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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I finally got them where I wanted them all along. And by that, I mean, welcome to my natural territory – Reddit. Here, as some of you may already know, you basically have a shit load of small communities that are coexisting, which is a cool thing. Sort of like Facebook, but it doesn’t seem as shitty as Facebook pages, and the creators won’t censor you or ban you simply if you say something that they don’t like, hence why I deleted mine in the first place. But that’s not what matters. We are here today to explore a particular part of Reddit called, and it’s surprising. I’ve been on Reddit for so long, and yet I’ve still never heard of this place. It’s basically a place where men and women celebrate and fetishize women’s juices down there. All in all, it’s a real shit show, but instead of dragging this intro for too long, let’s just get into it and see what we have here.

First impression

I mean, generally just looks like any other subreddit on this platform, so there’s nothing special that I could mention there. What I can say is that even though I’m not really the type to have a weak stomach (I mean I do write about fucked up stuff for a living, you get used to it), my eyes are sort of twitching from disgust. This isn’t like any other porn video where you can see the juices flowing, but they’re not really in the spotlight. Here, that’s the main thing, and it sort of seems as if you smeared some suspicious liquids all over a vagina. But, I guess that if you like that, then you’ll love it. It looks like something that came straight out of the Ben 10 series, but hey, who am I to judge?


As far as the navigation goes, anyone who’s been on Reddit for a while can pretty much skip this part of the review. But, for all of you who are new to this but are attracted to it, let me explain some things. Since this isn’t really a porn site, you don’t have various commands, options, and whatnot. On, you can simply scroll and scroll, view picture after picture, and that’s it. So instead of boring you with the stupidest requests and options possible, this place is focused on giving you the content. Think of it like this – it’s like your food bank in the neighborhood, except you’re not homeless. It gives you free stuff that’s well made, and you don’t have to pay. Plus, if you become a regular poster, it’s also like volunteering in that place. The Christmas spirit of giving always lives there, except it’s like if Santa became a BDSM dungeon master.

Next up, you have the option of commenting and up-voting. Instead of having the same system as every other site, you know, like-dislike type of shit, Reddit opted for a more democratic approach and brought you up-votes and down-votes. So when you go on to masturbate and obsessively download pictures, you can feel like an ancient Greek philosopher as well. But, instead of having a cool ass name like Socrates or Aristotle, you’ll be named the legendary Clitorius. Huh! But, all jokes aside, you can also interact with other users by commenting on their posts, giving them advice, rating their content, and all-around talking to them. Reddit is pretty much relaxed for that specific reason. Because in small communities like this one, you can find like-minded individuals, but you don’t have to add them as a friend or chat with them if you don’t like that.

And of course, unlike the porn sites, Reddit has moderators. And the best thing is, if they’re not pieces of shit, they do a good job. They weed out the harmful content, they delete offensive posts, and instead of reporting the whole subreddit, you can just contact them, and they’ll help you fix the problem. So all in all, this is a better system than most mainstream sites, and if you give it a chance, you’ll enjoy it in general. And not just, but Reddit as a whole. While you’re looking at these holes. Okay, I’ll stop now.

The perks

Well, the perks on are basically nonexistent. And by that, I mean that there’s genuinely only one perk on this particular subreddit, and that’s that it’s on Reddit in general. I mean Reddit’s free, you don’t have to pay to view the content, so every single bit of porn that you see on here, you get for free. You can bookmark it, and you can download it, you can stream it endlessly, anything you want. So if you’re looking for a new source of porn that’ll help you finally destroy any chances of you ever having a healthy life, well then stay here. Knock yourself out, you know? The users are obviously willing to help you.

The content and the authors

As I’ve previously said, Reddit is as close to democracy as we can possibly get. Patience, young Clitorius, you’ll see why in a second. Well, and the rest of these subreddits are mostly run by people. And by that I mean, ninety-nine percent of content is posted by regular ladies and dudes, not by porn sites. You have specific subreddits dedicated to porn stars and porn companies, but as far as the fetish places go, the majority of the content is real and genuine. That means none of that fake shit! Your desensitized dick can now fully enjoy Suzy spreading her pussy lips and getting pounded behind the dumpster next to the Chinese restaurant, you know? It has that real feeling, even though you can smell heroin in the air sometimes because of it. But no biggie, you’ll get used to it.

If you like on authors pictures, and you’d like to see whether they posted more, you can do that too. Of course, if you have your own profile on Reddit. So if one pussy manages to grab your attention, you can go to that user’s profile and simply click on the button called follow. That’ll let you see everything they posted, and that way you can keep up with them and beat your tiny penis to their content. I mean, there have been instances where Redditors became best friends somehow. That’s why you can freely try to contact a girl and try to suck her glorious juices if you want. Of course, with her consent. But I know that most of you don’t have the guts to go to the store after the sun goes down, so I guess that me telling you how to use is as pointless as it gets.

Registration and conclusion

The register process is practically nonexistent. I mean, for And the reason why I’m saying that is, if you want to subscribe to a specific type of content, you’ll need a Reddit account. Subreddits are already a part of the platform, and you don’t need to do anything but follow them. Same with the users, you know. But if you want to know how to register to Reddit? Well, I got you there my G. Type in your email, choose a nickname, create a password, and boom! It’s the usual drill, and you don’t need to think about it very much. Now that we’ve got that settled let’s talk about the conclusion for a bit.

All in all, the content is excellent. I see that people are literally putting effort into pussy shots for the internet, which I don’t know how to feel about. Is it disturbing? Should I be happy for my users? Should I try to jerk off to it? Those are just some questions that even the great Clitorius himself cannot answers, so yeah. I hope that you enjoyed this review and that you will become a new user on Reddit because the site is really worth it. Take your time though, the content isn’t disappearing anywhere, plus you have more than forty years until your dick becomes a limp noodle. See ya!

ThePornDude likes Grool's

  • Good content
  • Easy to browse
  • It's fucking Reddit, come on

ThePornDude hates Grool's

  • There are some quite annoying shots
  • The subreddit doesn't seem that active
  • The general theme of the subreddit