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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There comes a time in every man’s life where they have to make a decision on whether or not they’re going to start socializing and chasing women, or resort to full-time dependence on internet porn in order to gain any sexual satisfaction in their life whatsoever. For a lot of guys, porn is a gift from god because they don’t really have luck with women that often – for others, porn is something that’s watched only on occasion like when their significant other goes out and they finally have a few hours of privacy.

The latter example is what’s called a casual consumer of pornography, someone who masturbates typically once or twice a week to regular porn tubes that we all know and love like PornHub, XHamster and so on. The former example however, is the kind of consumer that I sometimes call a pornography heavyweight – it’s uncommon for these people to NOT masturbate every day, because after all, the entirety of their sexual pleasure and satisfaction comes from pornography. If they see a hot woman in public and get an erection that pokes out from their pants, or happen to experience a sudden need for that intense dopamine boost you get from blowing a load, then they resort straight to old reliable – porn.

These heavyweight consumers are hardcore porn veterans and they know deep down that they’re never going to get any real pussy so they keep resorting to jacking off on more and more hardcore pornography until they become avid fans of that brutal, bizarre, hard-hitting stuff that you can’t find on classic porn tubes like PornHub and so on. They’ve seen all the classic big-budget porn videos with stepsisters, stepmoms and so on, and have jerked off to every A-list pornstar there is. These guys need something with an extra kick in it in order to get off, and ViperGirls has just that, and more, all readily available for direct download.

Have you Truly Seen It All?


I’ve reviewed hundreds of porn sites, and I have to say that it’s extremely rare to come across a site that has such a widespread variety of XXX content like ViperGirls does. The people who run this site, as well as those who upload content on it, are truly looking out for even the most desensitized porn consumer out there – people who can’t fap to normal porn because their dopamine tolerance for visual sexual stimuli has been ironed out thanks to all those years of pornography.

Let me break down some of the more hardcore stuff that this website has: There are sections on this site which specialize in video-based hardcore BDSM and fetish videos which includes themes like restraint, role-playing, and several themes with fetishes and whatnot. Some of the things you can find in here include famous BDSM models showing off their bodies in fetish and roleplaying shows as well as all fem-worship videos with facesitting, humiliation, punishment, pussy-licking as well as classic bondage porn. There’s also an ‘Extreme’ section with stuff like spycams, snot and drool fetishes, scat porn, hairy pussy highlights, pregnant porn and other admittedly disgusting stuff that some more ‘out there’ porno fans would definitely enjoy.

In addition to the hardcore, BDSM & extreme stuff, there’s also the normal, standard-intensity porn sections on here as well as sections for softcore, transsexuals, vintage, a standalone scat section, professionally-filmed XXX movies, amateur videos, content that features pornstars, voyeur, 3D & VR videos and last but not least, there’s also a section for animated porno like Hentai and so on.

But Wait – There’s More!

In addition to the plethora of XXX video content stored on this site’s video-based XXX sections, there’s also over a dozen other sections which include all kinds of XXX content in video and non-video format. Let’s start off with this site’s very own ‘ViperGirls Studio’ section, which contains all kinds of goddesses in photos and videos which are taken by ViperGirls itself – this is original content that you can’t find anywhere else, and it features some pretty hot amateur girls so I would definitely recommend it for all you amateur lovers out there.

Next up there are three separate sections which focus on celebrity-based stuff like accidental public exposures, as well as photos and videos. The next two sections are scene-based videos and photos – the videos are whole cut-out scenes of full XXX movies, and the photos are still-images cut-out from their respective scenes. Afterwards, there are ‘FileMonster’ sections which contain videos, photos, games, magazines as well as member contributions of various XXX content. Below them are the photo-based sections which feature all manner of photo-based content ranging from models who only appear in magazine publications like Hustler and Playboy to artistic photo sets, transsexual photo sets and even alternative photo sets that feature sub-culture models like goths, emos, hippies and so on. There are also non-nude photo collection and set sections which contain non-nude content, if you’re into porn that features not even a frame of ass or tits in it.

There are also seven separate sections which contain miscellaneous XXX content in the form of GIFs, fake and uncategorized XXX content, XXX adult games and comics as well as scans of adult magazines. There really is something for everyone on this site judging from what I’ve seen, any caliber of porn fan could fap to it, but you’ll have to download the videos if you want to view them…

Downloadable XXX Content

That’s right – every video on this website has to be downloaded before it can be ‘enjoyed’. There’s a preview video for most files here which lets you partially see the footage, but if you want to get your hands on the whole thing you’ll have to download it. The tricky thing about this site’s downloadable video content is that it’s stored on a few different file-sharing websites, and your access to the video varies depending on which site it’s stored on. There are several of them – some let you view the video partially before asking you for a paying membership, others only let you download the video directly with no previews, and some of them just don’t deliver at all due to missing files or other problems, and that’s what seems to plague this site mostly…

Some Video Previews Fail to Play…

Some of the video previews, despite existing and having a play button, fail to play at all – even though there are frame screens of all the downloadable videos on this site, some of them fail to play at all, which can be pretty irritating especially if you’re someone whose blood is desperately pumping to their penis in order to maintain a hard erection and arousal for your upcoming fap. Being in a horny frenzy before watching porn, and having your porn content of choice denied from you right in front of your eyes can be really demoralizing for your horniness.

Lots of Files are Missing…

Yep – a lot of this site’s files are completely missing and can’t be downloaded, which is a real shame because some of the missing files I encountered looked very promising. Things like this are common when you’re dealing with several giant file-storage sites, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if you happen to encounter a hot video of a young 18-year old teen shoving a dildo up her ass and have your heart broken when you find out that it’s a missing file on its host site.

…And Some Websites Require An Account or You’ll Wait for Hours…

Last but not least with this site’s flaws, there are some file-storage sites which require you to create an account in order to be able to download your porn of choice fast and effectively. You can still download their files without an account, but you’ll have to wait for at least an hour for your file of choice to be downloaded, which kind of kills the purpose of fapping when you’re in the mood to fap. If you want to effectively fap to this site’s videos you’ll have to think ahead and download the porno content you’re willing to jerk off to in an hour or two (sometimes even three).

But if Videos Fail You, ViperRipper is Always Here To Save The day!

If you can’t fap to this site’s videos because of slow loading speeds and failure to plan ahead for your fapping, then you can always depend on its trusty ViperRipper. This little piece of software can be used in conjunction with the site to automatically download any and all images which appear in a certain section. All you have to do is click on the ‘download images’ button on any given file page and the software will automatically download all the images on that given section.

Site is So Easy to Use You can Teach Your Grandpa to Use it

This site’s interface and navigation options are pretty simple to use – if you have a hard time getting around this site then you’re definitely not the sharpest tool in the drawer. Every section can be located and opened easily, and the same goes for every file and download option too.

ThePornDude likes ViperGirls's

  • Can change the visual design
  • Not too much ads
  • Very widespread content themes and genres
  • Super easy to use
  • Lots of rare content

ThePornDude hates ViperGirls's

  • Some files are missing
  • Very slow download speeds for free users
  • Some video previews fail to play
  • Experience varies depending on file-host site
  • Some preview photos are missing