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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Indian Hidden Cams! Right after shooting a hot load of cum and satisfying my thirst for a hardcore porn scene, there is this small window that occurs when I feel not interested in sexual matters. Right then, I like to browse the internet, learn about things, people, and places. For instance, did you know that India has over a billion population? Well, it’s got to be one of the most populated countries in the world, not to mention the most sexually active country.

Indians know how to spice up their meals. Their dance moves are just alright, but once hidden cameras secretly capture the hardcore action they indulge into, that’s when you realize how hot their bedrooms can be. The amateur South Asians can really get down and dirty in some filmed scenes when they suck, fuck, and masturbate.

Indian Hidden Cams claim to be the best Indian voyeur site. Well, isn’t just incredible to watch babes fuck hard just to release some steam and not to get paid. Watch them go solo, or wipe their boyfriends’ cum on their faces, and better yet, mature aunties playing around with younger boys. If these freaks can really deliver on their promise, I’m a lucky mofo. Statistics show that half a million suckers beat off to this crap every month. By all means, that’s a promising number.

To hell with prigs, Indian girls are hoes

The forbidden things in life are always the sweetest! The Indian culture is so conservative and prudish in a way that makes Indian porn so freaking hot. Sex is not something that is openly discussed or boasted in the streets of New Delhi. It is even a bit hilarious how Indian Hidden Cams like to refer to the amateur porn videos as sex scandals. I mean, what’s fucking so scandalous about a couple having sex or a girl sucking his dude’s cock while he sticks the middle finger right in her asshole? Well, they can call whatever they like. I really don’t give two fucks as long as I get to enjoy the amateur clips.

Hidden camera scenes or just amateur porn clips?

Don’t get it twisted, I am really a sucker of the Indian amateur movies. And for that very reason, I don’t want to sound bitchy or like I’m hating on, but Indian Hidden Cams folks might want to reconsider their name for the future course. Well, when you are watching real spycam content or secretly shot nasty films that the site promises, you will not see bitches looking and smiling at the camera, or the characters in the movies adjusting the position of the camera, right?

Therefore, the site doesn’t fucking keep their word, or the content here isn’t 100% authentic. I signed up for a voyeur site, and clearly that’s not what I’m getting here. However, to be fair, it’s not all videos are like that. For instance, there is this one video that features an old hairy Sikh prowling over some fat aunty. That one appears pretty genuine spycam content to me.

A whole amateur experience

As the journey goes on, things begin to appear clearer. Content on this site is leaning more on the amateur scenes than it is a voyeur experience. In the members’ area, the picture is pretty clear, and there are no non-exclusive episodes, which are a pretty unique feature. And even though the scenes are still more homemade and less voyeur, I’m developing a bit of a soft spot when I think of the exclusiveness issue. It goes without that it is a bit difficult to tell for sure since this is a huge archive – it is hard to trace the ones you have already watched in a collection of over 10k clips. And hey, that’s not all, there are a total of 482 videos featuring Desi natural beauties showcasing their nasty bodies on their PC cams.

Video quality is a total nightmare on this site. But it’s not like you were expecting ultra HD clips made from home, were you? There is this video I was just streaming, it features a hot couple getting nasty in the dorm. But that’s not the point, the video frame rate was 480x360Px; man, I haven’t seen worse than that. And still, I couldn’t see enough of the lumpy Indian babe shaking her booty. I know it’s a bit fucked up, but I really enjoyed it. Still, though, HD would have been better.

As I said, the size of the archive is huge; no one will surely want to argue with that. This is thanks to the regular updates by the site. The site updates twice or thrice every day, hence the fast growth of the catalog. There hasn’t been a single day without an update if you check the dates. Another fact that puts doubts on the user-submitted nature of the content. But hey, in a region of over 1 billion population, anything is possible, right?

Fap to a diverse collection of Desi hoes, nasty Bhabhis, and filthy Aunties

Indian Hidden Cams might be a premium site, but we can’t really talk about pornstars on the site since it is purely dedicated to amateur porn clips. The videos are either leaked online or submitted by the very couples that are featured in them. There sure is no way of determining the age of the models, but it sure is common sense that both the men and women gotta be of over 18 years of age. Babes featured are also exclusively Indian or from the Middle East races, but you can be sure for incredible diversity in the mix. From the sizzling hot Indian teens with pointy boobs and firm asses to plump MILFs and even mature Aunties, all women can be found on Indian Hidden Cams. The girls will often appear wearing the customary Indian attire, the Sari. This will be well complemented by traditional jewelry and makeup.

Indian Hidden Cams content also includes the sex tapes that made the headlines and the biggest sex scandals in India. So don’t be surprised to see some culprits’ faces that you know. The site is a perfect platform to sneak peek all-natural Indian hoes enjoying loads of hardcore sex and experiencing the best of orgasms. Aren’t Indian bitches just the best?

Tons of Indian fuck flicks for a bunch of Rupees

To access the members’ area of Indian Hidden Cams, you got to have a membership; but you fucking already know that, don’t you? But you probably don’t know that they have an extensive collection of nearly to 12k Indian porn movies and scandals, over 2000 homemade amateur pictures, and close to 500 cam videos. The updates are also daily with 2 to 3 vids added daily. That is not to mention that they are AVN award winners from 2016 through to 2018. It is, however not clear what award it is that they won; they probably just fucking with our minds.

Well, membership on the site takes you back 25bucks a month. I would say it sounds pretty cheap, but then again, you would have to avail your naked butt here to really know whether it’s worth your while. They also have a one day trial for 5 bucks, and then the whole year one, which goes for way cheaper. The membership comes with loads of bonus content.

The best of Indian Hidden Cams

Exclusive Indian amateur videos; Indian Hidden Cams focuses on homemade content featuring Indian and Middle East races. The content comes in the form of solo videos, BJ, hardcore sex, cam videos, and pictures. The girls vary and cover the full spectrum from housewives to college young adult babes with close to no camera experience.

A huge collection with steady updates; the site has close to 12k videos of Indian porn movies and scandals. Quantity is an excellent thing on an Indian website. They mostly focus on video content and little on pictures. As for the updates; 2 to 3 videos are uploaded daily hence the steady growth of the collection.

Downloads are allowed; all videos on the site can be downloaded by easily clicking on the download button.

Diverse models; well, Indian Hidden Cams is a mixture of everything from Desi girls to Bhabhis to Aunties.

Possible concerns

A mixed bag of content, styles, and several short clips; I was under the impression that the site is a voyeur right before stepping foot on the premise. Well, things on the ground are really different as the site is more of an Indian amateur site with several short clips you can barely beat off to.

Vary formats and generally poor video quality; videos on the site seem to be user-submitted, and the site has no way of harmonizing the formats. Videos are also of inferior quality for a premium site. Boy, it is laughable!

Basic navigation; for a site of this caliber, this is pretty mediocre. Folks should consider revamping the whole website.

Bottom line

Indian Hidden Cams has good size and a wide-range collection of amateur style Indian porn videos. Formatting and quality are probably not the strengths of this site; however, the quantity and variety on the website is overwhelming. Enjoy!

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