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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The YNC is one of those websites your elders warned you about when they bought you the computer. You were a kid so obviously you were innocent and all. However, what you didn’t know was that these websites actually existed. I mean, this is some dark web stuff. Some of the things that would only crawl up to you in your nightmare. Honestly, I don’t even know how this kind of thing is even legal. The public should not be able to see these things, but here we are. There are thousands of videos, and they are updated at least weekly so you get to see a whole lot of blood spilled, a lot of feces going places where feces shouldn’t go, and a whole lot of people having sex where they aren’t supposed to have sex.

However, the sex isn’t as hot as you might think and you’ll find out soon enough that the “erotic” videos on this page aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. Like, this is definitively something your average person will get off to, then again, if you’re already on this page, I’ll just assume that you aren’t some average Joe. Then again, even the above average Joe shouldn’t get off to videos of a vagina falling apart, of videos of naked people getting decapitated. But as many people had said it before I said it too, there’s something for everyone. So you might as well let it go and enjoy the ride since there are no brakes on this train. will not overwhelm you with ads, however you’ll get the occasional pop-up here and there but it’s something you probably got used to by now, since you most likely aren’t much like the average person on the internet, and the proof for that claim lies in the fact that you are reading this text right now.

So, the bloodied red star that is the logo of this page is easily recognizable, and you’ll know what’s going on whenever you see it. Next, to the home page, a few tabs are available like the Videos, Live Sex, Top porn tabs and so on. However, the weirdest tab that really does it for me is the Female suicides tab. Honestly, what the hell is going on? Are female suicides that special? Do people get off to this kind of thing? It’s weird, but let’s not lose our heads. You can become a member of the page and post your own screwed-up videos with ease since the registration is quite easy and most of these videos down there are actually user-submitted, so you know what you’re going to be seeing in here is the real deal.

Next, you’ll find the Underground tab is something that most people will usually stay away from, but since you got this far why don’t you try that one out? I mean, these videos are all legit, and they are all made privately and discreetly by the original producers of the videos. The page guarantees that the videos are unique and exclusive, so let’s just take their word for it.

Here you’ll be able to find a whole lot of shocking videos ,such as actual videos of college professors having sex with their students, people caught in the act of having sex in public, brutal beatdowns that shouldn’t even be shown to the public, I mean, at some point these videos will just end up being used in a court case. You don’t even get to know if the person getting beat survived whatever happened to them, so yeah. It’s weird. It’s wrong. But people like it, so it keeps happening and showing up everywhere. However, if you want to watch any of these videos then you will have to sign up and luckily the process is quick and free so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

However, you will be denied a whole lot of benefits if you chose not to pay a single dime to the page, which is honestly disrespectful to the owners of the page. I mean, if they manage to keep this stuff legal and you’re into it then you should definitively show your gratitude for what they’re doing. The free account can not win prizes and has to see ads, but it has no underground access, and the underground section seems like the best part of the website so you might as well pay up. A one-time payment will cost you about two bucks so you might consider that as a trial, however, if you want to pay up a bit more, you’ll be losing about 9.99$ dollars per month. Also, the design of the page is really nice. It’s simple, it’s clean, and it’s really easy to navigate through it, so it definitively keeps you coming back for more and more.

ThePornDude likes TheYNC's

  • All of the content is legit
  • The design of the page is pretty nice, and there are little to no ads bothering you

ThePornDude hates TheYNC's

  • Not just devoted to porn
  • You have to pay up a bit for some of the videos
  • Ads here and there