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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Sometimes, I am sure that you are jealous of the pornstars who can make money just by getting fucked, right? Well, did you know that there are sites that will allow you to do the same even as an amateur? You surely must have heard of the contests such sites host, and I am here to talk about one of them that I think is worth visiting,

Now, at first glance, Watchers Web is not at all a site that I would have ever suggested in my life because it does not suit my taste at all. Not only do I prefer to watch the pornstar chicks fuck instead of amateurs, I do not plan on posting my own clips, but you might. That is why I will tell you all the necessary shit you need to know if you want to earn money or just enjoy amateur pornography.

The design itself is not that bad, the only problem I have is that the layout is bright and that hurts my eyes at night. But, if you will submit your shit, then I guess you would not be doing that at night. Unlike on other sites, the usual menu is not on top, they placed it on the side and while I’d shit on this as soon as I saw it, here it actually works.

The reason it works is simply because every single shit they offer has to be fucking explained… yeah, WatchersWeb is a bit complicated. The first tab will immediately offer you an option to upload your images, movies, or stories because all of them can win in the competition. I am pretty sure all of you fuckers are very interested in the rules of this shit, so I will start with that.

Basically, all you need to do is create your video, gallery, story and anything else allowed on this site, and your content will be judged in the first 7 days after uploading. Voting will begin every 9th in a month, and prizes are quite nice. The first 4 contestants in any category will get a prize of $300, which is so fucking great.

The prize money will be given to you by PayPal or USD check about 30+ days after you claim the reward. However, be careful to return the form in the first 60 days, or the money will be taken back. Now, for the obvious shit, you cannot post crap you already submitted for voting. All of the submissions will be submitted automatically into the monthly contests.

They also state that entering your shit if you are the owner of the site or staff is not acceptable, but how the fuck would we know if that actually happens or not? I mean, they could have been doing that so far, without even telling their members, so there is really no point to stating that. The winners will be announced 10th in every month.

There are three ways you can submit your crap; via email, online form or just register. Honestly, if you plan to do this shit in the long run, isn’t it better to just become a member? The registration is free (or so they say) but if you are interested in other ways of submitting go and check that out for yourself.

Below the registration options, you will also have a small FAQ that won’t help you with shit… I am not even sure why they posted such a useless FAQ page that does not even answer anything, just has a bunch of questions listed.

One thing that was quite fucking annoying is the fact that you cannot view any content on this site unless you fucking register. Do you understand now why I did not mention other forms of submitting your shit when you will have to fucking register to see what is happening anyways?

Just for you fuckers, I wanted to create an account and share the shit they really have to offer, and after registering for free, I still could not view any of the crap on this site. Quite interesting if you ask me when they say that their shit is fucking free.

You will have to pay for a membership to actually watch anything on this site, and you only have two membership offers that are not all that great. A 1-year membership that will cost you about $30, and a lifetime membership, which sounds great, but is hella expensive to pay at once, and it will cost you $149.

I mean, if you plan to share your shit here, then go ahead, and have fun. Keep in mind that amateurs of all ages are fucking welcome here, so no matter if you are a granny or a teen, welcomes you all, and different age-groups will be voted separately, which leaves more options for prizes, I guess.

Personally, I shall not be joining this site, because it literally offers nothing I am looking for. I like to watch professional shit, and I do not care for uploading my crap, but if you do want to earn some extra cash with your amateur videos, then you might as well join this site! Don’t forget the first 4 places on will receive $300, which is fucking amazing!

ThePornDude likes WatchersWeb's

  • Get paid for porn you make
  • All age groups are welcome (legal of course)
  • Post videos, pictures or stories

ThePornDude hates WatchersWeb's

  • Plain design
  • You actually have to pay for the membership