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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Everyone knows that it’s mainly dudes that watch porn. Consequently, most of the porn which is made nowadays is made for men. However, girls have their dirty side too, and they want to experience it. That’s exactly why exists. It allows chicks to finally get all of that sweet porn that is going to be concentrated on them and them alone. This means more things when it comes to the filming of the porn videos and all of that, but the most important thing to consider is that this place really is made for chicks. All of the videos are made for their needs so there’s that.

A place made exclusively for women who love porn

It’s kinda funny too since the moment you bring up and you start reading what they say about their site, it’s immediately clear that they don’t want any dudes using this place. This sort of erotic and sensual content is meant for chicks only. And they even tell guys to go to a different site called Now if that’s not hilarious then I don’t know what it. Basically, they’re showing us how savage men can be where they can masturbate to just about anything. And since they don’t want them to use up all of the resources of the website, they redirect them to other sites. Absolutely bonkers.

But of course, you don’t have to listen to them if you’re a dude and you can use this place just as much as any chick can. If you’re a chick you might be glad to find out that you get special treatment here since all of the content is made specifically to suit your needs. Now I don’t know about you, but if someone was trying so hard to please me I think that I’d be pleased from the get-go. Heck, I wouldn’t even have to watch any porn and I’d be cumming in my underwear just cause they’re trying so hard to make this pace feel just right for me. You can obviously see that they’ve put a lot of thought into making as girly as possible.

A girly and pink color palette to appease the feminine side of porn

Starting with the design. It’s obvious what they were going for here. They tried to make as pink as it possibly could be. The moment dudes see pink they start running in fear cause that’s a girly color and we don’t want any cooties. I’m kidding of course, but the color is obviously made to symbolize femininity. If you feel that is a bit too pink for you even if you’re a chick, then you’re definitely a tomboy and you need to go to that other site like the rest of the guys on Heh, I’m just joking of course, but the colors are there, and they don’t seem like they’re going to be changing the color scheme anytime soon, so we better get used to it.

Clear thumbnails where you can know exactly what you’ll see

Something else that they did with the design which is nice is that it’s pretty modern. The thumbnails are really big and you can see exactly what the expect from every single video. If you expect to see some hardcore stuff, well there’s that too but most of the content is centered around softcore and sensual fucking. The exact kind of thing that chicks dig when they watch porn. I know some guys like it too and we call those guys faggots. I’m kidding of course as real gay people actually watch gay content. Either way, you’re going to love this place if you’re a girl seeing as how they made the entire site girly as hell.

Simple layout and interface for a user-friendly experience

The layout is really simple, and they tried to make it so that it’s just like any other layout when you look at porn sites. is all about showing you and providing that porn tube feel, so if they can achieve that then they did their homework. Obviously, not everything works the same way on here as it does on other porn tube sites. For instance, there’s the glaring issue that the entire menu bar is collapsed for some reason even if you’re on a desktop. I get that you’d want to try to save space if you’re on mobile, but why the hell is there a collapsed menu when you go over to the desktop version? Some of these things are illogical as hell.

But anyway, once you do open up the menu, you’ll notice that they tried really hard to get everything that women like to watch. This means both categories of all sorts that contain sensual material, as well as a way to filter through the videos according to whether they’re the newest ones released, or maybe the most popular ones, or even the top-rated pornos on all of You better get ready for some softcore and erotic action once you start watching the videos though as there’s no fucking around with hardcore shit here. Nearly all the videos will be ideal for girls which is exactly what you want to hear from a place such as

Pretty much every category and genre are included for women

I mean the name says it all itself. This place is supposed to be for women only, and so the categories reflect this fact. There are many categories, but they’re all centered around the chick enjoying herself the most, and nothing else. So, no matter which category or genre you end up going for, you can rest assured that all the videos within that genre are made specifically for all the wonderful girls watching them. And if you’re in doubt then go ahead and click on some of the most suspicious categories such as the Cheating category and you’ll see that even there the content is centered around girls.

All the things that women love are included in the videos

What’s more important is the fact that all of the videos on here show a bit more of the guy than in your typical porno where only the chick is shown as well as the cock entering her. Here you get a bit more story, a bit more shots of the guy, a bit more action and plot, everything that’s made to keep the woman’s attention. Women aren’t satisfied with just raw and simple fucking since that’s primitive. They want some actual storytelling to go on, and that’s exactly what videos on are going to allow all of your beautiful women to watch. This is some proper content that we’re talking about here, so give it a shot!

See all the latest, most popular, and even top-rated videos on here

Finally, you should also be aware that you can filter through all the videos according to whether you want to see the latest videos that get uploaded to, or some other method. Trust me, with so many videos being uploaded constantly, you’ll have an impression that there’s no end to the content on And in all practical senses, there really is no limit to how much you can watch on since all of the videos are free and new videos keep being uploaded all the time. And if you don’t want to trust only the most recent videos, then you can check out the most popular and even the best-rated pornos. These videos will definitely show you some top quality.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing that could be said that’s bad about It’s one of those ideal websites for females, with the occasional thing that doesn’t work the way it should like the collapsed menu. Even with the beautiful animation that it has, it still doesn’t make sense that it exists in the first place. Either way, you can also notice that even though the people over at have tried their best only to include sensual and erotic porn, every now and then some porn will come up which is just too savage and male for you to watch, so be on the lookout for those pornos.

ThePornDude likes ForHerTube's

  • Pink and girly design that’s very simple to use and operate
  • New uploads are put on the site all the time for fresh content
  • Free porn throughout the entirety of the website

ThePornDude hates ForHerTube's

  • Menu collapses even on the desktop version of the website
  • Some videos are uploaded which aren’t so sensual and erotic