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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you are looking for a neat little website where you can jack off to all things hentai-related, then you have come to the right place! Not only is this website completely free, but there are also little to no ads, which isn’t something we get to see very commonly on the internet. Pages that aren’t very well known across the internet usually don’t have a huge budget, so they have to use ads and stuff like that. However, this website right here does get a whole lot of traffic, and for this reason, they don’t have to use those. Now isn’t that great?


The types of content you can expect to see on this website probably aren’t what you would expect to see on a website that has “cartoon” in its name. See, if this page really posted what it claims it posts, we would only get to see western-style animations on this website, and that’s about it. However, this is obviously not true as there are tons and tons of movies on this website that come from the east. Mostly Japan, obviously. While there are some western movies on this page, they aren’t that important. For example, they do not even get their own category! However, if you ever happen to run into a 3D video, those are mostly made by Americans and Europeans, but pretty much 100% of the hentai up in here is made by the Japanese. Obviously…I am pretty sure that the countries surrounding Japan do not have that much of an interest in hentai and stuff like that. Now, while categories do exist on this website, they’re not exactly what you would expect them to be. However, they are still pretty god damn useful if you ask me.


Websites such as this one usually do not have a neat little interface that makes it easy for us mortals to navigate it, but hey, this page right here most certainly does, and that’s great. If there’s anything I like about, then it is the design of the website. At the top of the page, we get to see the logo of the website, and right next to it, most importantly, we get to see the search bar. Now, using it is pretty simple, and you do not get that many search options in here. So, you technically can’t be too specific when it comes to your porn searches. Just make sure that they are in English, though, as it seems that all the titles on this page are written in English. However, you can limit your search results to nothing but pictures, or rather, nothing but videos, Furthermore, I should also mention that this is a website that allows you to make an account on it. Moreover, these accounts are often sorted into groups. Now, “members” and “groups” an also be allowed to pop up as search results in the green drop-down menu right next to the search bar. That’s pretty neat, is it not?

Now, the page gives us a whole lot of information about every single video up in here. First off, you’ll notice that you get to see the ratings of the movies. Basically, if a movie has a poor rating, then you get the fuck out of there and look for something else that’s worth watching. You also get to see the date when the movie was uploaded, which is pretty neat. Furthermore, you also get to see the number of views on every single one of these videos. While the majority of them are about ten minutes long, some of them can be as long as 30 minutes. See, the videos that are uploaded to this page aren’t only scenes from various Hentai movies where the characters fuck, but rather, you often to see the entire episode of the Hentai movie. Those tend to last somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes.

If you click on a certain video, you will find that it loads right away. Thankfully, you are not redirected to some other website, but rather, we find that these movies are uploaded directly to this website, which is great. Tons of websites like this just take you to the page where the movie was originally uploaded. However, this isn’t the case in here. If you click on a video, you also get to see the number of comments on the video, and of course, you get to read them as well. If you scroll down a little bit, you also get to see the name of the person who uploaded the video, and the exact number of votes on the hentai.

The perks

The majority of hentai websites do not let you download their videos, or rather, they do not let you do this for free. However, actually lets you download literally any movie out there, and you do not even have to create an account on the website, which is pretty great. Did I mention that you are also given the option of subscribing to certain accounts so that you can keep up with their uploads? It really is a great feature. The general aesthetic of this website and the atmosphere that surrounds me reminds me of old school YouTube. Well, if only there was a five-star rating system up in here, then it would be exactly like YouTube, but for porn. Anyway, not only do we have loads of categories on this website (we will talk about those a bit later, though), but we are also given the option of utilizing tags! The tags are obviously a bit different when compared to the categories. They are either performer-related and sometimes they are even related to the location where the characters are fucking. Apparently, a whole lot of people would love to have sex in school, and that’s pretty reasonable. I mean, we all spend a whole lot of time in school, so it’s only natural that we fantasize about it, right?

The categories

When I said that the categories on this website aren’t exactly what you would expect them to be, I really meant it. When you open up the categories on a hentai website, what you usually get is a division into two or three simple categories. One category lets you see the “vanilla” movies, the other lets you see the movies that include non-straight sex, and if there are any other categories out there, they include western animation or 3D videos, and that’s about it. However, the categories on this website are related to the way these characters fuck, which is great. The very first category on the website is the “3D” category, and you will find out that there are lots and lots of movies and pictures in this category.

If you look right underneath the picture which signifies the category in question, you will get to see the exact number of videos and pictures in the category Obviously. There are usually way more pictures when compared to the movies. For example, in the 3D category, we find that there are around 1.6 thousand movies, but there are seven times as much pictures up in here, which truly is an impressive amount.

Now, if we keep looking, we find that there are even more categories on this website. For example, categories such as “anal” and “big tits” make a whole lot of sense. You don’t get to see a whole lot of anal sex in hentai, right? It’s barely a thing in there for some reason. Then, we also find categories such as “comics” and “big dick.” Again, these are pretty god damn reasonable. Now, there are some weird, or rather, pointless categories on For starters, the “cartoon” and “3D” category should definitively exist as some “big” categories, while the rest of the categories on this page should become sub-categories, as obviously, we get to find all sorts of porn within the Cartoon and 3D categories. The porn in there needs to be sorted.

Registration and conclusion

While you don’t really need to register to this website right here in order to stream movies, you are given a few options. First off, even though pop-ups are quite rare in the first place, this page lets you remove them completely as long as you register. Then, creating an account on allows you to upload your own videos and pictures. Furthermore, creating a list of favorite videos is only possible with an account.

Furthermore, you can also join groups in order to interact with people who happen to have similar interests. If you are into a certain type of porn, joining a group of people who are into the same kind of thing can be a great thing to do! What I like in particular about is the fact that there are so many free hentai movies to see up in here. I’m a big-time fan of hentai, and I’ve never even heard about some of these movies in my life!

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  • Tons of content
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  • There are little to no ads

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  • The categories could use some fine-tuning