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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Vintage Erotica Forum

Vintage Erotica Forum

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Ah, classic old Vintage Erotica Forums! Are you one of the people who think that all adult forums like cover every possible porn niche there is out there? Think again! Some adult forums are happy just to keep it vintage and give you a platform to share and view porn from back in the day. Granted, this is not the largest adult forum The Porn Dude has ever seen, but with over 1.5 million posts, anyone ready to stretch their imagination cannot bad mouth the site. The topless beauty with swollen nipples next to the domain name is as good a welcome as you’d have hoped for.

As you would expect, the main area of focus is the classic models and classic movies. This is where horny and twisted freaks like you get to post dated porn material from as far back 1995. There are forums to ask questions regarding those videos/short films. You may however also get softcore porn from 1995 which seems to be the cutting point. Some of the stuff you will find here include playmates and Page 3 girls who were around in the 90’s or thereabouts.

You will have to sign up for an account. That’s the only way you will be able to access most of the material here. There is a notice telling you as much, the moment you click enter. The view as a guest is pretty poor, and only an account will give you access to plenty of hidden material. But don’t let that worry you, it is free to register. Use the register link from the top navigation and follow the simple registration steps. Not only will you have access to thousands of videos and pictures, but you will also enjoy an ads/pop-ups free experience. The Porn Dude suggests you get that account right away.

The magazine archives scans are some of the sections you won’t be able to access unless you are logged in. The same could be said of the movies, which The Porn Dude can reliably inform you that that’s where most of the fun is concentrated. Trust me; you don’t want to miss out on the vintage fun here while getting an account is a giant leap forward. The maximum date of the content allowed to be posted here is 1995. But if you prefer smut from back then when there were no fake boobs and implants, you need to check out Vintage Erotica Forum.

There is no way of telling how many members are in here, but it’s clear the site is pretty active. Posts are being replied on a daily basis. As you’d expect, the forum is divided into categories with classic magazine scans, classic models, classic movies, classic porn stars and classic celebs are some of the categories that should interest any lover of vintage porn. Click on any of the categories and access thousands of posts not to mention a lot of vintage porn to check out.

The Vintage Elegance and Beauty forum is an area you should be looking forward to visiting as it hosts female beauties from bygone days. For context, the content you will find here dates pre-1945 and some of the names you will come across include Gypsy Rose Lee, Trisha Nobel, and Ginger Rogers among many others. The model ID request allows users to post pictures of porn stars, both classic and modern day, and other members can identify them for you. Remember you can only post 3 ID requests per day.

The site’s main layout is pretty simple and organized, and your navigation will not be a problem here. Everything on the site is listed on the main page and well divided into sections for easier surfing. Even better, the site allows users to report any problem with dead links or images, pointless or disrespectful comments. The good folks at clearly want you to have an incredibly erotic experience, and The Porn Dude salutes them for that. Threads can be filtered by thread start time, the number of views or replies, thread starter among other options. You can further sort the threads by time posted including last 2 days, last 100 days to last year.

A lot of adult forums are absolute garbage. They trick you into visiting their site only to have a miserable experience. That doesn’t seem to be the case at Vintage Erotica Forums, and the high interactivity proves it. However, the amount of advertising on this site is a bit too much for comfort although the site promises an ads-free experience once you sign in.

All in all, this is as good a vintage XXX site as you will possibly get and if you want The Porn Dude’s opinion, visit the fucking site.

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