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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Girls Kissing

Girls Kissing

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Reddit Girls Kissing, aka r/GirlsKissing! Is there really a need for me to actually detailly explain what /r/girlskissing/ is all about. I am pretty sure most of us will understand what this section of the site has to offer, and that is why I shall focus more on Reddit in general, as well as what kind of content one can expect to see within this subreddit. At the end of the day, it all depends on why the fuck you came here in the first place.

I think it is safe to assume that you are here to see some hotties kiss each other, right? What else could you possibly expect from a subreddit called /r/girlskissing/. As for those who just want a brief of what this place is all about, you are free to skip on ahead and read my overall conclusion, that is why it is there.

I mean, the site explains what it is all about on the side of each subreddit, so take a glance there. As or me, I shall go over this subreddit, other subreddit, and Reddit in general. So, if that is what you might be interested in, you are welcome to check out my review. Simple as that. As for those who do not have the time to read, keep in mind that Reddit is a free site, so check it out yourself instead.

Girls love to kiss each other!

Let’s be real. We all want to see hot girls kissing each other, right? Well, that is exactly why I am here to introduce a subreddit you never knew you needed in your life, /r/girlskissing/. This place is filled with horny girls who love to make each other feel good with some dirty tongue action as they kiss each other and sometimes do more than that.

As soon as I opened this subreddit, I was welcomed with loads of dirty posts presenting just that, naughty girls kissing each other. You get to see them do all kinds of naughty shits, and I think you already assumed that. However, do not expect actual pornography here, at least not in this subreddit.

While I did see some posts being a bit naughtier than others, there was nothing over the top, or so to speak. So, if you came here to masturbate, you might not get past your flaccid fellow, simply because not only is this subreddit dedicated to girls kissing, it is also just that… there is no actual porn… so do not be retarded and do not expect porn.

One of the first pots that caught my attention featured a horny black chick teaching the hottest slut I’ve ever seen how to kiss. The two then engaged in some lovemaking, but that was not really shown on Reddit. I was able to see the lovemaking thanks to the Reddit users who posted the link to the full video, and it was fucking hot.

Another video I checked out featured two gorgeous sluts being all oiled up and ready for action. They showed off their incredible curves while making each other feel good on the massage table, and their making out session was pretty fucking hot. I mean, these two were really passionate about tongue sharing, and I loved it.

Of course, you have the softcore clips too. For example, one video seemed like it was from a movie where two girls bullied an innocent girl into kissing them, and she did. I mean, sure you call it bullying, but I mean none of that was real, and it was nice to see them in action. Of course, this ain’t the shit I was interested in, I prefer to watch both women get really into lovemaking with their tongues.

But, what I am trying to convey is the obviousness that this place has a little bit of everything. This is something that Redditors should already know very well, and if you have visited Reddit before, I am sure that you will be satisfied with what this place is all about. Of course, this is just one of many subreddits out there.

Lots of quality content.

I guess what I really appreciate when it comes to Reddit, and its content is the fact that the content is actually HD, well most of it. Of course, you have the lower quality as well, since it all depends on who posted the video or whatever the fuck, but it is nice to see a community that truly appreciates the quality as much as me.

I know I mostly mentioned videos as my favorites, but you should know that this subreddit also has images. So, take your time and check them out if you are interested in watching girls make out. Since these are all user-posted videos and images, if you are interested in the origin or whatever, you can ask the users for the story.

I think you already know how this should work, so there is no need for me to explain anything. Take your time and explore; there is a lot to be seen. The /r/girlskissing/ is filled with content featuring girls who love to share saliva, and some of them prefer to get kinkier than that.

I like the fact that you have amateur videos, where these babes will test out the waters for the first time, but you also have the premium content, with actual pornstars doing what they do best. I liked the majority of their shit, even though I do prefer to watch actual porn videos instead of just snippets of sluts kissing. But to each their own, as I always say.

Register for special privileges.

If you intend to be a Redditor yourself, I assume that you would like to know what kind of privileges you will be offered. Well, Reddit is a community-driven website with loads of naughty shit for you to check out. They have the hottest clips, images, and sections that you are bound to love, so if that is why you are here, you will not be disappointed.

The registration is obviously free, so take your time and do it right. Other than having complete freedom of browsing, you will also be allowed to post your own crap in whichever subreddit you want; you can create your own threads, comment, talk to the community and even have a 1 on 1 chat with other users of Reddit. Although, if you are an asshole, you will be blocked, most likely.

I think that the privileges you get on Reddit are quite nice, compared to other free sites. But, you should know that Reddit is not a porn site. Sure, it has so0me aspects of porn here and there, but that does not make it porn overall. Not to mention that the videos tend to be quite short for a wanking session unless you have a problem with premature ejaculation.

Keep in mind that if you would prefer just to browse, and nothing else, you do not have to register. That is the beauty of Reddit. As for those who are here to post their own shit, you can do that, but make sure to read the rules. Each subreddit will have its own rules that need to be followed, and if you are a fucking idiot, you will be banned.

There is also the karma system on Reddit, which are basically popularity points of sorts. Honestly, I am not that active to explain all the details about this, but the beauty of Reddit is the fact that you can ask other users about this shit. Just like you can check out /r/girlskissing/ or other subreddits and ask them about anything relevant. Simple.


So, what makes /r/girlskissing/ so interesting? Well, if you like to see two slutty chicks make out passionately, what is there not to like? That is what this subreddit is all about, showing horny girls of all shapes and sizes, swapping saliva with their female babes. Of course, there are different scenarios that you can enjoy here, depending on what makes your woody rise.

From dirty amateurs trying out girly stuff for the first time, to professional pornstars who already know what the fuck they are doing. The community on Reddit is quite nice, so whatever you might be confused about or interested in, you can ask them. Don’t forget that Reddit is home to thousands of amazing subreddits and great users, including subreddits that are similar to /r/girlskissing/. So, take your time, explore, and enjoy.

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