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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Feeling Adventurous?

Do you know what a peeping tom is? A lot of men love to stare at women – essentially every straight, normal functioning male in the world wouldn’t mind staring at women, even those that aren’t exactly super attractive. Attraction itself is an art, an art that plays its hand in sexuality and intimacy – when men want to attract a woman, they try to be as ‘manly’ as possible, meaning that they try to be as competent, healthy and successful as they can in order to reel in as many females as possible.

When women try to be attractive though, they don’t have much else of a choice other than flaunting their physical attributes, which is why there’s a lot of tits and asses being posted on Instagram by women who otherwise don’t seem like they put out. You’d be surprised to see just how slutty the women you know can look on social media and when going out in real life, all for the purpose of reeling in that one ‘manly’ dick that’s gonna wreck their uterus for the night (and possibly even ruin their lives in the coming months).

With the aforementioned in mind, it’s safe to say that attraction is a two-way game, but when women play it they take it much more literally than men. They go out of their way to look as fuckable as possible in order to reassure themselves that they’re attractive. This is what prompts many men, both virtuous and perverted, to peep on women.

The very thought of watching a woman change her clothes in a locker room while she has no idea she’s being observed makes a lot of guys insanely horny – the rush that comes with the risky chance of being caught while peeping on women definitely goes a long way, and it makes guys get hornier than freshly-arrived Muslim refugees in Western European countries. Voyeurism is itself pornography and sexual acts in public, and it usually comes in two forms: women being peeped on, and people having sex in public. Both forms can be found in abundance here at VoyeurHit; one of the best destinations on the internet for free voyeur porn.

100% Free Voyeur Videos

I’ve reviewed thousands of porn websites in my career, and I have to say that the voyeur genre isn’t exactly the most popular one. Voyeurism in pornography is as alternative as it gets, but just because it’s outside of the norm doesn’t mean that I’m gonna put it down and not say a few nice things about it. There are plenty of people who get a rush from having sex in public, and a lot of them record themselves while doing it so that the world can see just how ‘ballsy’ they are (both literally and figuratively). This website has tens of thousands of those kinds of videos in its database, its archives are full to the brim with voyeur videos of couples having sex in parks, public restrooms, changing rooms, train stations, buses and other places where the chances of catching an STD is alarmingly high.

In addition, there are plenty of videos here recorded by guys who went out of their way to bring you some glorious nudity – these unsung heroes have actually went through the very risky length of recording women undressing, following women with their cameras under their skirts, as well as done other kinds of perverse directorial acts that could definitely land them in jail. The beautiful thing about this kind of ‘peeping’ porn is that it shows you women who would otherwise never be in pornography even on a remote level – think about it, when will you have the chance to actually see what the ass of a sophisticated bank teller or librarian looks like if it weren’t for the brave heroes who upload their glorious feats on this site? I honestly think that you should fap to at least one peeping video on this website just out of sheer respect if anything else.

Most Popular Videos by Country on Homepage

As soon as you take a step into this website you’re hit with the most popular videos from your area/country. Now, this may not mean much to most of you, and I hardly doubt that any of you are hardcore patriots, but you do get to see a list of videos which are popular in your very country. I know that a lot of people love to jack off to porn that’s filmed in their own country or local area, and I’m sure that a lot of you will appreciate the most locally popular videos this website has on offer, mainly due to the fact that those videos probably feature someone from your own country.

Check out the Top Rated Videos

If you’re not much of a patriot and don’t care for where the videos you’re fapping to originate from, you’re more than welcome to head over to this site’s ‘Top Rated’ section and check out the best of the best when it comes to XXX voyeur content. These videos here really do separate themselves from the rest when it comes to quality content because the girls featured in them are all pretty hot –there’s plenty of unaware, unsuspecting babes and MILFs on the videos here being filmed by some ‘absolute madlads’.

I’m talking hot beach babes, sexy secretaries wearing tight skirts and nylon stockings, drunk festival girls, unsuspecting roommates being filmed by hidden cams and all kinds of other women that never wanted to end up on a porn website, but through fate alone ended up on one anyway. And yes, I repeat, most if not all of the women featured in the videos on this section are pretty hot, because this is the ‘Top Rated’ section after all.

…Or take a Peep at the Newest Additions

If you want to take your chances with the newest additions on this site and neglect all those top-rated flicks over on the ‘Top Rated’ section, then why not take your chances with the ‘Newest Additions’ section. This website has new videos added to it on a daily basis, so if you value yourself as a true voyeur connoisseur, then you should definitely check out the flicks here and see what you’ll stumble upon. You never know what you’ll encounter here – from videos of dudes cumming on women who have no idea they’re being jazzed on, to couples having sex in a cinema and getting caught, anything is possible on this part of the site.

35 Categories to Mess Around With

Yes, this may be a pretty specific website in terms of content what with its voyeur niche and all, but don’t think that it doesn’t have any categories. Even when it comes to XXX content that includes public sex and peeping, there’s always a way to organize it into separate sections which make it all the easier for fans to filter and navigate through. There are 35 total categories on this site, and they cover the whole spectrum of porn content ranging from sex acts, physical appearance, kinks, novelties and themes. Even better, each category contains a statement of the exact number of videos which it has inside it so that you can see which themes and genres tend to be popular and which are more neglected within the ‘voyeur pornosphere.’

Tags are Here but There’s No Tag Section

If categories aren’t enough to help you find the content you’re willing to blow a load to, then tags will definitely seal the deal. Each video on this website is uploaded with tags depending on the content it contains – if you open up a video of a blonde undressing, then you can be damn sure that ‘Blonde’ will be one of the tags. This same rule applies with every tag/video, and while it may be extremely helpful when it comes to filtering in/out certain kinds of videos, it’s still quite inconvenient and annoying to see that there is no separate tag section on this website which lets you view all the tags simultaneously so you don’t have to open videos repeatedly until you get to the tags you’re after.

No Nude Photos Whatsoever…

Last but not least, before I end this review, I’m going to regretfully point out that there is no photo section on this website. It’s a damn shame really, because taking photos of unsuspecting naked women is pretty damn easy nowadays in the era of the smartphone – there could have been some grade-A nude pictures on this site which would’ve made a lot of people’s day, but at least there’s nude videos so let’s try not to complain too much.

ThePornDude likes VoyeurHit's

  • Ads don’t get in the way
  • A center for all voyeur-based porn
  • Videos have a little narrative-like description to them
  • Plenty of categories under the ‘voyeur’ genre
  • Interface is easy to use

ThePornDude hates VoyeurHit's

  • Website is mostly slow to respond
  • Way too many tags than is necessary
  • No photo section
  • No separate tag section
  • Visual aspect is very bland and basic