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Updated on 15 January 2022
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You think you’ve seen the simplest sites in the porn industry but then a site like shows up and just blows all the other sites out completely. The level of simplicity which this site strives for is pretty epic, to say the least. There are, like, seven buttons on the entire site not counting the thumbnails. It doesn’t get simpler than that. And while the site does gain a lot in simplicity from this choice, it lacks a lot of functionality because of it as well. I mean when you need a quick wank it’s great, but look for anything even remotely specific and you’re going to have a hard time on this website.

You might be thinking, well doesn’t the search bar solve that problem? And the answer is that, no it doesn’t. This is because the videos seem to be named weirdly. It’s not very uniform and while there are videos that have normal titles, many of them just have gibberish as the title. I mean what the hell is “038 3xplanet LOL 089” supposed to mean? Obviously, it’s some kind of code that people use on this website to find videos that they upload. Or it could just be gibberish, who knows. Either way, it’s not helpful when we’re looking up videos.

While we’re on the topic of videos, the content on this site is not the best. A lot of the videos are not high quality, there are some pretty boring videos in which nothing happens. Basically, this place is a big pile of porn and you never know whether you’re going to find a diamond in the rough, or a pile of manure in the dirt. I think that’s how the idiom goes, right? Well, say what you want, but the videos on this site don’t really amuse me that much. Not only is it hard to gauge what the videos are about because of their gibberish titles, but they are also very often not even good videos, to begin with. Moving on!

If there is a place where we can praise the site, it’s the simplistic and minimalistic design. It’s what they were going for, and they managed to make the most minimalistic design that I’ve seen so far. No Home button, which is always a plus with The Porn Dude… Other sites, take note. Just use the logo! It’s that simple! Alright, so other than that there’s a menu button which will let you see the tabs Watch Videos, Browse Channels, and Blog. We’ll go over all of these in a moment, but the simplicity of the site is still there. Nothing is out of place, or too much, so we’re hoping that the site retains this quality throughout.

Although, this can be a double-edged sword. This is because, the simpler your site is, the fewer features you can pack into it. This is definitely the case here, but as we’ll see, it’s not like they have the features all worked out yet. Even the ones that they have are dodgy to say the least. We only have to look at the Browse Channels and Blog sections to see that there’s a lot of work left to be done with this site before it’s completely operational. The Blog section literally doesn’t have anything on it except for the contact us placeholder page. What the hell is this amateur site design? If something isn’t ready, simply don’t put it out damnit! If I’m not ready to bang, then I’m not getting my dick out! But I’m always ready for that. Sorry, bad example, let’s move on.

Then, we’ve got the Watch Videos section, which is probably the only one that matters on this site. Here we have some added functionality and a sort by feature which we can use to look at the most popular videos on the site for instance. The most popular videos are probably the best place to start when it comes to exploring Porn eq, and this is where most of the good videos will be hiding. Now, whether they are really good or not is subjective, but they certainly aren’t as bad as some random garbage that you stumble upon on the front page of Use this sort by feature wisely, and find yourself the best videos that the website has to offer.

With the option to make your own profile and upload your own videos, this site concludes the features that it holds, and we are left to make a final verdict. is a very simple site and it will satisfy your most basic needs. However, in reality, there are much better sites out there that strive for this simplistic design that do this better. If you’re in a rush though, don’t hesitate and go to this site immediately. You’ll definitely get the bare minimum of what you need here, so good luck.

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  • Design is shitty
  • No search options