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Updated on 05 February 2024
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El Ladies

El Ladies

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El-Ladies! When it comes to adult entertainment, it is known that everyone has some kinks, and while a lot of people, including myself, that prefer sexy babes who just got ripe enough for the fucking, others love slightly older honeys. When it comes to el-ladies.com, you will be able to find quite a lot of mature content of different types, but the main focus is on images.

The homepage will shower you with content

As soon as you visit this site, you will immediately figure out what the place is about, as there will be quite a lot of images of sexy mature beauties, which is definitely the best welcome one can receive from a porn site, and not that “are you over 18” crap that some of them have, I really fucking hate that shit.

All of the images that you can find on the homepage have quite relatable titles on the bottom part of the image, however, reading them is a bit pointless, as you will already see what the image is about before you read that fucking tiny title, but whatever.

The best example of that is that at the time of this review, I saw a sensational MILF spreading her legs in a sexy black outfit, and I was quite surprised how big her pussy is, and you know just how much pussy I have seen, both online and offline. As I looked into the image, just admiring the size of her cunt, I noticed that there is a title that says “Huge mature pussy” and the first thought that went through my mind was “No shit Sherlock” since her pussy is overwhelmingly big.

Anyway, enough about that big mature pussy, you are probably interested if there are some other goodies that you can find here, and why yes, there are. Since the homepage simply adds up newer posts, you can easily spot the date when the images are posted, however, there is one gigantic problem with the system that the site uses.

When a person browses through a fucking gallery, it is kind of expected that once you click on the image, that you will get a whole gallery with that MILF, showing off her goods in a couple of different positions, but no, instead, all you will get is the image in its full version, which is sometimes disappointingly small.

I do understand that it would be impossible to get this many different posts of mature beauties if they would only post full galleries, but posting images one by one seems kind of lame, and extremely outdated, which brings me to the site’s design.

The design is probably the weirdest yet

I have gone through quite a lot of porn sites, and while I have seen some extremely garbage ones where you are not sure where the ads begin and where they end, at least I can be happy that this site is not such a case, but there are still some things that are off. For example, the top of the homepage seems nice, but on the other hand, it feels like there could be more options.

As you scroll down the homepage, you will realize that it takes a really long time to get to the bottom of the page and guess what, the button to go to the next page is all the way down. Sure, you can change the page number in the address bar, but that is just a big pain in the ass, especially if you are using a tablet a laptop without a mouse.

However, that is not the weirdest part of the site, because, if you decide to visit the “Tube” section of the site, you are transferred to a weird search page. It is completely pink, which seems quite weird for an adult site. I would say that is especially the case for a site revolving around matures, however, the search options immediately give you all the niches to browse through, which is where things get strange.

Naturally, categories like mature, hardcore, blowjob, and amateur seem quite logical for a mature site, but, then you have categories such as babes, teen, shemale, and a couple of other ones that just don’t fit with the sites general theme. Upon further inspection, I realized that these things do not stand for different categories at all, but instead, they are simply videos named after those categories.

I figured that out by noticing multiple amateur tags, as well as 130 pages of so-thought “categories”, which didn’t make sense. With this realization, I have to say that this is probably one of the worst tube pages that I have ever seen, as not only that you don’t have any titles of the videos, but you also don’t get different thumbnails when you hover your mouse over an image, which is more than expected these days.

I can at least say that the search works pretty decently, as you can filter out categories, which are still not replaced by titles at that point but whatever, and that you can use pretty much any keyword to find a video that you are looking for. Of course, I forgot to mention that all of these videos are going to direct you to a completely different site.

Something that I find really interesting when it comes to the site’s design, is that the image that goes into the browser tab is always the icon of Internet Explorer, and not the logo of the site, which I just find quite hilarious, because who fucking knows how old this site is if it still uses an icon of a browser that is dead for a couple of years now, and well a couple of decades if you are someone who used other browsers once they were released.

The archive section seems like the real site

While the homepage is actually quite decent, I was quite surprised that the “Archive” section, which I expected to be just a bunch of dates that will guide you to content posted on those dates, is actually a much better part of the site.

Even if it is better looking, it still had the part that I expected to find, which is the date filtering. Oddly enough, the archives will allow you only to go from August 1st, 2018 to August 2nd, 2017, which is very fucking weird, since those dates seem really fucking random. Man, the more I dwell into this site, the more I am being hinted that the site’s name is not about the content, but who fucking designed it because only ladies would create such a Frankenstein clusterfuck of a website when it comes to design.

Anyway, the archives will also allow you to easily find tube movies, and galleries posted on the date that you are interested in, and guess what, the galleries are actually what their name stands for. Sure, as you click on an image you will be redirected to a different site, but at least you will get to see all the different images from that photoshoot, which is very necessary as some people prefer certain positions more than others.

Upon further browsing through the archives, since they actually seem pretty fucking good. as there are quite a lot of galleries of all kinds of beauties from teens to matures, and looking at them is completely free, I found something interesting. There is a “Webmasters” button among the menus, and upon clicking it, I was told that uploading galleries is no longer possible and that the feature might return in the future.

So, someone is telling me that they had a fantastic thing going by allowing you to browse through galleries instead of single images, and they just removed that feature for some fucking reason, dear lord, this site must be operated by a woman.

At least there are no annoying ads

While the overall experience when it comes to el-ladies.com is quite a roller-coaster, I can end with a positive note that during my browsing experience, I did not run into any overly annoying ads. Sure, there are some ads when you open one of the single images that you find on the homepage, but they don’t really get in the way when it comes to the pleasure that the images bring. The same can be said about the tube and archive sections of the site as well.

ThePornDude likes El Ladies's

  • Lots of images
  • Various content sources
  • Minimalistic number of ads

ThePornDude hates El Ladies's

  • Design changes through site sections
  • Tube section is extremely outdated