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Updated on 05 February 2024
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There are a lot of people on the internet, and a lot of them are horny, unloved strangers whose brain chemistry is so out of touch with serotonin they have to resort to masturbating at least once per day in order to get that rush they so desperately crave. These people are mostly guys (duh) and they’re likely individuals who aren’t tied down by a 9-5 work routine, which leaves them without a healthy social standing outside of their home, and a lot of free time to masturbate. This is the perfect recipe to create a serial masturbator – an individual who masturbates frequently enough to lose attraction to the real opportunities presented to him by real women and focus on nothing but good old fashioned pornography.

These guys may look at women in public, but trust me, their dicks get harder for porn much faster than they do for real women. For some of them (the ones who still have some hope left for reformation) this is something that can be undone through some discipline, because the brain can be rewired just as easily as it can be wired with some willpower. But for some of them, this is totally okay because they know all too well that no one in the world would date them, so they instead focus on gaining all their sexual satisfaction from internet porn. A sad story really, but if it wasn’t for internet porn I bet there’d be a lot more rapes being done by this demographic.

Then there’s another type of person who frequently watches internet porn, and these guys have gone the extra mile in order to get their dopaminergic satisfaction from fapping by adding a little oxytocin and maybe even some serotonin sprinkled in there too. They do this by forming crippling obsessions over cam girls who are frequently performing on XXX cam sites all around the internet. It works because when you fap to premade porn videos, you’re fapping to a shapeless piece of data – but when you’re fapping to a real person who knows you’re fapping to them and responds to your chat inputs, as well as maybe even looks directly at you via a person-to-person camera stream, your brain feels like it’s being accompanied by an actual person.

So when you’re vigorously masturbating to a random cam girl stuffing her panties in her pussy, your brain thinks that you’re having sex with her because not only is she communicating with you in real time, but she also might be taking direct orders from you. This, of course, ends up being a much stronger orgasm, one that generates a heavy influx of feel-good chemicals into your brain as a result of the ‘online companionship’ you’re experiencing, packed with all that savory dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. This is why sites like Camarads are up and running with a considerable amount of traffic – but is this site really all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out.

Not Your Typical XXX Cams Site

This site isn’t like your typical go-to camwhore sites – it may have cam girls (and boys) available 24/7, but that’s about as far as it goes. Those typical go-to XXX cam sites mostly give you a full rundown of a list of online performers that you can open up, and they’re all set up in a nice cozy little room, usually on a bed or chair, waiting patiently for some wealthy hopeless romantic to throw a bunch of coins credits or tokens their way in order to get them to do things – money makes the world go round, even in the case of camwhore sites. But here on Camarads, things are a little different; Instead of offering you dozens of camwhores all neatly posted up in their rooms, this site focuses on letting you eavesdrop on whole apartments, which are occupied by strangers.

Now, these strangers come solo and in pairs, and they aren’t always doing anything sexual in particular. The ‘thrill’ here is waiting for some of these fine people to either start having sex or start masturbating – that’s the concept this site is trying to convey to its visitors. In addition, you can’t really contact these people through a chat or anything, which might sound like a bummer but it’s part of what helps build up suspense – sometimes they’ll start randomly fucking, sometimes they’ll start randomly masturbating, and the girls are pretty hot too so it’s worth the wait, after all, you’ve got nothing else to do but watch and wait…

Solo Girls Galore

If you don’t like seeing some dude’s cock and balls while fapping, you’re bound to find some solace on this site when it comes to your fapping adventures because there’s a whole heap of solo girls masturbating by their lonely selves on this site in addition to all the casual sex they have with their apartment partners. Roughly half of all the sexual content that goes down here is some solo girl trying out a toy on herself or getting intimate by herself through the use of nothing but her fingers, and I’ll also mention that the majority of these girls are absolutely dazzling.

If you’re one to jerk off to smoking hot amateur babes touching themselves and jerking off then Camarads is undoubtedly a good website for all your fapping needs, whether they’re a daily thing or once in a blue moon. Not only are there plenty of smoking hot girls on this site playing with themselves, but there are also tons of duo couples going at it time and time again…

There’s Plenty of Couples Too

Of course this site depicts people fucking – after all, it wouldn’t be a fully-established porn website in the right sense if it didn’t have any actual sex on it, and oh does it have plenty of it. There are over 10 standard couples having stupid crazy wild amateur sex on this site on an essentially daily basis, meaning that if they didn’t fuck one day they’re bound to fuck the next day, that’s the rule. If you’re one to scoff at solo women playing with themselves and prefer to see some real meat in your porn because you’re probably not extremely homophobic and can likely relate to what’s going on within the content you’re viewing, then you’ll surely find plenty of amateur real-time fuck sessions on Camarads here.

It’s Not All About the Sex

Sometimes you don’t need explicit XXX content to get going – sometimes all you need is some nice nudity to get you fired up, and no I’m not talking about some random male pornstar bending over while fucking the co-pornstar with the camera zooming in on his ass and balls, I’m talking about these hot amateur babes undressing to take showers, trying on different panties, taking X-rated selfies and videos of themselves and sleeping in the nude.

This is probably the purest form of female nudity you’ll ever see, because despite being filmed 24/7 these ladies don’t mind the camera at all and act naturally as if they were in the safety and privacy of their own home. It’s just like peeping on women, except it won’t get you into trouble – if you’re someone who doesn’t need hardcore XXX material to get your shaft hard then I suggest you check out some of the cams here on this site.

Optimized for Mobile Viewership

Despite this site showing you 24/7 long live streams of people living in apartments, getting naked, masturbating and having sex, it’s also optimized for mobile devices too. You can freely enjoy all the content this site has to offer conveniently from your own smartphone or tablet device. This allows you to check up on your favorite couple or girl to see what they’re up to and see if you’ve missed any important moments.

Yes, There’s Always A Catch

Like all unique and quality sites, especially those that let you watch and rewind a live stream recorded by hidden cameras placed on different angles around several apartments containing young people who get naked at fuck, Camarads is a pay-to-play kind of service. You may be able to see one live stream on the homepage as a free visitor, but if you’d like to get the full package of this site you’ll have to fork up some real cash…

ThePornDude likes Camarads's

  • A completely unique kind of content
  • Lets you rewind the past 24 hours of every stream
  • Plenty of couples
  • Plenty of solo babe action too
  • Free of annoying ads
  • Sleek dark background
  • Optimized for mobile

ThePornDude hates Camarads's

  • The stream isn’t interesting all of the time
  • Can’t rewind more than 24 hours
  • The site is pay to view
  • Not all girls will be available to see in solo action
  • Only has about a dozen couples in total