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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Masala Seen! When it comes to Asian porn, I often tend to approach it with a lot of enthusiasm, expecting a lot of new and exotic ways of deriving pleasure from the art of lovemaking and out of this world sex positions. I mean, this is the kind of shit only an Asian could dream up and figure out how to actually perform without dislocating the hip joint. Trust me, I know this because they are (or at least are said to be) the authors of sex positions that just hit the perfect spot, precipitating a mind-blowing orgasm that would not be possible through conventional fucking positions. I guess Kamasutra set a very high bar for them in that respect.

The people from India even have a god of carnal desire and lust to perpetuate their nut bursting endeavors. They have been exploring and experimenting in a very wide variety of sex positions for a couple of centuries in the quest to achieve the ultimate orgasm. Going by that logic, one would only expect the highest quality of porn from them. I mean, these guys came up with over one thousand sex positions even before we came up with industrialization and all the trappings that came with it. That’s why I was excited when I landed on when crawling through the porn world in a bid to find something exotic.

Poor web page design

I visited pumped up, armed with a lot of lube and tissues thinking of all the different new positions the human body was capable of contouring to when having sex. The excitement was short-lived because the first impression of the site was an anticlimax in itself. The site looks as though it was designed by an intern web designer who is just learning the ropes of how to design a basic web page. The layout is pretty basic with like six tabs including one for categories of the race of the performers. The others are for the legal team and contact information, while the others don’t seem to have a function, apart from the fucking annoying advertisements they redirect to.

Short video length

The videos are classified according to the race of the girl or couple who is the subject of the video. The videos themselves are arranged in large icons displaying still pictures of the porn subjects which unfortunately do not play a short preview of what to expect in the actual video. This really put me off until I actually watched the videos and found out they are short as fuck. I mean, on average the videos run for about one and a half minutes only. I don’t know about you guys but I like my videos to run a bit longer giving someone ample time to enjoy the female form being given a good ramming.

In one particular video that ran for five minutes and raised my hopes of an extended viewing experience, the actual fucking action was less than two minutes, while the rest was the guy and the girl having a conversation in a language I don’t understand. For fuck’s sake, as much as I understand this is amateur porn, there actually has to be some kind of sex, whether oral, anal or normal, for it to be porn not just lying in bed talking. If I wanted to watch some fucking couples having a conversation, I would have been watching some stupid soap opera but not porn.

The classification of the videos under the different race categories seems to be unnecessary since the majority of the videos are Indian with only a handful of Arab, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Desi porn videos. What is the point of having a whole category with only three videos under it? I felt that the overall design of the site was very wanting and did not provide the aesthetic design for whetting one’s sex juices.

Unacceptably high number of Annoying ads

Now let me come to the part of the site’s user experience that was the most difficult pill to swallow in the long experience in my porn consuming life. Practically every video you click on will redirect you to an advertisement. I’m fucking serious like a heart attack and this is not just an exaggeration. Every video I clicked on redirected to an online betting site or a site where they promise to make you rich by investing in the sale of bitcoin. I’m not against a site paying their bills through advertising but for fuck’s sake not by linking ads on every fucking single item on the page! One would be forgiven if they assumed this site was just a collection of all the click-bait from all other porn sites put together just to drive you totally crazy when all you want is to have a decent fap and blow your load.

I figured that since the videos are really brief they would have put up fewer ads so that you can watch several videos consecutively so as not to lose steam while looking for your climax. Instead after watching a fifty-five-second video, of which I had to navigate around an ad to reach in the first place, I still had to work around another ad to get to another video, by which time I was already too distracted to find my juices again. The site should really find a way to balance between content delivery and revenue generation.

The videos uploaded to the site are of amateur porn actors, basically, just homemade videos whose picture quality is wanting and acting skills leave a lot to be desired. There is one video with a really hot chick and her dude doing it in their bedroom, which I thought would provide good fappable material only to find that the camera angle did not give you any room to see any action whatsoever.

There is not much variety on the site either. Like I said earlier, most of the videos are uploaded by Indians (over 90 percent to be precise) who seem to take a cue from the already existing videos. As a result, you will find more or less the same video concepts where a girl is oiling her body, massaging her breasts, and rubbing on her cunt. It seems like all the actors here were reading from the same fucking script. There are a couple of videos that promised a bit of adventure where the actors dared to have sex in a public place but they went wrong while shooting the video since you could not see the actual pussy being screwed.

The camera skills displayed here are so wanting as well. I yet another video I came across, I actually thought that the girl was being raped for real while they recorded, only to find out at the end that it was not the case. The site’s only saving grace on this aspect would be the videos of the girls oiling themselves since the camera would allow them to display their bodies to you without a lot of difficulties.

This lack of variety in sex positions, storylines, and poor camera skills which denied us well-choreographed videos scenes was an anticlimax for me given the huge expectations on sex I had for this part of the world.


If you have a fetish for Indian girls you will find all the material you need to fulfill your desires here on this site. There are no charges for accessing the site, which is always a good thing in my books. What you see is what you get. Since the design of the site is pretty basic, the icons displayed in the different pages are what the videos find there actually show. At first, I thought that I would be redirected to other porn sites that would require payment or some form of registration, but that is not the case here. If you can stomach the ads, then you will get to watch raw Asian porn.


I have to emphasize that the ads on this site are way too many and obtrusive by any standards. There are barely above five thousand videos on the site, yet everywhere you click leads to one ad or another. You would be lucky if you can bust a nut while trying to navigate around all those ads to view the actual videos. The videos are too brief to deliver the full satisfaction desired of porn. Apparently, there seems to be no one vetting the videos uploaded here since some would not qualify as porn because one doesn’t get to see any pussy, ass, or dick screwing. The design of the site is mediocre and some of the links serve no function at all. Considering all the ads they run, they should at least hire a decent web designer to build them a more attractive and user-friendly site.

ThePornDude likes MasalaSeen's

  • You don’t have to pay for the site

ThePornDude hates MasalaSeen's

  • Numerous ads bombarding you from every link in the site.
  • The lack of variety in the scripts
  • The poor design layout of the website