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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Wow. Just wow. With a name like Cumsluts, you’d expect a lot from the site. What you should know is that Cumsluts is actually the name of a Reddit board, which is not exactly a porn site, but to some people it is even better. Reddit is a totally free site that has boards about just about anything from crafts to gaming, but there are some seriously sexy corners of it that will wow you, and this is definitely one of those places. Here you will find girls who just can’t live another day without getting their bodies covered in gooey jizz! The place is just full of cumshots. Anyone can submit a pic and so that results in ones that are from porn sites or movies, as well as those that are just uploaded from people who have had some very sexy experiences themselves.

The downside to any Reddit forum, of course, is the rules. Here there are many rules. You must pay attention to them and if you violate them, you could be tossed out of the group. First of all, you can’t link directly to a porn site. You have to first host the image on a site like Imgur and then post the link. If you post an image with a direct link it will get taken down from the board immediately. Second, you can’t post any fake cumshots. It all has to be real cum. If you post 3 or more fakes you risk getting banned from the group. Each shot has to has the jizz visible. The board is an equal opportunity one and allows gay posts too with an added [M] to the title so everyone knows it is for dudes.

Luckily for you, on the side of this subreddit, there is a whole table with all of the things you could want to see on Reddit that have to do with seeing actual semen. As I said, Reddit is a veritable house of smut, in addition to being a meeting point for just about any other topic in the world. It’s a powerful force! They are so cute in this subreddit that they have even made the upvote and downvote buttons pics of cocks, so you can put whether or not it made your cock stand up straight or droop down low.

The content itself ranges from hot pornstars like Misty Stone and Lyra Law to amateur cuties who are at home with their boyfriend’s jizz all over them. Some of the shots are in slow motion while others are just a pic of the action. Short vids and pics are all you need when it comes to jizz, and this site is completely free!

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  • Free cumshots
  • Fun community atmosphere
  • Very on topic

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  • Some gay content
  • Rules are not fun