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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Gigan Tits! We all know why the fuck we clicked on this site… right? I mean, would you visit a website called to see petite girls fisting each other? Of course not, although that sounds rather delicious. But we have all decided to check out to see their irresistible pornographic videos featuring all kinds of gorgeous women with huge tits… duh!

Now, it would be mighty fine if this site had everything here, but all of the videos here are actually taken from a different site. I’d say that about 80% of the shit here is taken from everyone’s favorite free site, If you have never heard about that site, now is your chance to explore it, because trust me, you will love it.

Dated design, but lots of content.

I am getting very tired of all these dated designs… like how hard can it be to have a proper design? It is not that difficult to create a site that looks good, trust me. I have made my own website, and it looks fucking magnificent. So, I am sure that you will be able to create something that looks much better than the shit you have offered.

Well, at least does give the content that you would expect it too. Believe me, I’ve encountered many sites that were actually quite different from what one would expect. It is never a pleasant thing to deal with that when your dick is rock solid. Well, that is why you have me, The Porn Dude. I am here to debunk all the fakes and shit that is not worth it.

You will understand my frustration with their overall layout as soon as you open the site. I mean, there is no structure, and the whole place basically looks like one big ad or whatever. At first, I did think it was an ad, and technically speaking, it kind of is. It does not offer any video son the site itself but takes you to other places where you can find such shit. I think that is basically a description of an ad.

As for the overall crap, I give them a pass. At least they are not stuffed with all kinds of bullshit. You have a nice selection of videos, and each clip will feature at least one gorgeous woman with huge tits. That is why we are all here. To see hot babes, get drenched with cum as they reveal their incredibly bounce big tatas.

Well, as long as you are into girls with huge tits, I am sure that you will find something that makes your dick hard here. There is a lot of content, and why it is a bit messy, with some manual labor, you will surely find the shit that you are interested in. At the end of the day, we are all here to see horny babes show off their huge tits, and that is basically in a nutshell.

A host site with many great videos!

Let’s be honest, this is just a host site. But whoever said that host sites are bad? Nobody. And that is why I am here to tell you that this host site decided to take some of the juiciest and most arousing videos ever, and list them all in one place. Sometimes we like a video from one site, then we go to the other, and that takes time.

Well, since everything is basically listed in one place, you do not have to worry about wasting your time when your dinky is ready for action. You can freely browse through all of their content since there is not much else for you to do. Of course, this is a free host site. But there are no options for the users, so understanding how they function will be a breeze, trust me.

The first time you open the site, you will be amazed by their lack of everything. But you will not be disappointed with their selection of videos, trust me. So, all you have to do is shut the fuck up and start browsing. You will be sent to many different porn sites where the given video is presented. I mean, you do understand how host sites work, right?

What about the technicalities?

Start exploring whenever you want, since all the videos here are free. As for the technicalities, while you do have many different free porn videos with busty chicks, they are quite volatile. And by that, I mean that their length, content, and quality will all depend on the video you choose to check out. So, you understand why I cannot really be thorough when it comes to this.

All I can say is that the majority of the videos here are of solid quality at best. You cannot expect too much when it comes to free porn sites, so do not expect too much from this site as well. You have lots of great porn videos, some will be of low quality and some of medium. Thus far, I have not encountered any porn videos that were actually HD quality. But that does not mean they do not exist.

Have a nice fap everyone!

We are all here to fap. Nobody is here to go window shopping or whatever the fuck. I mean, this is a free porn site so there will be no shopping, to begin with, but you get the gist. The site overall is fucking great. I loved the content, and whoever chose to pick out these videos in particular. Almost all the sluts I’ve seen here were amazingly fuckable.

One of the first videos I checked out featured a gorgeous babe in a very tight dress. You could easily see how thick she was. After some hardcore making out in the public bathroom, her boyfriend whipped it out, and she willingly got down to her knees. We would all love to have a slut who would do her job, no questions asked.

Another video I’ve seen was of a solo mom who used her camera to show us all kinds of closeups. This also included a 20-minute session of her spreading her cunt, just to fist it nicely… Well, look at that… there is fisting after all. I mean, it all depends on the clip you chose to check out, but I managed to run into lots of different types of videos.

When it comes to their overall content, there is a little bit of everything. What makes special is the fact that all the babes have huge tits, and that is quite magical if you ask me. So, if you are a man who loves huge tits, you will love this site. But keep in mind that this is still just a host website, so do not expect too much.

Ah, no user-features… typical.

Honestly, after all, I have said, are any of you surprised? I did not think so. This site is filled with all kinds of pornographic videos with horny babes who have huge tits. However, the user-options are basically non-existent. So, if you are somebody who is into a specific kind of shit, you might have difficulty finding what you are interested in.

As for those who are not that picky, I am sure that you will love this site. What is there not to love? This is a place filled with loads of gorgeous girls who love to show off their huge knockers and get fucked hard. You just have to keep browsing until you find a video that actually makes you hard. It is really not that difficult to at least create a categories section, but oh well. I guess this is as best as they could have done.

But, is it worth it?

Do you want me to smack you? If I am here reviewing this site, you bet your puny little ass that it is worth the visit. It all really depends on the quality you were expecting. Since if you were expecting something Ultra great, you might have difficulty with this place. Let’s be honest if you want something like that you should check out premium sites instead.

Overall, I think that has a little bit of everything for everyone out there, so what are you into? Of course, you are into the lovely busty girls, but there is so much more to porn than that. So, take your time and start browsing, you will surely find a hottie and a video that will make your dick hard.

ThePornDude likes GiganTits's

  • Free porn site
  • Lots of hot videos with busty sluts

ThePornDude hates GiganTits's

  • Usually low-quality clips
  • Too simplistic
  • A porn aggregator
  • No searches