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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Many Toon! Well, Hentai is back again in my life, and I don’t like it. Every time I do a review for one of these sites, I always get so depressed. I mean, because of the dudes that are jacking off to this kind of shit. How hard can it be to find a woman made of flesh and blood? Like, you don’t even need much, just some confidence to spare in your pocket, you know? Maybe a few months full of gym sessions if you have some fat going on, and that’s it. And yet, a lot of these dudes are just sitting at their homes, beating off to little anime girls, and making up excuses to continue doing so. But, since I’m the real nice guy here, I’ll do this review, and I’ll do it right. If you’re interested in this type of shit, then stick around and read this whole thing through. You’re going to probably like it as well.


The homepage was an immediate disappointment. And I’m not saying that lightly, even though I enjoy ragging on things in general. When you enter, you’ll immediately be blinded by all of the ads that are on the site. And even their content isn’t in focus between these ads. The first thing you will notice are the ads, then the horrible pink cover, and then an even more hideous font that they are using for their options. Like, all in all, when you combine all of these elements, you get a site that pretty much looks like someone of the sexual offender registry made it. And I’m not even joking, every single aspect of the homepage is horrible. I’m saying that because I’ve seen other free hentai sites filled with videos, comic books, and even video games. And most of them have like an ad or two going on for them to make some extra cash on the site. Which proves that you can lead a successful web portal for Hentai without putting up so many ads all over your page. So yeah, I’m pretty much not pleased with the site and its aesthetics and ethics.


The navigation process of is shit, as well. First of all, all the options at the very top redirect you somewhere else. How simple does it have to be? I click on a fucking button, and then you let me see what I want. No, instead, you have to move like three sites to get some unknown crappy site with shitty material all over it. I mean, it’s the same as McDonald’s and their advertisements. Those burgers always look so delicious on a big screen, and yet when you pay a visit to McDonald’s while you’re hammered and order a burger, you get a little turd with mayonnaise between the bread. It’s the same fucking system here. If you want a good site, then you fucking fix your options, and you redesign it to make it look like something watchable and tolerable. Same with ugly chicks. They put some makeup on, and then they look like goddesses. Only, unlike those chicks, if you redesign your site, it stays that way, so I would advise to do it urgently.

The options down there, below the first ones, are mostly options connected to the genres. You have the adult archive, and the comedy archive, and a couple of other archives as well. And then, you have the genres, and you have the number next to them, stating how many comic books of that genre there are. And if you compare them in all archives, it’s pretty much the same. I mean, like, it is the same. So,, why did you ad like six new options when you could’ve just saved my time (and yours) and just straight up gave me the genres available? I mean, it looks like a Nigerian fucking scam. Appearing to be something, and then just getting bullshit on the plate. And something’s taken away from you anyways. With Nigerian scams, you lose money, with, you lose time. It all adds up anyways, so stop doing stuff like that.

All in all, as you’ve seen from my miserable rant, the options are horrible. Like seriously horrific. I’ve never seen anything this bad, and I’ve been writing porn reviews for a long ass time. My advice to would be to fix these issues because if they don’t, this site isn’t going to last. Nobody wants a place that has a thousand options, freezes your computer if you click on them, and then, in the end, they’re all the same. I mean, I could buy a robot that malfunctions and repeats the same command over and over again, and it would pretty much be the same, except the robot walking around the house and acting like a retard would be funny.

The perks

I guess the only perk that has to offer is the fact that the registration is free. But when you think about it, that option probably isn’t all that popular, since just entering this site gives you a brain freeze. And not the pleasant kind that you get from smoothies. Other than that, they pretty much do not have anything substantial to offer, and you will probably not like this site very much. Now the only thing that’s left to do is to check out what kind of content do they have. If that’s not good, then they’re toast. And that’s the same as flirting with a fat chick. She maybe does not look attractive or sounds attractive, but some fat chicks know how to fuck. I’m not going to lie, even though I seem like Mr. Perfect, I am not. And a man who’s not going to admit that he fucked a chubster at least once in his life is just being dishonest, and he should be ashamed of himself.

The categories/genres, call them whatever the fuck you want to call them

At least the genres on are okay. For some reason, they call them the archives, but that’s okay too, you can’t always get what you want. There aren’t that many of them, but the ones that are present are okay. You have some comedy/parody stuff, and you have some more serious stuff, like a harem, mature, and that type of stuff. For some reason, they also have the horror genre too. Now tell me something – what the fuck does that have to do with Hentai or sex? I mean, are you like an underground cinema complex or a fucking porn site? I cannot understand some ‘creators’ no matter how hard I try, so yeah. But that’s okay, enough complaining. Now’s the time to sample the content.

If you enter a specific archive and you wish to see the content that they have, you can do so. Of course, after you scroll down through all the ads that are suddenly appearing again. It’s almost like you have to sort through the trash before you get to the gold. The only difference is that this kind of crap isn’t even gold since the whole site’s design is pure shit. But yeah, once you’re done with scrolling like a retard, you can choose from all the comics that are offered there, and you can start jerking off. Simple as that. Or should I say not simple, since the whole process is just fucked?

And finally, the content is the only thing that’s making seem like a cool place. You can see that their mangas have been carefully selected and that they are going for the best underground stuff here. I mean, unfortunately, I know a lot of hentai shit so that I can give a valid opinion, but yeah. at least did an excellent job on that, and you can be safe on that side. If you’re looking for a site that will give you solid material, you can stop worrying. Just push through all the bullshit, and your jerking sessions will be a lot more pleasant from now on.

Registration and conclusion

The registration will not be a problem. It’s just your usual drill here on Think of a username, the right password, type in your email, and that’s it. Now, as far as the conclusion goes… Well, let’s just say that I’m not very pleased with this site, but I will let some shit slide. The horrible design needs to be changed, and the options need to be simplified since they all come down to the same thing anyway. But if we’re talking about the content, and that’s what matters, did a great job there.