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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Being reliably informed on the latest hot porn and erotic galleries is hard, especially when there are too many half-assed sites that will blatantly mislead you. This is exactly where a porn links site comes in handy. For y’all slow motherfuckers, a porn link site is an XXX zone where authors post links to third-party sources where hot adult content is to be found. It is still a convenient way of looking for porn, which is why I’ve gone to great lengths to present to you the erotic world that is, a fantastic platform offering loads of suggestions where you and your fellow fuck boys can find some naughty content to beat their meat to. When fresh links to porn destinations are added on a daily basis, anyone interested in hot porn will find something to jack off to. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

Simple user friendly design

If you have a slow PC or simply prefer a minimal approach of finding porn, then you will find a perfect place to look for smut with its simple (perhaps too simple) design. I personally find the site’s design a bit shitty and I’m certainly not a fan of its dated outlook. Once you visit the site, you will understand why I feel the design looks like crap. The way they present the videos (or links to the videos) is also highly dubious; all you get is a list of blue links against a shabby pink background. Whoever designed this site clearly didn’t have the slightest idea on how to create a good fucking porn site. That the links provided actually work came as a pleasant surprise to be honest although to be fair the content is not that bad.

Also, you should brace yourself for a list of links (with dates) directing you to adult destinations where you will find porn. In some sites, you get a thumbnail preview of the content but you won’t be as lucky here since you will have to open the links to know what is in store for you. All this might sound like too much bitching, but I shoot from the fucking hip and if a site features a crap design, that has to be mentioned. Fucking hell, I could have done a better job coming up with a better site design. Anyway, if you continue reading, you will realize this review is not entirely about me bitching about the site’s atrocious design.

Mostly HD content lies in the links

This one is a major fucking positive. But before I proceed, it’s best for you to know that the links direct you to outside sources where you may either watch the video for free or be required to pay the fuck up. However, that should not deter you from fapping to the content lined up, and most of the links took me to free porn sources anyway although I was occasionally directed to a webcam site.

External links include destinations such as Babe Source, Porn-Star, SG Naked and Mirror Girls among other hot destinations. I have visited a few of these places and I can assure you there are mouthwatering prospects of erotic content to unjam your balls. I especially enjoyed seeing two sexy lesbians going naked, sucking, licking pussy and fucking each other with gigantic dildos in front of the lens. Most of the videos I watched come in stellar qualities of 720p and 1080p.

I’m not the biggest fan of erotic galleries, but I must admit that I was impressed by one of the galleries hosted on showing a nude model slowly removing her top and yoga pants. The model has an especially alluring beauty, but seeing the galleries in super high resolution is even better. Needless to say, there are more boner inducing nudes where those came from. The refined erotica and tantalizing female flesh should sizzle your libido and fill your brain with all manner of fantasies and sensual thoughts.

Some of the links will require you to subscribe to the hosting sites to access the premium content. Being the ultimate porn don, you can bet I’m a member to most of the sites and I had zero problems jumping from one link to the next. However, I do admit that some of you might find it a bit inconveniencing.

Great choice of categories

Before I discovered the categories, I had bumped upon galleries and vids I wouldn’t otherwise touch with a ten-foot pole, but I was impressed by the site’s categories which lie at the bottom of the page. They are not too many, but they certainly cover the basics and if you are clear about the kind of content you’d like to beat meat to, you will love the choices. They include amateur, anal, Asian, babe, BBW, Big tits, blowjob, casting, creampie, cumshot, ebony, gangbang, and so on. Whatever category you pick, you are likely to find something to make your dick hard.

Steamy blogs

Welcome to the pink word blog section where the main subject is girls in all levels of nudity and taking huge cocks in their wet cunts and in the tush. There are thousands of blogs to check out, most of them with HD snaps of alluring nude models with fitting descriptions as well. Like the videos, the blogs too can be browsed by categories to make your search for masturbation materials smoother. You will be impressed with the options.

The site impressed me by:

Thousands of links; some might find this an old school way of consuming porn, but there is no faulting the site when it comes to providing loads of links for you to find porn. There is no way of telling the exact amount of links in this bitch, but they run into their thousands with each opening a new world of erotica that will make your dick happy.

Daily updates; there is simply no way you are running out content here. Not with the site ensuring you get a list of multiple fresh links on a daily basis. I could count over 60 links added on this day alone. Do the rest of the maths, fap boy.

High-quality content; the site is teeming with quality wherever you look and many of the links direct to destinations with high-quality videos and galleries. There is plenty to be excited about.

Categories; there are loads of content to look forward to, but even better, it has been arranged in categories for easier retrieval and you will certainly appreciate the diversity.

Good chunk of free content; I know you don’t like the sound of premium sites. That’s why you are here visiting a free porn site anyway. But while some of the links direct to premium sites that may require a subscription, a huge chunk of the links direct to free smut destinations which should be music to your ears.

Possible concerns

Horrible fucking design; it’s not my intention to be a mean asshole, but the site’s design is horribly atrocious it defies belief. It also made me laugh at the sheer lack of effort. Let’s see how long you enjoy browsing the links through that boring pink background.

No previews or thumbnails; if you are the kind that loves previewing videos before that click, you may have run out of luck because the organization at is such that you only get links as external videos don’t give you any thumbnail, just a title.

Redirects to outside sources; having to visit another site to enjoy the content on offer will certainly be inconveniencing for many especially fucks like you who prefer quickly getting it over and done with. This one will test your patience.

What I think should be done;

Fucking sort your site design before you come to me goddamit! How is that so hard to figure out? Having such a shitty design in 2019 is not only acceptable, it’s bordering on criminal.


While the folks at can still make their site a little less messy, most of the content is free so there won’t be too many complaints. There are thousands of links to choose from while new ones are added almost after every minute. The content has been categorized and everyone is likely to find something to suit their tastes. Is it the best porn link site I have visited? Not by any stretch of imagination, but it’s still worth taking a look at.

ThePornDude likes PinkWorld's

  • Thousands of links
  • Daily updates
  • High quality content
  • Plenty of free porn
  • Categories

ThePornDude hates PinkWorld's

  • Horrible design
  • No previews/thumbnails
  • Directs to outside sources