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Updated on 15 January 2022
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User Rating: is not really a porn site for those who were hoping for that. This is a browser that makes your browsing private. I mean, I understand that everyone already knows about using incognito mode, but at the same time, why not have a browser that is literally full incognito… sort of. If you are interested in that, you can continue reading, or check out their site to learn what they have to say instead.

The Tor project.

So, have you heard about the Tor project or not? If not, you can learn more about it if you visit, or I shall try to explain as simple as I can. This is a nonprofit Project as of 2006, known as onion routing… which is information that does not really explain anything. The Tor users, as well as the researchers, developers, and founders of Tor, are a group of diverse people.

Those who have participated in this have a common belief, which is that the internet users should always have private access to uncensored sites. We all know that there is a great lack of privacy when it comes to the internet, with all these accounts getting hacked or just your information being spread all around…

I mean, do you really think that once you create a profile on a random site, that information actually stays there? Well, obviously fucking not mate. That information will further be used to give you appropriate ads, and simply share your overall information all around. If you do not want something like that, the easiest thing to do is probably not create random profiles everywhere.

The Tor project is basically here to make sure that everyone has their own private access to all kind of information they are searching for and that they can share their own information online without that being spread like wildfire. I think that this was pretty obvious from the very beginning, but those who actually needed any clarification, there you go.

You can also learn about their team and documentation in general if that is something that actually interests you. Check out what has to offer on their about page because I am tired about basically rewriting what they have to say. If you are really interested, check that out, and I am sure that you will find the information you are searching for.

As for those who are interested in the browser, and whether it is worth the download and all that shit, I am here to tell you all about it. Of fucking course, I downloaded the browse and I shall explain how it functions and whether it is actually what they say it is. I mean, it is not really like I can guarantee for it 100% but based on the reviews and research, I’d say that it is not half bad.

So, if you are a cautious person and you would like to keep your browsing to yourself, then you might have already heard about Tor… if not, here we are. I am pretty familiar with it, so I shall explain everything to my best ability, but if I skip on something don’t be a Debby downer… I mean everything is basically explained on their site anyway.

How does it function?

To be completely honest with you, I am pretty amazed as to how they are able to do all of this, and how dedicated they are… I mean, they are self-made and currently they accept only donations as a form of payment, which means that all their services are free. But, if you love what they stand for, and you have some change to spare, you might as well donate.

Now, while this browser sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I mean, it does the job much better than what most of us would expect from it, but their work is not really 100% because that is frankly impossible. When you open for the first time, you will be offered a download option, in case you want to download the browser yourself.

You can download the browser for free, and there will be no ads, because, as I have mentioned, they work through their donations. It is interesting that they are still surviving since we all know how skirmish people can be, and I am wondering who is donating. Well, that is at least how I look at things here, some people might be selfish, but it is apparent, that they have people who donate, which is a good thing.

Whoever starts using Tor might be confused at first because this browser basically looks like any other browser, so what is the difference? Well, the difference is that the Tor browser is designed to not allow the third-party trackers and ads to follow you. All the cookies that are given will automatically be cleared up when you stop browsing, and so will your browsing history.

One thing that was a tad bit annoying was the fact that when you open this browser or, you will not really have an explanation that will tell you how this browser is supposed to work and how you nee to use it. They should at least give you some sort of heads up, but they do explain the overall functions in their stylish design… I guess that something.

Well, this is a software that is designed to protect people from censorship as well as surveillance, and that is quite a nice thing. If you do not want people to look through your search history or whatever else, you might as well start using this browser, because it will make your life easier. Personally, I do not give a shit as to who is searching through my history or not… there is literally nothing to hide.

However, they also protect against surveillance and those pesky ads, and that is something I do appreciate. You can start by downloading this browser to your desktop or other devices, since they are downloadable on Mac, iPhone, as well as your Android, which is quite nice. The aim of this browser, as they like to put it, is to make all the users look the same, which makes whoever is targeting your information, not able to distinguish it.

I mean, if you want to be completely invisible, there is only one way to sure do it… never browse the internet. But that is fucking impossible for the majority of us, so the next best thing is to check out the Tor browser since they are trying to make you as invisible as possible. So, if that is something you are interested in, you might as well check it out.

What you need to know.

As we all know, the government tends to think that watching porn is immoral, and they are trying to ruin this beautiful experience for us, without an actual fucking reason. Well, this whole bullshit will be cleared up nicely, if you choose to check out and see how the browse Tor functions because they are created to deal against such bullshit.

Since you are basically invisible, that means that you are also able to wonder through the deep web, and you can find all kinds of fucked up horrors that you are not really able to do in a normal browser without being tracked. I mean, imagine being able to search for any kind of weird bullshit without worrying whether the government or whoever will see your browsing and knock on your fucking door.


If you are reading this article, you probably love to browse for porn as much as I fucking do, since you are on a site that is basically dedicated to porn. So, I am guessing that you are thinking about how you are able to use the Tor browser to your porn driven adventures, right? How, can one possibly enhance their experience with this browser and their porn collection?

Well, when you are watching porn here, all the search history and cookies will be deleted, while even the incognito tab does not really do that. You will see how everything functions once you start using the browser yourself, as this is a hell of a good browser and I am pretty sure all my lads will start using it from now on. I mean, you are hidden from the rest of the online world, you are just someone from the crowd when browsing, so check out the most fucked up and weird shit, and nobody will know.

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  • Available for other devices

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  • It can be hella slow