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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Some people aren’t interested in fapping to cut-out scenes of full XXX movies where they show only the more hardcore part and skip out on the parts that invoke some sort of buildup which lets you get properly aroused to the oncoming sex scenes – there are millions of these professionally-made, scene highlights uploaded as videos on popular porn tubes which merely bombard you with the best parts, prompting you to fap away as fast and as much as possible without teasing you a little beforehand. Now I don’t necessarily have a huge problem with that, but I know that plenty of people who masturbate on a daily basis can get tired of it because they’re treated with the same old bombardment of hardcore XXX videos, which more often than not leave out the cumming scene because they want you to subscribe to them and actually pay to see that last little ‘cherry on top’ of a cumshot scene – but let’s face it, you’re not one to pay for porn are you? Even if you are someone whose gullible enough to fork over reach cash for pornography regardless of the fact that there are dozens of siterip websites on the internet in addition to the millions of torrents, you’ll at least want to know which movies are worth downloading and which ones aren’t, right?

Well, that’s where AdultDVDTalk comes in – a website built on a community of porn-lovers who rank, dissect and discuss virtually every professionally-made adult DVD in existence that’s been made from way back decades ago when DVDs were first a thing up until the present day. Yes, there are still plenty of XXX movies coming out in the format of DVD discs even now, and yes this website makes sure that they’re all ranked, discussed and dissected accordingly in order to keep the balance between what makes a good full XXX adult movie, and what doesn’t. This site is pretty old in itself, and it runs thanks to an active community of porn-lovers who know their shit when it comes to pornography like yours truly. If you need an expert’s opinion on a XXX movie or need a website that contains a full list of all the adult DVD works and titles including information on them, then AdultDVDTalk is definitely worth your time.

See all the Newest Releases

This site contains a full rundown of all the newest releases within the world of straight-to-DVD porn which can be seen by you or any other random visitor regardless if you have an account here or not. This way you can know all the newest XXX movies and see which ones are worth buying/illegally downloading, and which ones are best off left alone. Chances are that most of these new movies will have at least a few of their scenes plastered around the internet’s most popular XXX websites and porn tubes, so you’re bound to see them eventually if you’re the kind of person who faps on a daily basis in order to keep their mood in check (and you probably are since you’re reading this anyway). Why not save yourself the disappointment of a short, 5-minute long scene of any one of those full movies and grab the whole movies for yourself by seeing a full list of them right here on AdultDVDTalks’ ‘Newest Releases’ section?

Or Check Out All the Works and Titles that are Coming Soon

Or, if you’re a true connoisseur of full-length porno films, maybe you’d like to know which ones are coming soon? Mind you, these coming soon works and titles will also probably end up having their best scenes cut out into 5-minute videos and uploaded on popular porn tubes like PornHub and XVideos, so if you are the kind of dude who jacks off on the regular (something that we already established – if you’re reading this, chances are that you are that kind of dude) then why not check out all these coming soon XXX movies and maybe even set up a reminder on your phone’s calendar to let you know when your favorite ones are coming out? You can’t lose really, it’s priceless information for any avid porn lover.

Get to Know Your Favorite Porntstars

Sometimes, you need to get in touch with the people who are starring in your go-to fappable fuck flicks and find out every little thing about then that you possibly can in order to form an unhealthy obsession with them that will ensure you get that much more dopamine and oxytocin each time you fap to them due to the fact that your brain’s become that much more familiar with them. Yes, this may sound silly, but the aforementioned is a real thing that serial masturbators frequently exercise because of the severe lack of human contact they suffer through on a daily basis in real life. If you’d like to find out more about your favorite XXX starlets then by all means check out all the info on them right here on this site’s ‘Pornstars’ section – it’s guaranteed to bombard your brain with seemingly useless information on dozens of pornstars, including trivial facts about them such as favorite foods, favorite sex positions and other insightful crap about them like why they ended up doing porn, are they shaming their family and whatnot.

Trailers and Screenshots Available

(but not for every movie)

Of course, if you’re serious about downloading or possibly buying any of the full XXX movies listed on this site then you should at least see what they actually look like before green lighting their download or purchase, correct? Of course – a large portion of the movies listed here contain trailers and stills which can be seen as previews, and they can be opened on a variety of websites. This way you can see for sure whether that certain MILF DVD you’re eyeing really looks as good as its cover promises and not be disappointed by the cinematography when you’ve finally finished downloading it (or worse, purchased it).

The Community is VERY Active Here

(visit porn forum for this one)

In all honesty, this website wouldn’t be crap if it weren’t for the community that keeps it afloat – this is a pretty old website anyhow, and it probably retains its dated visual aspect as a result of the fact that its community (which is still quite active to this day) practically runs it and prefers to keep things classic. There are tons of different discussion boards here which this site’s community actively partakes in, such as; general discussions on porn and pornstars, discussions on softcore erotica and classic vintage movies, discussions on gay XXX works and titles, information on shopping, general discussions, talks on real sex, sex toys and other things which could definitely come in handy if you see yourself as the type of sex-crazed person who needs to either fap or have sex in order to feel as if your life is in order. There are even boards here which discuss general pop culture, tech and digital technology such as apps and software, and even fictional erotic stories which might just give you a boner if you’ve got the patience to read through them.

Totally Optimize for Mobile Devices

Yes, you can visit and reap all the benefits of this site whilst browsing through it from your handheld electronic or smartphone device. This site may look dated, but that’s just the front-end part of things – the inner-workings of AdultDVDTalk are all up to date and make sure the site and all its features are fully optimized and accessible from any device regardless of its operating system or screen size.

ThePornDude likes AdultDVDTalk Forum's

  • Site has a very active community
  • No ads whatsoever
  • Fully optimized for mobile
  • Contains in-depth info on all the newest and upcoming XXX movies
  • Contains in-depth info and galleries on a large number of pornstars

ThePornDude hates AdultDVDTalk Forum's

  • Website literally looks like it’s at least 15 years old
  • Not every movie has screenshots or trailers
  • Not every pornstar has galleries
  • Some released movies don’t have much info linked to them
  • Some linked websites will contain pop ups and won’t show you your required content