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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, a whore has only one operating state, HORNY! Literally, any bitch can’t be a whore without being horny first. Like its common sense that you can’t fuck when you ain’t horny. Yet, we still have this amusing exclusion from this claim! Yeah, that’s right the pornstars. Those bitches will wiggle their asses on cocks any day everywhere.

Well, it’s not every day you have access to horny fine ass bitches, is it? Unless of course, it’s on your screen. If all our fantasies were easy to come by, then I would have that piece of candy, Sara banks, delivered to my house every eve. But then again, I can only dream of ever touching that bubbly booty. However, with hornywhore.net I can have her come over any time I want. This porn blog has just the best, yet random and horny sluts of the world. Then there is the impressive presentation, the sexy, vivid descriptions, and a wide variety of erotic materials. It’s a porn haven.

What to expect

I know you are like, hey I know what to expect, its right there on the domain name. They’re horny and they are whores. And in as much this sounds stupid, it is really hard to explain to you what to expect and the best things on this site. Everything looks pervert perfect; it’s like an adult content river that never stops flowing. I bet you have never seen so much porn in one place.

Literally, Horny Whores has listed thousands of erotic content. Perhaps if I showed you the numbers, it would be clearer. At the moment of writing this review, there are; clips (161962), HD (278217), Galleries (649), Magazines (99), Movies (62023), Blu-Ray (533), Siterips (5278), webcam captures (291), announcements (44), advertising (1), Virtual Reality (2751). Did I get your attention now? Then there is this incredible update schedule. It’s amazing how these folks update their content for over 10 times a day.

Incredible layout with a striking erotic vibe

At first glance, the site doesn’t seem to have anything too flashy or sophisticated to enhance your stay. But after taking a stroll around, Horny Whores is amazingly interesting. The thumbnails of the videos are explicit and will get you hooked. But that’s not it, try reading the descriptions, man that’s where all the eroticism lies. When you can almost touch the feelings attached on this homepage, then it’s just obvious that folks got it right.

It’s simple, not clustered and appears to be just perfect for a porn blog. The entire dark background has always been my cup coffee. Then the pink and purple highlights fit in like a jigsaw. It would hurt nobody for stating that this is just perfect.

Slide in and out at ease

Navigation has always been a major factor on whether you enjoy porn in a certain destination. My favorite kind of navigation system is one that is straight to the point, with limited redirections and obviously without ads and banners. It would seem that Horny Whores have literally outdone themselves to enhance the user experience by availing an incredible navigation system. Considering that this is a download site that shares content via third-party companies, this is quite commendable.

Horny Whores has a couple of navigation features that you can use to filter content. It turns out they work magic to browse their over 22k pages. They include;

Advanced search; as if isn’t pretty obvious how to use this one, let me show you how. Just type your keyword on the search bar at the top right of every page. And bum! Just like that, the search returns materials that are in line with your keyword. Try “ebony”, no regrets here mate.

Categories; Horny Whores categories are in line with the different kinds of contents that is on offer. They include VR, Siterips, HD, clips, galleries among others. They are right there on the homepage.

Pornstars; Brandi Love, Asa Akira, Alexis Texas, Aletta Ocean, are among the options you will be spoilt with for the starlets.

Quality videos that are easy to download

I would love to tell you that you will love the quality streams, but then again I can’t. Horny Whores is a download site, which means how you enjoy the content entirely depends on your connection speed, downloader, and the video player you use. Sure the content is of good quality sometimes HD and VR quality, but the end result is variant.

Although Horny Whores shares content via external companies, downloading content is a bliss. Rapid Gator is the company in use at the moment where you can choose free or premium plan. It is a few bucks but would enhance your experience by much.

Virtual Reality, Galleries, Blu-Rays and a whole bunch of erotic materials

Specialization is power. Horny Whores begs to differ and in turn avails a wide variety of porn materials. I would call this the ultimate fap starter pack, but we both know you are not starting now. Hoping everything goes on well here, this is the only platform you will need to sustain your intensive fapping business. There is a lot of horny whores here to drain your nut sack. Horny moms, ebony bitches that precede reputation, Latino, and random teens stretching all three holes. This amazing collection consists of:

Virtual Reality; nothing beats the feeling of laying on your bed, with oculus go on, and just adventure virtual reality porn. Perfect relaxation mode after a long day at work. Don’t shy off; nobody is watching.

Galleries; well these can come in handy in a noise free environment. You don’t need the moans to rub one out mate. Otherwise, you won’t need these unless you really need them.

HD porn videos; shitty porn quality never been that good for this business. Vivid coochies, cocks, booties, and boobies always make the orgasms more intense.

Magazines; if you still stuck here, then Horny Whores got you back sucker. They are pretty erotic, damn they are really horny!

Blu-rays; let’s not forget where we came from. Blu-rays still rock some dude’s world. Don’t rush to dismiss them; you never know what you have been missing.

Siterips; Horny Whores is dedicated to bringing you the best site rips of the best porn sites. There are over 1000 sites featured.

Access action by your favourite starlets

Pornstars are amazing, but when they are horny, they are starlets. It is an awesome scene you watching your favorite stars when they get down to makes those juices flow. It is, even more, watching their lusty love holes get filled by arm-size ding dongs. And if this isn’t what wrecks your balls, then my friend, you lost your way. Sara banks, Brandi love, August Ames, Alexis Texas among other whore starlets will keep you busy here.

The site impressed me by;

HD content; we are in a generation where explicit content makes the headlines. It is wonderful when a site embraces the tradition and injects loads of good quality porn on our beloved internet.

Pornstars; if you are not always hunting down you stars’ updates, then you don’t really love them. Having a platform where you can always access horny starlets’ content for free is not always as easy as on Horny Whores.

Diversity; well, Horny Whores, avails magazines, galleries, clips, VR videos, Blu-rays, movies, siterips and others. If this isn’t diversity to you, go fuck yourself, man.

Incredible descriptions; every description I read on Horny whores created a reality I could almost live in. The dude behind this is unbelievable. Kudos mate.

Amazing user experience; having the download process so straightforward notwithstanding the use of external companies in itself is unbeatable.

I was concerned about;

Third party hosting; I’m not saying the experience is bad, I’m just saying it could be better without an external host. I know it’s not easy, but still what could beat my fantasy. Keep doing what you are doing folks, but if you can host the fuck yourself.

No previews; it’s probably pointless me bringing up this bearing in mind that this is a download site. There are descriptions, but there some folks who still need some convincing before downloading a piece.

What should be done;

Attach a video player; yeah, a video player for previews will be awesome.

Bottom line

HD quality content, easy download process, a nice layout is not something you can say about many download sites. Horny Whores has outdone itself and availed several aroused bitches in a diverse collection. Dive right in, and enjoy the juices that seem to never stop flowing from the inside.

ThePornDude likes HornyWhores's

  • HD content
  • Pornstars porn
  • Diversity
  • Incredible descriptions
  • Amazing user-experience

ThePornDude hates HornyWhores's

  • External hosting
  • No previews