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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Caramel BBW! Men are naturally attracted to female asses; there’s no getting around it. The rounder and plumper the ass is, the more inclined a man is to stick his dong in it without thinking. Female attributes like ass and tits make men think with the “head down there” instead of their normal head, and the better the attributes look, the more the man ignores his main head and sticks to thinking with his “downstairs head.”

That’s why sites like CaramelBBW exist – they show you the best of the best when it comes to what is probably the most coveted female attribute of all – the ass. Girls may use it to poop and expel gases, but horny men don’t really mind that at all. .There is enough material for anyone to watch just on this site for years and be super bulked.

I’m gonna be completely honest with this piece of advice I’m about to give you – if you’re into big girls with big behinds, then you should definitely save this site immediately, because it’s a hotbed for all kinds of big-booty XXX content. I mean no one can deny hitting it from the back and watching it jiggle while slapping it – there have been thousands of poems written about big behinds in old school and modern-day music (especially rap), and if you’re turned off by the content on CaramelBBW here for one second then you might not be as heterosexual as you may think you are.

This site is like a candy store, but instead of chocolate and jawbreakers, you have an unlimited amount of ass that you can choose from. It’s an ass-lover’s dream come true, and I’m here to help guide and navigate you through this valley of nothing but pure ass.

As Soon As You Get In You Can Make Your Choice Of Content

This site really does make you feel like a kid in a candy store as soon as you get on it – the homepage is absolutely full of categories that you can choose from, and there doesn’t seem to be any end to them. In fact, once you reach the bottom part of the page and think you’ve reached the end you still won’t be anywhere near it. The bottom part of CaramelBBW’s homepage contains all of the site’s categories, neatly packed into one alphabetical list of hyperlinks.

The site actually doesn’t contain any tags whatsoever, and sticks to just categories because it’s videos all open on other websites, so adding tags would kind of be redundant in this case. There are plenty of things to choose from though – in fact, I’m going to walk you through some of this site’s category typings because there’s way too many of them to stuff into just one paragraph…

There’s The Standard Vanilla Stuff

Of course, you’ve got the standard vanilla stuff here on CaramelBBW’s categories – this site contains all the categories you would typically encounter on most porntube websites. That includes MILFs, blowjobs, threesomes, teens, creampies, anal, riding, and so on. You definitely don’t have to worry about not getting your fill of BBW and big booty-content here because there is undoubtedly more than enough to go around – I mean a whole damn group of dudes could circle jerk to each vanilla category here individually and still not finish fapping to all the categories even after they’ve been at it for days.

And Some More Alternative Crap Too…

Yeah – you didn’t really think that a site with hundreds of categories wouldn’t have any hardcore and alternative content on it, did you? CaramelBBW here doesn’t just cater to your average porn fan who faps to PornHub videos and gags at the sight of leather straps and whips. There is all kinds of BDSM-related stuff here – you can find tons of leather-clad MILF-aged vixens here ball-busting the crap out of their manlet servants, and there are also plenty of daddies whipping away at big-booty teens here who get wetter and wetter with every strike.

There’s also some alternative, not-so-hardcore stuff here too, including lapdances, panty-play, kissing, and whatnot. I’m sure you could find the content you need here with ease regardless if it needs to have just normal kissing or cuckold cum-kissing.

Each Video Opens on An Alternate Site

Yes, I mentioned it once before, but now I’ll give you a quick rundown on this matter – this site is a directory for all things BBW-related in porn. That means that it doesn’t have a need for tags since it’s videos are not hosted on its own database, and the abundance of categories more than makes up for the absence of tags. Moreover, this site’s videos open up on alternate websites that are actually quite good in terms of quality – you’ve got Beeg, XHamster, XVideos, PornHub, XNXX and RedTube as the top contenders here.

Not only are those sites good in terms of quality, have no ads on them, and also have decent video players, but they’re also all optimized for smartphone access, so you can fap to all the big-booty porn you can find here easily from your phone.

Maybe You Grew Tired of Big Booty Bitches?

Sure we all love big booty bitches (at least most of us), but after visiting this site, you might feel as if you’ve seen them all, especially after fapping to a few videos here. If that’s the case and you’ve grown tired of the abundance of ass this site gives you, then maybe you should check out a list of other free sites that are provided to you at the very bottom of the homepage here on CaramelBBW. There is a list of 100 clickable websites right below the full category list on this site, and I’m sure you can have plenty of fun on some of them – or you could try checking out my site listings instead?

ThePornDude likes CaramelBBW's

  • One of the best directory sites for big-booty porn
  • The categories here give you an absurd amount of content choice
  • Site gets right to the point with its barebones style

ThePornDude hates CaramelBBW's

  • Site’s visual design can be an eyesore
  • The categories don’t have their own respective “category typings"
  • The options here can be a little overwhelming
  • You can’t know which site a video here will redirect you to