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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Roll up the sushi and start dipping the nigiri, cause we’re about to set sail for one of the sexiest JAV sites on the entire internet. If you don’t know what JAV stands for, then you probably don’t even deserve to be here in the first place, but I’ll give you a pass this time and this time only. JAV stands for Japanese adult video and if you’re one of those guys that just loves seeing Asian models on the porn set, then I suggest that you keep reading because things are about to get really interesting. One of the biggest collections of free Japanese adult videos can be found on JAVseen.com.

Simple design with all the important features intact

Alright, so first things first, let’s touch on the design of the site before we say anything else. They kept it pretty simple with JAVseen.com and you’ll be wondering why that is since usually JAV sites tend to clutter up their page with all sorts of useless shit. Well, I think that JAVseen.com has been reading my reviews and they decided that they’re going to have a bit of a different approach as to not feel the full brunt of my force when it comes to critiquing the look of a website. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a couple of things that I don’t like, such as the fact that you have to stick with the bright and white background which is going to burn your eyes out if you’re watching anything during the night, but oh well.

Amazing logo which has a great symbolism vibe

I guess you just can’t have everything with a design, but something that’s insanely important is that you have a good logo, and I think that JAVseen.com nailed it with theirs. They have a really nice and simple logo that incorporates some sort of symbolism. They took the two Es in the JAVseen.com domain name and they made it loop around into a sort of infinity symbol. What does that make you think of? Does it make you think about the fact that you’re going to have a pretty much infinite amount of content to watch on JAVseen.com? Cause that’s exactly what I think about when I see that logo, and luckily for me, I seem to be right with that one.

Everything is easy to access of here with the simple layout

Then you’ve got the layout, and I think that JAVseen.com did a pretty good job here. They managed to make everything pretty available and at a mouse point reach. You’ll be on any section that you wish to be on with a simple click of a mouse button. Then you’ve also got the fact that they added extra features such as seeing all the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even Total list of the best videos on the right side of the website. These are the videos which are really highly rated and have so many views that even Mao would be jealous if he would have seen the amount of manpower behind a porn video on JAVseen.com.

Really high-quality content on here and nothing but high-quality

And don’t be fooled, there’s a reason why these videos are so damn successful, and it’s not just the fact that they have some of the hottest Japanese models in them. It’s also the fact that they have one of the biggest quality assurances to go through before they get posted on any other JAV website, and that gives JAVseen.com an even tighter grip on all the best videos since they don’ seem to host any of the videos themselves. That is unless they’re hosting them under a different domain name, and I have no idea why the hell you’d do such a thing. But hey, it’s your site so do whatever it is you want with it.

Even the thumbnails are high-quality here

Anyway, JAVseen.com still has some of the best content when it comes to Japanese adult videos and you’re going to understand why when you see the sheer amount of work that went into making the video thumbnails alone. Just looking at those will tell you that an entire team of people was behind the making of the videos on this website. And with every new release, the number of these high-quality videos increases. It’s just astonishing that a single site could have so many videos and hold so much JAV power that it would be way over 9000. That was a Dragonball Z reference for all the uncultured swine out there.

Tens of thousands of Japanese adult videos to watch

And yeah, I know I said that the power level is over 9000, but so is the video count. Actually, it’s way over that number on JAVseen.com. It’s actually over 33000 as well, so if you think that this place will ever get boring, then that means that you’re dismissing tens of thousands of videos at your disposal that you’ll have when you visit. And if you think that that number is low, then you probably never ventured into other JAV sites cause they tend to have even fewer videos. Anyway, you’ll definitely learn to appreciate this amazing website with time as you figure out that there is just no chance in hell that you’re ever going to be able to burn through all of that content.

Absolutely free content for anyone that wants to watch it

Oh, and there’s a critical fact that you’re also forgetting when it comes to these videos, and that’s that they’re completely free. If you thought that you won’t be able to enjoy this many JAVs without paying, then you’ve been sadly misled. Sort of like the Japanese people have been misled into liking all that animated bullshit. I mean you’re making a society full of autistic kids with that anime bullshit. Whatever, not my problem, but I’m just saying. Before I go off on a rant here, I’m going to go back to the main topic at hand and that’s the fact that all the videos on JAVseen.com are absolutely free for you to enjoy.

So that’s what you really have on here, an amazing repository that you’re never going to be able to burn through of Japanese adult videos that just keep on coming. They never run dry, and you’ll always have something fresh on your plate whenever you visit JAVseen.com. And on top of all that the videos are free as well. What else could you possibly ask for on an amazing site such as JAVseen.com? Well, I don’t know what you’d want, but I know what I want, and that’s to be able to search through the videos according to my favorite categories and genres, so let’s see if you can do that on JAVseen.com.

Categories and tags are going to let you find your niche

And you absolutely can, with the addition of the Categories section which is located on the navigation menu, you’ll be transported to all the categories on the site through a small dropdown menu. And if you don’t like the very few categories which are offered there, then you can also check out the Tags tab, where there are so many more choices to be had. It all depends whether you like to get into the nitty and gritty with your niches and fetishes. If so, then you should definitely check out the Tags section instead of the regular Categories. There’s even a pornstars section under the Starrings tab where you’ll find all the hot models which are in these pornos.

The ads are really annoying, so get ready for them

Honestly, there’s only one thing that I really hate about JAVseen.com, and that’s the relentless bombardment with ads that you’re going to endure. If you can survive that, then I guarantee that you’ll have a pretty baller experience on here. JAVseen.com is honestly a great site even with this flaw, and you’ll be able to enjoy 33000+ videos of amazing Japanese porn videos with new videos surfacing on the website every single day. It’s like a porn tube site that only concentrates on the wonders of amazing Japanese and Asian porn. If you’re into that, then check out JAVseen.com today!

ThePornDude likes JavSeen's

  • More than 33000 Japanese porn videos to check out
  • New videos being uploaded every single day
  • All the content on here is absolutely free for streaming

ThePornDude hates JavSeen's

  • Really white background that’s hard to look at during the night
  • Relentless ads that ruin your experience with their constant nagging