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Updated on 05 February 2024
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GrannyTube! Now, I know that you’re all well-aware of the fact that the internet is just full o all sorts of porn sites. And with all that porn out there, you probably know that even every category of porn has its own website these days. Well, if you didn’t know that, now’s the time to find out. Because if granny porn can have its own website, then every category of porn can. The site we’re checking out is called and it’s all about granny porn and nothing but granny porn. No MILF chicks, no moms, we’re talking about those chicks who are old enough to be your grandmother. Gray hair, glasses, the whole ordeal, and we’re talking about this content in a manner where you get all of it for free.

Completely free granny porn content to watch

I know you were expecting it to be free already, but in my opinion, that’s just you being too greedy. Porn doesn’t always have to be free you know. If you have a strong liking for a certain niche, then you should be ready to pay up you cheap bastard! Luckily for you, I don’t have a say in whether or not gives all of this content away for free. However, I do have a say in what I think about this place and let me tell you right now, there are many caveats that surround this place that I don’t even know whether or not you should check it out in the first place. What do I mean by that? Let’s see.

First of all, I have to say that the site IS free, and all the content on it is as well, however, the videos come from other free tube sites. So yeah, free videos, but none of them are hosted on here. I guess that the whole entire idea behind is to put all these different granny porn videos in one place so that you don’t have to go through multiple porn tube sites just to find the granny porn video that suits your needs. This way, you get all the granny porn you could ever need and it’s all presented for free in one place. I guess you have to give kudos to for that kind of dedication.

No content is hosted on this website whatsoever

Then again, I have to deduct points because they don’t’ actually host any content. I mean what kind of a porn tube site is that!? Let me tell you, it AIN’T a porn tube site in that case, so they don’t deserve to have Tube as a part of their domain name in Alright, I might’ve gone a bit over the top when I said that. They can do whatever they want and they can call themselves however they want, but I think that when you see that it’s a Tube site, you expect all the content to be on the site itself, and not just links to other sites where the actual content is on. Still, all of those other sites are free, so there’s that.

Now, what I really want to see is how deals with this content. Does if offer premium porn? Does it offer shitty amateur porn filmed on a potato? Well, it offers pretty much both of those. I think that there are fewer premium porn videos and that most of what’s on revolves around amateur and free porn that you would see on a porn tube site anyway. Of course, its all in one place here, so there’s that aspect to consider as well. However, we shouldn’t be giving it that much praise for doing that, because when you put all the videos in one place, it’s as simple as linking all of the videos and then putting them on one site.

A collection of incredible granny porn

So, didn’t really do anything majestic here. They just took what already exists on other websites and it just put the links together and tried to make it appealing to people who enjoy this type of content. And I think that I’m starting to realize who likes to watch this type of porn the most. I think that it’s old people. Now, hear me out, I know that many young people have the granny fetish for whatever fucked-up reason. Maybe they got along with their own grandma a bit too well, I don’t know. But what I do know is that you should always look at the design of a website as it will usually tell you who the primary user of this site is supposed to be.

So, when we take a look at the design, we’ll notice two distinct features. Damn, I sound so smart right now. I’m dissecting this site like it’s a frog in a high school lab. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. There are two distinct features that you’ll notice when it comes to the design of The first one is that the place has huge thumbnails. With large thumbnails like that, you don’t even need to be wearing prescription glasses to know what the fuck you’re in for. Trust me, you’ll be able to tell just by looking at these things even if you’re an old grandpa who lost his eyesight in the Vietnam war or even the Korean war.

Bland design and literally almost no features

Then, there’s the brownish coloring of the website. And when you look at the color brown it makes you think of two things. Shit and old people. So, I think that it’s more to do with the latter when it comes to, cause this is no place for scat porn. There are no bodily fluids being exchanged on here, just wrinkly tits and pussies with some young meat. So I think that grandpas are the ideal people who would like this kind of content. Maybe it reminds them of their own wife before she died or something and left them with 9 cats to put up with and feed. I guess the guy can finally say “fuck it” at that point and start watching some granny porn on

The user interface isn’t all that great when you take these things into consideration. You get on and the first thing you can do is select your preferred category. Literally no other options are presented to you. That’s pretty bland to say the least. No options to look for models, no search bar, nothing. You only get categories and that’s it. When you click on a category you get presented with options when it comes to the videos. Now, that would be great and all if you could actually see what the videos are called or whatever, but you can’t.

Probably made for seniors looking to get it on

However, grandad Steve will be really happy with since he’ll see the only two things he needs. Giant thumbnails of the videos in question so that he can choose the one that he likes, and the time stamp so that he knows how much time he’ll be spending on before going back to his usual day of playing chess in the park and getting Parkinson’s. You might say I’m being cruel, but frankly, I don’t give two shits. I just don’t like the design and the interface doesn’t give you almost any options, so I have to find the ones responsible for that and I think that with it’s the grandpas who this site was made for in the first place.

But all in all, I think that can still be a good choice, at least for them. I’m sure that there are other sites out there which will give you more information and options about the porn that you’re watching. On the only important thing is that grandpa gets his granny porn so that he would stop being grumpy and stop beating the cats with his cane. is free, and there are very few or almost no ads to deal with, so there’s not much to lose when you get on You can check it out if granny porn is all that you ever wanted.

ThePornDude likes Granny Tube's

  • Countless videos of hot granny porn
  • Fair bit of premium stuff to find here
  • Easy to use for literally anyone

ThePornDude hates Granny Tube's

  • Doesn’t host any of the videos at all
  • The design is insanely bland and boring
  • Little to no options or functionalities