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Updated on 05 February 2024
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At this point, I’m sure most of you know that the internet can be a black hole where you need more and more crazy shit to satisfy your desensitized brain. When you need brutal torture clips and animal fucking to get your nut off, you know it might be time to step away from the internet for a while.

Then again, maybe it just means you need a place like Crazyshit is a den of insanity where you can watch war clips, bitches fucking animals, and worst of all, Asians, who get down and dirty with some truly freaky shit.

There’s a lot more than just porn here. You can also find fight highlights, fucked up accidents, and even war videos that remind you just how nice your life really is compared to the shit that’s out there.

You’ll also find some hot ass clips too. One of my favorites is when a webcam whore decides it’s a good idea to greet the pizza delivery boy completely naked. Of course, she is also fine as hell.

It’s hilarious watching this Pajeet stand around awkwardly asking the bitch for a hug, then a kiss, and then her number, as she quietly tries to get rid of him. The bitch just wanted some pizza, and this street shitter decides he ain’t leaving until he gets some action.

Sadly, there was no rape afterwards, but I still came boatloads. This motherfucker lived every pizza delivery boy’s fantasy. It almost made me think I’m in the wrong career.

This only touches the surface of the weird shit you’ll find at Crazyshit. How about some pictures of some loser who got his knee caps chewed off by a shark? Or non-stop torture and rape videos straight out of Mother Africa?

Users are also encouraged to upload their own scenes of degeneracy, and a handy user ranking system motivates these freaks to keep upping the extreme content. I’ve never seen so many thumbnails of bitches battered and bloody from those wonderful 3rd world countries where these cunts still don’t have any rights.

My mouth is watering just thinking about this shit, and if you’re a true freak like me, you’ll love it too. Crazyshit isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s a whole lot of fun. At the worst case, the videos you find here are a great substitute for coffee to wake your ass up.

Pretty clean layout for a craaazy site

Enter, and it’ll immediately hit you with a gallery of thumbnails with all kinds of naked girls getting beaten and bruised. Titles like “Literally almost fucked to death” and “Torture around the world” will keep you on your toes as you browse each day’s offerings.

Next, to each day, you’ll find a link to read all the comments. The Daily Rant is a daily section where users contribute all their enlightened wisdom like “I just shit my pants…” and “Got meth?” You can already tell Crazyshit features the most sophisticated users on the internet.

The top menu bar has a pulldown menu where you can choose Videos, Pictures, Categories, and user features. Most of the content is uploaded by Crazyshit staff, but the User Uploads section gives you the latest and greatest scenes from the community.

There’s also a Top Categories button at the top, where you can select from such wonderful categories like Accidents, Bizarre, Slutty, WTF, and more. Click on the Top Categories text, to get a full list, where you can also organize content by shit like Animals, Asians, Fights, and War.

Click on a video to watch the content. Some videos are streamed straight from Crazyporn, while others will redirect you to the host like It really just depends on the content.

You’ll see banner ads and ad links plastered all over the site. The links to Slutroulette, Fapchat, etc. along the top of the page are just ads, so ignore those. The Live Cams gallery at the bottom of the page are ads also, so don’t worry about it.

The video player page will also have links to Related Videos and Top Users on the right. Below the player are user comments, video rating (thumbs up and thumbs down like Youtube), and a Download link. The Download link is actually a great way to watch these videos without any bullshit.

Crazyshit also has a user registration and login feature that can be accessed through the main pulldown menu bar. Registration lets you comment, favorite, and upload content. You don’t really need to register to watch and fap to the crazy shit here though.

That’s all there is to talk about in terms of layout. It’s a simple layout for not-so-simple men. Just don’t get fooled by all the ads.

But what about the porn?

Crazyshit is a good blend of gore, shock, and porn. One of my favorite sections is Fan Tits, where users upload random nude bitches to enjoy. These are supposedly pictures of users, wives, or girlfriends, but personally, I just think it’s great fap material.

Most of the porn here has some kind of “extreme” twist to it. For example, there is a video featuring some gymnast doing all kinds of wacky porn positions that you couldn’t do without years of stretching (and I don’t mean your cock).

There’s also public nudity, celebrity leaks, sex moves you didn’t know exist, and the deepest deep throats you’ve ever seen. I’m talking some real throat tickling action.

Bottom line, don’t underestimate the fap action at Crazyshit. It comes fast and furious, and is a welcome relief from all the gore and torture going on here.

What I Like Crazyshit fulfills its promise. The heyday of gore is long-gone from the internet, but it’s nice to see Crazyshit still keeping that tradition alive.

The videos here are probably the closest you can get to rape and torture rape without it being completely illegal. The Asian section is chock full of Japanese bitches getting raped in elevators, Chinese bitches getting murdered by their frustrated husbands, and more.

One of my favorite clips is old Japanese businessmen with two inch cocks getting their dick sucked while singing Karaoke. Westerners just don’t know how to do a proper happy hour.

Crazyshit’s User Rankings keeps the content flowing from all over the world. Each user is given points based on their uploads, comments, and more. I don’t know where the fuck Burfurger got his clip of a dude fucking a barbie doll (his dick is shaped like a pencil), but it’s quality entertainment.

The Crazyshit staff also puts up plenty of porno to fap to. They put together these hilarious “People having a shitter day than you” compilations of girls getting slapped the fuck out and people getting set on fire. I always appreciate original content.

What I Hate

Crazyshit still has some issues though.

First and foremost, there are a ton of ads. I’m talking false links everywhere. The site acts like it has cams, games, and live shows, but all of these links are just ads. Why you got to try to trick me, bro?

A lot of the videos are hosted off-site. It’s always annoying when you have to go through a portal to get to the video, especially when the host site has ads and a totally different layout. When you get a pop-up, don’t assume it’s an ad. The content just might be opening off-site.

The features are also really limited. You get little else other than the pictures and videos. Crazyshit would really benefit from building its community, whether it’s through a Discord chat or forums.

Crazyshit will make you re-examine your life

Crazyshit is a goldmine for what I call “regret faps”. These are the faps where you just feel ashamed after you bust that nut, wondering how the fuck you’ve reached such a deep level of depravity.

I know there are many of you out there that can’t cum unless the bitch is bloodied and bruised, and Crazyshit will definitely ease your suffering. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most of these bitches deserve it.

But when your dick just refuses to rise unless she has a bowling ball stuck up her vag, or has four naked Africans beating her bloody while taking turns in a gang bang, well, you start to wonder if this Internet thing was such a great idea.

Anyway, Crazyshit is a nice addition to the classics like Deathtube and Bestgore. Crazyshit also does a good job in balancing the fap material with the shock content. If you want to see Chinese kids get run over by retarded drivers while also fapping to a girl getting slapped the fuck out with a hand full of cum (the Rick James!), look no further than Crazyshit.

ThePornDude likes CrazyShit's

  • Definitely lives up to its name
  • Lots of sexy babes getting in borderline scary situations

ThePornDude hates CrazyShit's

  • Some videos are hosted off-site
  • Lots of annoying ads
  • Disturbing content