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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Are you tired of all those vanilla porn videos flooding the free tubes? You know, the boring old gangbangs, the tired anal ramming, and the yawn-inducing lesbian fistfucks? Ready to shock your jaded brain with something really perverted? There’s no need to beat your dick against the wall anymore. XRares is coming through with some seriously depraved shit.

XRares.com, also known as RareScandals.xyz, hit the Internet in 2017. Despite the site’s newness, their outrageous content has managed to quickly endear them to freaks and deviates around the world. They currently get over 6 million views a month with an upward trend on the horizon. The people have heard what’s here, and they’re flocking to get a peek.

Is This Just Another Free Porn Tube?

At first glance, XRares looks like just another porn tube. There’s a basic header with a simple logo, and the rest of the page is thumbnails of filthy sex videos.

Something’s a little different here. For one thing, I don’t see a bunch of stolen material from paysites all over the page. In fact, everything has a grainy, amateur feel to it. I’m not sure anything on the front page was filmed in a studio.

It’s not typical amateur material, though. Most amateur sites either have a bunch of young camwhores or a bunch of horny MILFs. I do see some teens, but they’re not on webcam. The mature broads don’t look like they’re having as much fun as on the swinger sites.

The number one Most Viewed Video on the site right now, the very first thing you see on the page, features two beautiful young Brazilian teens. I guess you might be able to vaguely classify this as an amateur gangbang film, but most casual observers would probably just call it a rape movie. The girls are passed the fuck out on drugs, and they’re going to be surprised about all the cum inside them when they wake up.

Rape Porn and Sexual Assault Videos

That rape video in the top spot ain’t a fluke. That’s just the kind of smut XRares serves up. This ain’t your daddy’s porno, unless he’s currently serving hard time in federal prison for a string of sex crimes.

Even without leaving the front page, there’s a wealth of really rough stuff to look at. There’s a beautiful young white girl forced and humiliated by her boyfriend, and a sex tourist raping a Thai girl after dosing her with GHB. Another Asian woman is too drunk to fight off the gang of dudes, an Indian girl is groped by another gang, and a female journalist in the Congo is forced to strip on camera.

Some of the videos are consensual. In fact, a video of an old man throat-fucking a young slut is titled “Consensual But Fucking Hot”. It’s still a pretty rough clip, though. He beats the hell out of her ass with a cat o’ nine tails before giving her the D. There’s also a submissive granny getting brutally face-fucked and an Asian schoolgirl trying to eat a dick that’s way too big for her.

Toward the bottom of the screen, I finally find XRares’s keyword-stuffed description of the site. “It’s your one-stop shop for all things rare and scandalous,” they say. The thousands of videos and photos span years, and encompass a multitude of scandals: rape porn, sexual assault videos, blackmail and public humiliation, forced stripping and groping, public sex and leaked private videos.

I really love that you have to scroll past all the nastiness on the front page before you see the warning about XRares being for adults and “not for the timid or easily offended.” Thanks for letting me know after I watched the dude cum on his sleeping sister, the student being abused by her professor, and the couple ambushed, held down and fingered in the jungle.

Dirty, Forbidden, Wrong and Amateur

There are some thumbnails at the very bottom of the front page that illustrate a little of what the site’s about. It’s not just a rape site, you see. No, this refined and classy pornography tube offers a wide range of freaks and oddities to gawk at.

XRares has Amateur Porn, demonstrated with a photo of a pretty brunette taking a huge cock down her throat. You can see it bulging out of her neck. Honestly, it’s the most vanilla thing I’ve seen on the site so far. It’s sexy as hell, don’t get me wrong, but I doubt many people are coming here for typical amateur smut.

Their Wrong Porn features an image of a naked midget chick fucking a normal-sized dude. Forbidden Porn has a woman without arms sucking a dick. The chick from Dirty Porn is probably jealous, ‘cause this one’s a quadruple amputee getting boned.

I knew the site had a Photo section, so I was hoping Dirty, Forbidden, Wrong and Amateur were the Photo categories. They’re just for demonstration, though. The thumbnails all link back to the main page or outgoing spam.

The actual Photo area isn’t as scandalous and rough as the video section. The first page of them has a couple drugged girls, a nude Russian paraded through the streets and historical photos of female soldiers, dead and naked. The rest of the pics look like typical amateur porn, though. I see a lot of young sluts showing off their bodies.

It’s an okay stash of amateur photos, but not really enough to be a big draw for the site. The photo section seems to exist for the sheer hell of it. If you upload your own albums, you’ll be one of few people doing so. Sometimes a week goes by without any new images.

A Dozen Categories of Depravity

XRares has an interesting Categories page. I’m not sure how necessary or useful it is. There are only a dozen categories, and they’re mostly normal porn genres. Most of them have very few videos.

There are 121 Anal movies on XRares, and only 96 Big Tits ones. Incest doesn’t get much love with 70, but that’s more than the 45 Hairy clips. XRares probably has fewer Lesbian videos than any free sex tube, because the total is 21.

Guess where the action is on XRares. There are nearly 500 Humiliation clips and more than 600 Public movies. The bulk of everything on the entire site, though, is filed under Rare Scandals: 8,079.

It’s possible the site grew too fast for them to keep up, or it was just sloppy planning/design from jump. Either way, the Categories page could use an overhaul to make it more useful. Alternately, they could implement a Tags page since they already have the system in place.

How About a Side of Spam?

Like most free tubes, XRares has a spam problem. I always have my ad-blocker enabled, but I still caught a pop-up every single time I tried to watch a video. The best thing I can say about it was that it was consistent. Each video took the same extra click to get rid of.

XRares offers a premium membership for five bucks a month. That’s way less than a typical paysite, but way more than a free video tube. Members don’t get any ads at all.

I also noticed a lot of Private videos in the collection. These are normally locked unless you’ve got a friend request, but members can view everything. It’s an interesting definition of private, but whatever.

Members can also download, a feature I’d noticed was absent from the video pages. I guess five bucks a month for unlimited rape movie downloads is a steal if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’re into that sort of thing. That could almost be XRares’s motto. This site is certainly not for everyone. I’m sure a lot of people who think they’re into the rough stuff would go running when they saw the material available here.

The abuse, humiliation and degradation in most porn movies is all fun and games, which is how most porn fans like it. That’s just not enough for everybody, though, which is why sites like XRares exist. Their thousands of videos of rape and sexual abuse are free to stream to your withered, black heart’s content.

ThePornDude likes XRares's

  • Free
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  • Spam
  • Poor organization
  • Private videos for paying members
  • Thousands of fucked-up photos and videos