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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Does thick linework get you going even more than thick chicks? Do you find yourself ditching regular old porn for some quality sex comics? But I know you comic lovers out there. You’re all picky as fuck, and I don’t blame you. Some comics fucking suck. I don’t get why certain artists thick that I want to jack it to the same style as a cartoon like Family Guy or some shit. Come on, we can all do a better than Lois anyway. There are plenty of alternatives to that style, and I’ve got a pretty unique one for you this time.

Manwha comics. Don’t worry, I had no idea what the hell that meant either. It means South Korean comics. Hey, I love just about everything that has come out of Korea. Well, South Korea to be specific. Especially those girls. Goddamn man, they have those perfect petite bods with rocking tits and beautiful faces. What’s not to love? And these comics take more from eastern hentai style than they do janky western art. If that sounds like your cup of green tea, or whatever they drink there, then listen up. I’ve got a great Manhwa site to tell you all about. is a free to browse porn site full of kinky Korean comics. The site is a bit different from other comic sites in that they don’t have this massive catalog of completed work. Instead, they a good handful of issues that are updated regularly. But I’ll get more into that later. What you need to know is that this site is brand spanking new. Launched in 2018, they have already amassed a large following of 9 million site visits every month. And that number is still climbing rapidly.

Very Invasive Ads Really Take Away from the Overall Experience

I wish I could say that the first thing I noticed about this site was the sleek white and red design, nice minimalistic logo, and sexy comic previews. But, sadly, that was all ruined by the awful ad experience. Redirects to sketchy “you have a virus sites,” annoying autoplay ads that are hard to close, and tons of other ads that go as far as to fuck with the normal formatting of the site.

It fucking sucks. It’s like taking back some dimepiece only to go down on her and, well, don’t make me say it. Just think of the grossest thing your sick imagination can come up with. But, seriously, the ads are bad enough that I wouldn’t even bother trying to use it without a blocker of some kind.

Alright, moving past that. Despite being a bright white design, I like what they’re doing here. I would still prefer they darken shit up for a site that requires you to stare at your screen, but I’ve seen worse. The site has a super simple layout. There’s a header up top with options for “Manhwa List, Genres, Hentai Games, Live Girls, Best Hentai Manga Sites, and Contact.” As you can probably tell, there are only three options there that keep you on site. Second to last takes you back to my den of degeneracy, so you have an out if you need one.

Most Comics Fall Under One or Two Genres

I’m glad that they included a genres section. Way too many comic sites just clump shit together and you’re left with something more tangled and confusing than an all gymnast orgy. Though those bigger sites need it a lot more than Manhwahentai does. There are maybe few hundred comics here, at most. Not a bad selection at all, especially for such a new site.

But most of those comics fall under a couple of the genres. “Drama” and “Comedy” being some of the biggest sections. While the other categories like “Mecha,” “Gender Bend,” and “Incest” all only have 1 comic in each. And a lot of these comics add as many genres as possible to get more traffic, so the actual number of comics may be far less than that actual 200/300 mark if you take that into account.

Incredibly Long, Kinky Comics that are Updated Frequently

But, as I said up top, the site tends to focus on updating current comics more than adding new ones. Most of the established comics have well over 40-50 chapters, with some cresting 80-100 of the damn things. That’s a lot of fucking smut. But that doesn’t matter if it all fucking sucks, so let’s dive deep and check this shit out.

The previews are actually good for once. Man, I can’t stand when comic sites just put a title and shitty cover up and call it day. It’s like those dumb broads who don’t put a bio or description on their Tinder page. Yeah, let me just swipe right on some chick who can’t even be bothered to write something. Those are the kind of chicks that lay down and don’t even move when you fuck them. I’m not trying to get with Plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy here for fucks sake.

Anyway, right, the previews. They have the cover, title, user rating out of 5 stars, latest chapter, and when it was last updated. My only gripe is that the author isn’t listed in the preview. Give those talented fucks some credit. Oh, and you can sort any page by a variety of handy filter options. Though it’s easy enough to just scroll through and browse the limited content.

Hot Artwork, English Dialog, and Work From Many Different Artists

When you click through to the good stuff, you can see if the comic is current, who the authors and artists are, as well as a view count and short description of the comic. Then, just scroll through and pick up where you left off or start a new chapter.

It’s setup where you scroll through each chapter instead of flipping through page by page. Though the arrow keys will flip you to the next chapter, which I dig. And, overall, the art is pretty fucking hot. No real janky art styles that look like some anime out of the 80s. What a dark time that was. Plus, most, if not all, of the comics are in English. So, you don’t need to learn a whole second language just to appreciate some kinky dialog.

Ad Filled Mobile Site Makes it Hard to Browse Comics

I personally wouldn’t bother with the mobile site. It’s like when your hot fuckbuddy tries to hook you up with her awkward as fuck friend. Sure, she might be decent enough, and she’s probably the kind of chick that would be a freak in bed, but, uh, I think I lost where the downside was here. Nevermind the metaphor. The mobile site isn’t terrible. The comics load and the site works, but, again, the ads blow. They even pop up between pages on the mobile site. That’s super fucking annoying. It messes with the formatting and makes for an awful user experience.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is that they offer some unique content from new authors in a style that isn’t too oversaturated. I’m not saying that I’ll ever get tired of that tried and true hentai style. But the work on here was different in a good way. Like an alternative babe who likes to dye her pubes for some reason. I wasn’t looking for it, but, hey, I kind of like it.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I’ve gotta bring it back up. Chill with the ads. I know it’s a free site and all of that, but when it starts to ruin the experience you’ve got a problem. Tone that back and most of my complaints end up being minor. It’s a new site, so more content is bound to come. The white design can be tweaked easily, and the whole author tag on the previews is a quick fix.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, has some incredibly hot comics that are worth checking out. If you can get past the shitty ads, then you might be able to bust one hell of nut to the content here. The artists and writers on the site are fucking great and deserve even more attention than they are already getting. Give a shot and jack off to these kinky Korean comics!

ThePornDude likes ManhwaHentai's

  • Tons of Erotic Korean Comics
  • Great Variety of Art Styles and Engaging Storylines
  • Frequent Updates and Additions

ThePornDude hates ManhwaHentai's

  • Invasive Ads on Desktop and Mobile
  • Bright Site Design
  • Fetish Content is Lacking