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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Voyeur Style! Do you like it when you know that the people you’re masturbating to who are having sex outdoors run the risk of getting caught? Does it make your blood rush knowing that you can have sex or masturbate anywhere, even outside? Does the attention of innocent bypassers make your sex feel infinitely better? Well, then you’re what’s called a voyeur fan. Voyeur porn has been around for decades, since before your parents probably met. It’s pretty much just sex and solo masturbation outside – thousands of people have done it before, hell your parents probably did it with other people before they met (or maybe they made you at a public park, who knows).

The Voyeur genre doesn’t get the most love per se, but it’s always been one of the classic XXX genres around, and it remains as one of the most prolific XXX genres even today with a sizeable following behind it. There are all kinds of voyeur videos floating around the internet – thousands of them are even on PornHub, the most “normie” XXX website of them all. But there’s one domain that’s the home of all the best voyeur content on the internet: VoyeurStyle.

This site contains without a doubt one of the most concentrated clusters of voyeur content. It’s a literal database of nothing but outdoor sex and masturbation, containing thousands upon thousands of unique videos, some pulled right from popular sites like XVideos and PornHub, while others are so damn rare you can only get them from by ripping old 90s XXX VHS tapes.

This site is the Mecca of all voyeur content on the internet – it’s a literal porntube for this stuff, containing videos ranging from whole orgies fucking and sucking collectively in an outdoor park during the day to some dude covertly fapping and jizzing all over women he finds on public property and transportation (yep, there are people who do that). Let’s go over some of the initial video thumbnail links that can be seen on the home page and break down all the different kinds of voyeur-style XXX action they depict…

So What’s On This Site?

As soon as you enter this central hub of voyeur porn, you’re greeted with a large selection of thumbnail links that lead to all sorts of stuff within the voyeur genre. Some of these are rare, some can be found on popular porntubes, and pretty much all of them are amateurish in nature (with a few professionally-made ones here and there). You’ve got stuff like “Jacuzzi party about to turn into a sexy orgy” which just goes to show that orgies are in fact possible in the voyeur genre.

There’s also stuff like “Female tourist filmed from behind voyeur” which gives you a taste of the simpler voyeur things in life. And there’s also spicy exhibitionism too, with videos like “Milf in lingerie pees outdoors”, which is a surefire hit for all you pee-lovers out there. There are also plenty of videos that involve cam girls masturbating or having sex on camera, which I don’t really get since they’re not actual voyeur videos, but they’re not numerous enough to interfere with this site’s focus on the “voyeur” genre so it’s all good.

You Got Your Newest, Most Popular and Top Rated

So this site’s interface and overall layout are pretty simple. There’s nothing too complicated in terms of options and navigation – you’ve got three main filters that separate videos based on different factors. There’s the “Newest” filter, which shows you all the newly uploaded content. The “Most Popular” filter shows you all the most eye-grabbing content that’s garnered the most amount of views, and the “Top-Rated” filter is videos that have gained the most amount of likes. All in all these three content options make up the “main brunt” of video filters, but there are a few more…

There’s Also a ‘Longest’ Section if You’ve Got Time To Spare

Let’s say you have all the time in the world to fap away – if so, you’ll be glad to know that you can fill up that empty stagnated void in your soul with some of the longest voyeur videos on the internet. Aside from the three aforementioned video filter sections, you’ve also got one called “Longest”, which contains all the longest voyeur videos on the internet – all of these clips last over an hour-long, so you’ll be guaranteed a nice, long fap if you decide to jerk it to these videos. With clips like “Pussy rubbing in the book store”, “Asian doctor gives his patients great orgasms” and “Beautiful Italian women with nice ass peeing in the clinic toilet”, you can be sure that you’ll get pretty much every kind of voyeur content there is with these feature-length videos.

There Are A Few Categories to Play With

And where would this site be without its categories? Every great porno site, be it a free porntube or an exclusive “buttpee” website needs to have its categories in order to make the lives of its visitors easier, and VoyeurStyle here is no exception. There are 17 different categories on this site, each with their own sub-genre niche that’s well fitted within the voyeur theme. There’s “Amateur Webcam”, “Beach Spy”, “Swinger Party”, “Public Upskirt”, “Dressing Room”, “Exhibitionism” and 11 more categories that each have their own unique appeal within the world of voyeur porn.

Can’t Make a Choice?

If by some chance you can’t bring yourself to choose which video to fap to (which actually happens a lot to everyday fappers) you’ll be glad to know that there’s a way to cut down on all that wasted time of repeatedly opening video thumbnails while holding your penis. If you’ve been struck with a sudden, dreadful and time-wasting case of “Fapper’s Indecision”, one of the best things you can do to get yourself out of that hole is to simply open the “Watched Now” video filter of the site.

This is the last video filter that this site has which I haven’t covered, and what it leads you to is simply a collection of videos that are being watched at the moment – this way you’ll be lead to an effectively random set of videos which should all have decent XXX quality seeing as how other voyeur fans are fapping to them at that moment.

That’s That! Site’s Free Can Be Accessed Via Smartphone and Has No Ads At All!

That’s pretty much everything about this site that’s notable – it’s more or less a barebones voyeur-style porntube, but it’s free, so one can’t really complain. In addition, there are no ads on it whatsoever (site works perfectly with AdBlock on), and it can also be accessed easily by any smartphone with an internet connection. So the next time you’re feeling pumped up to fap to some voyeur porn, why not take your phone with you to your workplace’s bathroom and fap away to VoyeurStyle’s videos here in an act of almost-public exhibitionism that you yourself will be doing!

ThePornDude likes VoyeurStyle's

  • One of the best free destinations for voyeur porn
  • Contains plenty of voyeur-specific categories
  • Site’s background and interface aren’t anything complicated
  • Accessible via smartphone
  • No ads whatsoever

ThePornDude hates VoyeurStyle's

  • No standalone tag section
  • No in-depth categories
  • No images whatsoever, despite there being a lot of image-based voyeur content
  • Lots of videos here are in low quality
  • Impossible to separate milfs from teens in content