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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Reddit GoneWild18 aka r/GoneWild18! Have you ever gone to Reddit’s gone wild subreddit an enjoyed the content until all of a sudden you see this fucking mature piece of shit bitch that flashes her wrinkly tits at you? Nobody likes that, especially not me. I’m the type of guy that likes a tight body, a tight ass, tight tits, and so on. I don’t like wasting time on the horrid and disgusting bodies of MILF chicks, no matter how authentic or amazing the content is to all amateur lovers out there. I get the appeal of amateur chicks, but I want a place where I can only find really young and really tight bitches. Well, I think my prayers have been answered and the come in the form of a subreddit called /r/Gonewild18.

Girls gone wild, but only teens

At first glance, the name of the subreddit just seems like another gone wild community where real chicks come to show off their tits, pussies and so on. Well, when you see the 18 you might think that it’s just saying that the chicks have to be over 18 years of age, but isn’t that true for all NSFW subreddits? That’s where the second part of the meaning comes it. This place is made for teens only. You won’t find a single chick who is over the age of 19. The only girls allowed are the ones whose age is 18 or 19. There is an extensive verification system in place so that the community knows what it’s getting from these babes.

So, let’s talk about the content, shall we? You will notice that this place has a lot in the way of teen amateur pictures, but there’s no sex here. That’s because dicks are banned in all forms. That means that there’s nothing on here but solo stuff where chicks are flashing their tits, pussy, and ass at you. Now, you never know what you’re going to get from these babes. Sometimes it’s an ass pic, sometimes it’s a tit pic, sometimes it’s a nip slip, and sometimes it’s a close-up pussy shot too! It’s just a lot of variety and it’s all in one place. It doesn’t have to be in public either, so more chicks are encouraged to post here straight from their bedroom so that you can see their body in action.

So much stunning amateur content

Does this place really provide amazing amateur pics then? Absolutely. You can expect to have an amazing time if you’re the type of guy who likes the gone wild subreddits out there as well as other communities. The only difference with this one is that they are concentrating on chicks who are barely legal. Does that sound pervy to you? Well, what can I say? We’re all perverts in a way and you can’t really do anything about that. If you want to have a good time here, then you better be into young pussy. I know it’s kind of weird when you see chicks and then you realize that they’re just 18 or whatever, but that doesn’t stop me from fucking so many teens in my life, so it shouldn’t stop you either.

Now, one thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that the chicks here deserve some kind of respect as they’re really putting their bodies on the line for you when they’re posting here. If we want to encourage more girls to post on communities like this one, then we should be really respectful to them and shower them with compliments. You can call it manipulation or whatever, but I know that there are plenty of chicks out there who would gladly show us their tight bodies if we were kinder to them online. That’s why there are so many of them on /r/Gonewild18 ready to show it all off to us.

Choose the Hot, Rising, or New segment

So, all in all, you can expect to have an amazing time with everything here, but you should probably be aware that there are ways in which you can be guaranteed to see the best of the best when it comes to these hot pictures. If you want to see the sexiest pics from these babes, then do what I do and always stay on the default section with is the Hot segment of the subreddit. If you want to be the arbiter of content then you can check out /r/Gonewild18’s New section instead. This place is crawling with all kinds of content and it’s up to you to upvote and downvote the content so that we get the best shit in Rising.

Then people in Rising can upvote the posts further and then we’ll really see which ones are destined to be in the Hot section. However, if you run out of content to enjoy in the Hot section, the Rising and New segments are always a great way to get more content, plus you’ll be helping out the community with the upvotes and downvotes. If you want people to get the content they want and enjoy the cream of the crop when it comes to these young teen babes and their willingness to put it all out there, then you need to join the army of people already doing their part on /r/Gonewild18 when they vote through the content.

Massive community of over 340k people

And when I say an ‘army’ I mean it! There are over 340,000 people already subscribed to this NSFW subreddit and there are probably going to be many more of them going forward. The only problem is that like all NSFW subreddits out there, this one also has a low participation rate. The people here just like looking at the content but don’t like to upvote or downvote it. If you want to be the person who is going to get the content out to other people, then you need to moderate it in the New section with upvotes and downvotes. Still, the number of subscribers is pretty astonishing here, nonetheless. However, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for NSFW subreddits that you would find on Reddit.

There aren’t that many people online during the morning and afternoon hours, but later at night is when things really start rolling and this is when you’ll find the bulk of the content being uploaded. People flock to /r/Gonewild18 like crazy waiting for these chicks to start uploading hot nudes of themselves that they can use to jerk off. It’s also nice to find the chicks interact with people in the comments while they’re being showered with compliments. The ones that are not welcome are usually taken down by the moderators. And there are many other things that moderators do here because /r/Gonewild18 has a pretty extensive ruleset that they see as imperative to having the place function well.

Great design with a cool customized appearance

The design is something where I will immediately give them credit where credit is due, however. They have managed to create one of the better NSFW designs for a subreddit that I have seen in a long time. They have a customize background, a custom banner, a custom avatar, and even custom subreddit features galore. People gloss over these facts, but not me. I know that it’s hard to have a good verification system like they have on /r/Gonewild18, and I also know that not many other NSFW subs are ready to customize their community to the point where you can easily realize that the community has had a lot of work done to it in order to look good.

If you’re a chick who is either 18 or 19 and you want to show off your hot content to all the guys on /r/Gonewild18, then you’re more than welcome to do so. If you get verified, then people will flock to your pics even more and you can expect to see a lot more attention that way as the mods will make sure that your picture comes to the Hot section where there will be thousands upon thousands of people upvoting your beautiful body. As for all the guys out there including me, I think that we’re going to have an amazing time here.

ThePornDude likes GoneWild18's

  • Tight teens show off their nude bodies
  • Verified amateur babes and a huge community
  • at custom design with banners and avatars

ThePornDude hates GoneWild18's

  • Sometimes it can be a very inactive subreddit
  • The New section has a lot of garbage content
  • Not a lot of content or pictures in the morning