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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Do you know how girls can be simply inseparable when they become best friends? It’s like they want to do pretty much everything together. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Well, for those girls that want to do everything, even start in some amazing premium porn, has been born to fulfill that desire. And it just so happens that guys are more than happy to watch these hot friends duke it out to see which one of them could be the biggest sexual deviant of the three. In the end though, they all get the same prize for being a total slut. is an amazing premium site in the Team Skeet network and in this review, we’re going to check out everything that it can offer you.

A premium porn site always requires money to begin with

The first and most important thing when it comes to any premium site is whether it’s even worth your money to begin with. It’s a huge leap to go from free porn to getting a porn subscription which you have to pay every month, every couple of months, or even every year. These can be quite expensive as well, so it’s no wonder that people like you are probably wondering whether the hell these websites are even made for you. is one of the sites that you should think about in detail before you come to any conclusions about getting a membership, but you’re going to find all the answers you need in this here review, starting with the content, design, payment options, models and everything in between as well.

Nice and minimalistic design that fulfills pretty much all your needs

It isn’t rare that I like talking about design first, but I have to hand it to the Team Skeet network when it comes to how they managed to handle having so many sites. They all have their own channel and it’s really easy to switch between them. But we aren’t interested in all sites right now, instead, we want to figure out what the hell is going on with and whether you will enjoy it or not. And so far, as far as I can tell, the design is satisfactory enough for you to have a great time. Though it definitely has a few missing features since it’s more of a channel format than a site for itself, despite it having its own domain name and all that. The domains are actually there just to redirect you to the main hub for all the porn on

And though you might feel that the landing page of is attractive, that’s just for marketing purposes. The actual site will look kind of different, or actually very different, but I can’t say that I’m not a fan of the design. It’s still a dark design with a nice gray background that you’ll enjoy looking at and won’t strain your eyes on when checking it out. Also, it has a really nice system in which you don’t even have to load new pages up by clicking on navigation buttons. Instead, you can opt to have the auto-load feature on and it will automatically load all the premium porn for you in a single page as long as you keep scrolling down. That way, you can have all the porn in one place and you won’t have to worry about any navigation kinks getting in the way.

Useful modern features that you need on a good porn site makes sure to allow you to sort through the videos in a few ways. Now, this is to be expected seeing as how it’s a premium porn site, but there are some premium porn sites out there that don’t even let you do that. I mean what the fuck am I paying them if they can’t even show me what I’m looking for. Not, though. You get everything you need straight from the get-go, including those filters that I was talking about earlier in this paragraph. You can sort them according to their likes, comments, their recency or even the oldest ones first. You can also choose the time frame in which checks for the content and there’s a myriad of different options to choose from. Fucking stellar.

Hefty number of videos with new ones uploaded every week

Right now, there are about 128 premium porn movies on You might think that this is a rather small number for the price that you pay, and if you were paying for just that I’d probably agree. And I’ll tell you why you are wrong to assume that this is the only content that you’ll be getting later, but right now I want to tell you about the quality of the videos because it might even be worth it to get the membership on even for just these 128 videos. See, the thing is that this number is set to grow all the time and there won’t be any slowing down as far as the release of this porn content is concerned. They have so many members on that they usually make the site one of the highest priority ones in the network.

Also, despite there being that many videos, has one of the biggest numbers of models out of all other sites on the Team Skeet network. I mean, it’s pretty obvious as to why that is, but I’ll mention it anyway since I think that it’s an important distinction. Since has to do with best friends fucking a single dude, that means that there are usually about three models in every video on That is pretty hot in it of itself, but also, what’s even hotter about these models is that they are usually teens. In fact, these teens are barely legal most of the time, and I know that all you perverts out there are fucking happy to hear that. I mean sure, the younger the tighter and all that, but still, you can’t deny that some of the older models are sexy as fuck as well.

Large pool of models to check out and enjoy when they star in videos

There are 377 models starring in the premium porn videos on as of the writing of this review, which is a huge number compared to the number of videos on here. I’m sure that you’ll love checking all of these bad girls out as they try themselves out in some of the sexiest and most perverse scenes that have ever been seen in your life. And I know I mentioned that we shouldn’t get too excited that they’re all barely legal teens, but you have to admit that it certainly spices things up as far as the exclusivity of the videos is concerned. You’ll love exploring these models, I guarantee it.

High-quality content that you’re absolutely going to love checking out

And then there’s the fact that it isn’t just the premium videos that you’ll be getting on Albeit, you’re getting like new videos every single week and you’re getting them in full HD resolution. That means that every video comes in 1080p, but even that isn’t the limit of As I said, you aren’t just getting the premium and exclusive videos, but you’re also getting all of the hot and sexy photo galleries that come with them as well. Each video has its own photo section where a skilled photographer followed the filming of the scene and captured some amazing shots for you to enjoy on

And remember what I said that you aren’t just getting this content for the price of about $30 at most per month on Yeah, I said that because you’ll be getting the entire Team Skeet network for that money. Though it seems like a steep price, you can lower it if you get an annual membership on here. The moment you get a membership on, you’re also getting instant access to all other sites in the network and that means that there are thousands of more premium videos to explore. You’ll absolutely love that part, and it’s the part that people like the most on Team Skeet. And that’s exploring all the different genres and having fun with all the possibilities on

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  • Over 120 premium porn videos to check out
  • More than 370 models with new ones all the time
  • Great and modern look with useful features

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  • A pretty steep price to access the content here