fucking welcome.

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