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Updated on 15 January 2022
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You haven’t been outside in years, so let me let you in on some insider knowledge shared with me by our African-American brothers. There is a system by which black dudes categorize black women by the shades of their skin. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a ranking system, but that’s as much because I don’t want this to blow up on Twitter as it is because it’s not true. I’m not trying to get #canceled here, folks.

In any case, black isn’t some monolithic thing. When you, your friends, and your girls are black, you need descriptive language to separate things. So we’ve got terms like redbone, dark-skinned, and the one that we’re going to focus on here—light-skinned. No, this doesn’t mean white people. These terms are all relative. These are the black girls with that smooth, caramel complexion that probably indicates that their great-great-great grandma was raped by their slave master a few hundred years ago.

Let’s be honest, though. There is a preference among the black community for light-skins. Whether this is internalized self-hate or just aesthetic preference doesn’t really bother me. All I know is that I’m in agreement with the great urban poet Dexter Raymond Mills Jr., better known by his nom de plume Consequence: “light skin is the right skin.”

So I’m going to take advantage of my privilege, act like your average white person, ignore all of the messy historical implications, and just enjoy the bounty that my forefathers gave me. Fast forward to modern times and there is an entire website filled with porn that focuses on these well-mixed black girls. God bless Brown Bunnies, filled with the mocha babes that I love, through the night with the light from my desk lamp.

Let’s get the bad parts out of the way first. Despite how the saying goes, the best things in life aren’t free. This is the real world, and the rest of us don’t have mommy and daddy to leach off of. If you want premium stuff, you have to pay premium prices, and Brown Bunnies is no exception. Thankfully, it comes equipped with a reasonably priced all-you-can watch subscription rate, so you won’t have to take out another mortgage on your house to keep purchasing videos after you get addicted to black ass.

A Colorful Collection

Once you submit to the allure of the sweet brown forbidden fruit, you unlock a lot more on top of the preview images and video loops that Brown Bunnies teases non-members with. You get access to a new HD video, usually containing about half an hour to an hour of a black babe getting fucked, uploaded every week without fail. I recognize that one video a week probably isn’t enough for your jerk-off habits, but Brown Bunnies has been keeping up with this upload schedule for almost a decade, so you’ve got a Netflix-sized library of old content to keep you busy.

Brown Bunnies has what it needs to let you sort through their collection—by default things are sorted to show you the most recent videos, but you can also check things out by top-rated or most-viewed pornos if you’re in the mood for the cream of the crop. The site search is populated with lots of descriptive tags, so finding something perfect for you shouldn’t take long. Brown Bunnies has simple but powerful tools that let you focus on finding the right video to blow your load too quickly and easily. It’s not complicated, but it doesn’t need to be.

I particularly enjoy that the video browsing pages have automatically playing previews. If you’re bored and not sure what to click on, you can just sit and watch a few selected seconds from a handful of videos at once. Sit back and reflect on the fact that you’re watching more girls get fucked right now than you’re ever going to actually fuck in person in your entire life. If that gets to be too much to handle, at least you’ve already got tissues next to you to wipe up your tears.

Each Brown Bunnies video even has preview trailers and collections of photos, just in case you want to check out some of the highlights before diving in. If you’ve fallen in love with one of these girls in particular, you can even search by videos just by that pornstar. Knowing you that won’t take long, but try to remember that these girls, though incredibly beautiful, kind, and intelligent, would for those very reasons never consider coming within a mile of a loser like you. So don’t get your hopes up. You can love them, but love them from a distance.

Beyond the consistency of the skin type of pretty much every girl in every Brown Bunnies video, there’s actually a lot of variety to be found here. You’ll find light girls sucking, fucking, and stroking white cocks and black cocks. You’ll find brown sluts that are thick, thin, and everything in between. Mocha MILFS and tight teens. You can watch pretty much every type of porn on Brown Bunnies, as long as it features a brown bunny—just don’t take that literally, you’re in the wrong place if that’s what you’re looking for.

Brown Bunnies is great on mobile, too. Every feature that the main site has is mirrored on your phone, so if you ever make a trip down to the ghetto and happen to get inspired by the hot black meat that you see while you’re there, Brown Bunnies is only a gas station bathroom away.

Amazing Quality, Especially In This Genre

Some of the porn sites that focus on black girls are a bit lacking in the quality department. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s a definite trend. Again, I’m not trying to get canceled here so I won’t get too into it, but some of the more home-grown productions seem to lack the funds and production skills that really good professional porn requires.

But that isn’t the case with Brown Bunnies. The site is a part of the BangBros family, so it has all the same production values and other benefits that come with a big budget (like hot girls) that you know and love. Everything they offer is in HD, unlike so many of those lower-quality ebony sites that seem to have filmed everything with a Motorola Razr.

If you want the best of the best, though, Brown Bunnies is going to shake you down a little bit more. Regular 1080p is enough for most people, but if you’ve got a top of the line porn setup you might have become accustomed to the step above known as 4K HD. To get that, you’ll have to shell out an extra five bucks a month. It’s not much, and I’m sure you can find room in your allowance to afford it, but it’s something to be aware of.

Be Prepared

One thing that I love about Brown Bunnies is that they let you download as many of their videos as you so desire. There’s no limit on size, length, quality or amount—if they offer it for streaming, you can make it another fine addition to your collection. The only caveat is that 4K is restricted unless you spring for that premium plan.

But why download videos? You might always stick to streaming and not understand the advantages such a security blanket might provide. Let me paint you a picture.

You’re traveling in the nearest large city. On a business trip, or maybe to see a sporting event, it doesn’t really matter. It’s past midnight and it just started to rain. You’re lost, and you wander across the tracks to a neighborhood where your cell network doesn’t operate. You’re not getting any service. You can’t call anyone, send a text, or pull up a map.

Two fine gentlemen pull up next to you in a lowered Cadillac. They roll down the window and offer you a simple proposition: show us some 4K HD pornography of a light-skinned babe getting fucked right now, or we’re going to steal your wallet.

But you didn’t listen. You didn’t download a video. Now you’re lost, soaking wet, broke, unable to contact anyone, and they put a bullet in your chest for good measure. You’re bleeding out, alone and afraid.

It could happen to you. Be responsible. Plan for the future. Make sure you have emergency porn downloaded to your phone at all times, or this could happen to you.

ThePornDude likes Brown Bunnies's

  • Probably the only site that focuses on light-skinned black girls
  • Powerful searching and tagging, including cast listings
  • Free HD downloads, with 4K if you can spare the cash

ThePornDude hates Brown Bunnies's

  • Extra cost to access 4K vids