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Updated on 15 January 2022
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My Gay Sites? Why do I list this site here? Well, if you want to make sure that everyone out there has something to beat their meat too, you have to make sure that these people have the best websites out there waiting for them on a plate. Not on a literal plate, but you know, these pages have to be quite easy to access because people don’t want to waste their time with these things, that’s quite well known. is my “evil twin”, my shadow self since TPD is on point when best gay websites, forums and tube sites are concerned. So, let’s get started with the most critical things on this page, shall we? Take a look at My Gay Sites This website has a bunch of gay porn tube sites, gay amateur porn sites, best gay sex cam sites and best gay premium sites. Some of these are so famous that even the average heterosexual knows about them, but they still belong in here, because hell, what kind of list is complete without these? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this list is not meant for obscure websites, it’s quite far from that, actually. It’s supposed to be quite inclusive, so take that into consideration.

So, first off, I suppose we should take a brief look at the design of the page because these things can sometimes truly be quite important. If the page looks nice, it will drag you in quickly, and soon enough you will keep coming back to it over and over. However, I do not know what to think about, regardless of being one of my own creations. The page does not exactly look bad and all that, it feels cozy, and it’s easy to find your way around it. However, you will not be pleased with its looks, nor am I, nor will my designer be. It looks quite simple, but it does the job quite well so let’s just give it a pass since it surely doesn’t deserve any insults, right? I have to be stern but fair, after all, protect your own son!

So, first off you’ll quickly notice that there is a bunch of squares on where you can browse through a bunch of websites, and they are all split into a few categories, as I mentioned it early in the text. The first box reads “the best gay porn tube sites,” so naturally, here you’ll find pages such as xHamster, YouPorn, and Pornhub, the most famous pages when it comes to porn in general, just what you would expect to see in here. Next, if you go a bit further to the right, you get to see the best gay amateur porn sites.

Yet again, you will see the three same names, which are all free websites. PornHub, xHamster, and YouPorn are still there, but you’ll see that XVideos also shows up in here quite often, as these websites have a bunch of heterosexual videos on them, so they do get a lot of traffic from that kind of pornography as well, but obviously, since they are here, they post a lot of high-quality gay porn as well. Now, let’s take into consideration that these websites that are listed in here are not just plain tube sites. No sir. There is something for pretty much everyone! So, the first thing you’ll have to notice are the best gay sex cam sites, which is a slight deviation from the things we mentioned beforehand.

Next up, you’ll find that best gay premium websites are listed in here as well, in the box in the right corner. Here you get to see the biggest names in the game, such as “Men,” “SeanCody,” and “Bromo.” These videos posted on these pages will not be free for you, and you won’t be able to see much, except for snippets. However, if you can get off to that, fine. Either way, it’s best to pay up a little. However, if you want to keep your porn completely free, then you should look away from this square and pay attention to the other websites in here.

There are also obviously some gay pin porn websites because those are also quite popular so we should definitively consider checking these out. Furthermore, you may also find the best gay porn forums in here, since the gay community needs a place to hang out on the internet to discuss these things, right? Even though we’ve gone through the premium websites before, at least the big names, that is, we should mention other premium websites. I know, you’re probably looking away at this point, given that we’ve already said that you should stay away from these pages if you don’t want to pay any money. However, I’m going to mention the fact that there is a bunch of gay amateur premium sites and some amazing premium images of the hottest gay celebrities, so take that into consideration.

Even though gay porn isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I can assume that most gay folks will not run into any difficulties while using this website since it’s interface is quite nifty. There’s a wide variety of sites to chose from, and they are all carefully sorted into categories so you can tell that a whole lot of effort went into creating this page and gathering the material. is a site that I’m a part of, but as you can see I’m not all that bias to it. Maybe I am, who knows, but all in all the template is one that absolutely works and TPD should know.

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