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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Free internet porn is the driving force behind many young men’s will to live – in an era plagued by mental illness and several mood disorders, porn is here to safeguard all of us from that painful oblivion we know as loneliness and rejection. Many young men turn to ‘self care’ in the form of masturbation after they get home from school or work in order to unwind their stress and relive some of that ill-gotten tension that’s been driving them mad all day.

The reason why porn is so popular with the masses (especially the youth) is because it gives them the next best thing that comes after real sex. We all would love nothing more than someone to love, cuddle with and fuck on a daily basis without the added emotional strain that comes with being in a relationship, but since we as humans are very emotionally complex creatures, porn seems to be the best way to get that ‘no strings attached’ satisfaction.

But as good as pornography is, meaningless sexual pleasure can only please a person so much – we are social creatures after all, and we all crave the same kind of social attention or companionship, regardless if we’re ultra-successful studs who fuck different women on the fly, or lonely college kids whose only means of sexual satisfaction is a good fap. I as a professional porn reviewer and an expert on all things pornography know that when it comes to XXX content, the faker and more visually-pleasing it is, the more meaningless it ultimately is. Believe it or not, there are actually those who fap to pornography and actually manage to have sex once in a while, and this group of XXX content consumers typically prefer amateur stuff over the fake, big-budget studio filmed crap that you see on porn tubes everywhere.

There’s nothing in the world that can remind you of those blissful times you used to ram your girlfriend better than an amateur video of a couple going at it that’s poorly filmed by the guy as he slams his girl. The whole feeling of wholesome companionship is captured in that amateur video, and it’s safe to say that it brings a hell of a lot more pleasure to dudes who can relate to it as opposed to those fake brazzer-style videos with professional pornstars. If you’re someone who wants to fap while reminiscing about all those few times you got lucky and had actual sex, then YourFreePorn might just be your final destination for top of the line XXX amateur movies.

Plenty of Free Samples on this Premium Site

Of course, a site named YourFreePorn would have at least some free content on it, regardless of the fact that it is, in essence, a premium website. There is in fact a multitude of free videos on here which all abide closely to the amateur genre, and they’re all visible as soon as you enter the site and enter the homepage. This site’s homepage contains plenty of both free and premium videos, and they’re separated by a little emblem that shows a golden crown which is placed on the top-right corner of a premium videos’ thumbnail, indicating that it’s a pay-to-watch video.

The free videos here either have the words ‘FREE’ placed in green font in place of the premium emblem or have the emblem missing completely. It’s worth mentioning that the more attractive videos, which almost always come with better thumbnails, better-looking girls and are almost always filmed in better better-quality are typically premium, whereas the more visually unappealing videos and their corresponding thumbnails are free.

More than Enough Categories for any Amateur Porn Lover

I was surprised to see that this website had a category section at all – many of these XXX sites that specialize in one theme, niche or genre such as ‘amateurs’, ‘teens’, ‘Asians’ and so on tend to skip categorizing their content due to the fact that they probably feel as if it’s already categorized enough due to their specialty. YouFreePorn thankfully doesn’t suffer from that commonly repeated mistake, as it contains a solid number of categories which help separate and organize the treasure trove’s worth of amateur content that it contains.

There are 24 categories on this website, which is actually quite impressive seeing as how they all have to pertain to the amateur genre in the first place – the 77,000+ videos on this website are all neatly organized within these two-dozen categories which capture most facets of porn genres, themes and kinks such as ethnicities (Latina, Arab, Asian, Indian, Ebony, Interracial, etc), sex acts (Anal, Blowjob, Handjob, Creampie, Group, etc) and other XXX-rated novelties (Funny, Gloryhole, Wild, Webcam, Exclusive, etc). There might not be any appearance-based categories that help you filter in/out content which contains girls in it that look like that ex-girlfriend of yours, but there are at least a decent number of categories here which I’m sure are more than enough to please any caliber of porn fan.

Tags are Here too

Like all functioning and semi-functioning XXX sites, YourFreePorn contains a healthy database of tags that helps it organize and separate its content even more so than categories can. Every video you open on this site, regardless of its free or premium, will show a variety of tags depending on the kind of content it contains – you open up a video of a guy slamming his girl from behind, and it’ll have doggystyle added as a tag, open up a video of a girl swallowing a guy’s cum, and it’ll contain an oral creampie tag.

These tags can help you sort out with videos you’d like to see, so for example, if you’re particularly into footjobs, opening the ‘Footjob’ tag on any video that contains the same act will show you all the videos on the site which depict girls pleasing dicks with their feet. One of the main drawbacks I noticed here was the fact that, like most XXX websites, YourFreePorn also suffers from a common mistake: It doesn’t give you access to all the tags. There is no standalone tag section on this website, which is a real shame because if you did decide to do the aforementioned and open a list of all videos with footjobs in them, you’ll have to first find at least one video that contains that tag instead of relying to a standalone tag section where that tag can be accessed more conveniently.

Surprisingly, There are No Ads Even If You’re Not a Paying Member

I was delightfully surprised to see that even I as a non-paying member didn’t have to face waves of ads and pop-ups while opening up a random free video on this website. There are no annoying and intrusive ads here even if you’re just visiting and don’t have a premium paying membership, which is quite surprising because in my experience many of these websites tend to bombard you with ads and all kinds of intrusive pop-ups, and usually the best way to get rid of all that marketing crap is to either sign up for a paying membership or turn on AdBlock (which in most of these cases typically results in the site not responding). I guess the people running this website aren’t so heavily-dependent on ad revenue so they didn’t resort to annoying the whole libido out of you with ads while browsing their page for a quick free fap.

Photos are Absent

There is no photo section here, and usually, I wouldn’t be surprised but seeing as how this is an amateur-themed site, I am a little bit disappointed. Nothing screams amateur like a good selection of homemade nude selfies – this site could have had a thriving photo section with all kinds of nudes and homemade XXX content that’s filmed and photographed by amateur girls from all over the world. Not that this website isn’t doing well without a photo section, but nude selfies would have definitely been a nice addition to its amateur theme.

Is it Worth the Subscription?

This site’s a self-proclaimed center of amateur XXX content, it does admittedly contain a large amount of top-quality amateur fuck flicks that don’t appear too frequently on free XXX tubes. It’s actually not that expensive compared to most premium XXX sites because in order to get a premium membership, all you have to fork up is one payment of $30 – there’s no monthly payments or anything like that, it’s just 30$ for all the premium amateur XXX fuck flicks you could ever need. Having a premium account here also means that you’ll enjoy daily uploads and can download any video you want, so if you’re someone whose definitely a fan of amateur porn flicks then you might just want to consider paying up those measly 30$ for an essentially unlimited supply of homemade XXX goodness.

ThePornDude likes YourFreePorn's

  • A Mecca for amateur porn
  • Fast-responding site
  • Plenty of free videos
  • Lots of sub-amateur content
  • Minimal to no ads

ThePornDude hates YourFreePorn's

  • Most videos in categories are free
  • Need to create a paying account to view premium videos
  • No standalone tag section
  • No photo content
  • Free videos are mostly low-quality