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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Pornography is great and all – being able to see hundreds of thousands of people having sex online in the nude is something that people who lived in the decades before us could only dream about as they clutched on to their Playboy and Hustler magazines for dear life because they were the only source of pornography that they could get their hands on. Nowadays, pornography has become so commonplace and easily accessible that it’s actually created a dent within peoples’ sexuality – that dent is caused by overstimulation, because when you’re a teenager who jerks off to naked women taking gigantic cocks in their ass on a daily basis, you soon start to lose touch of reality, and the real girls around you just don’t seem that attractive anymore.

In fact, there is a current phenomenon that affects many young males who frequently watch porn, and it’s a double-edged sword – this phenomenon is of course due to the overly-stimulating nature of today’s pornography which today’s youth consumes on a regular basis, and it’s caused young males all over the world to simply not be so attracted to real life females anymore, but if they can so much as get an erection then they’ll last pretty long in bed because the penis and brain of a young man who watched porn on a regular basis aren’t used to orgasming to real sex, which is a silver lining in this whole dilemma.

But regardless of how you put it, young males who like to pop one off to internet porno on a daily basis definitely have an affinity for overly-stimulating, big booty/big titty HD internet fuck flicks which admittedly look a lot better than real females – plus the act of masturbation is just much more convenient and less taxing than real sex. However, not all porn is responsible for over-stimulating your visual receptors; one fine example of a more realistic and candid genre of internet pornography is the soft-core stuff which can be found on TheCandidZone, a site that focuses on the softer side of feminine sexuality and doesn’t expose you to raw animalistic sex. Let’s take a look at TheCandidZone, see what makes it tick and see if we can uncover any cracks in its otherwise seemingly-perfect foundation.

Don’t Come Here if You’re Looking for X-Rated Stuff

If the previous segment wasn’t clear enough, then this one will definitely be: There is no X-rated content on this site whatsoever. Yes, there may be the occasional nude here and there that shows women in their full naked glory in the ‘non-candid’ section (more on that later), but for the most part, this website focuses on displaying clothed and partially clothed women, and refrains from displaying any genitals or intercourse whatsoever. If you’re looking for some X-rated stuff to fap to then you should look elsewhere.

Leggings Are a Booty’s Best Friend

One of the most iconic sections on this website focuses on one of the most iconic parts of the female body, which is none other than the booty. Booty is a man’s and woman’s best friend, it’s what makes females stand out anatomically, and leggings are a godsend from the clothing industry that compliment the booty perfectly, allowing it to be admired by any and all who catch a glimpse of its plump glory. There is a whole section on this site which focuses on showing images and videos that contain noting but legging-wrapped booty, and a great deal of them contain real, authentic amateur girls which you probably see in public and get a hard-on for on a daily basis. If you’ve got a hard-on for booty that’s not bare but wrapped in leggings then you should undoubtedly check out this section of the site and treat yourself to a nice fap to some candid, legging-enveloped booty.

Do Bikini Babes Turn You On Like It’s The 90s?

Bikini babes used to be all the hype until the mid-2000s rolled in and suddenly everyone lost interest because of them because internet porn became commonplace. TheCandidZone contains a whole standalone section dedicated to those delicious-looking bikini babes that give you rock-hard erections every time you’re on the beach, forcing you to hide them from your family or your significant others because they make your swimming trunks look suspiciously tight. There are all kinds of authentic real amateur girls here that wear all manner of bikinis, and they’re all uploaded in image or video format allowing you to treat yourself to a nice fap to either a still-image or full video depending on your preferences as well as capacity for imagination and overall patience.

Some Boobs For You in Your Trying Times

Downblouses, tube tops, bras, bikini tops – all of these clothing items are made to cover up a woman’s bosom, which along with the booty is obviously the most defining physical female trait. Just like there are boards on this site that are dedicated to booty, there are also boards that are dedicated to showing you visually-pleasing, bra/tube-top/downblouse/bikini-top-clad tits which I’m sure any man can appreciate. Call them tits, call them boobies, whatever, they’re what kept you full as a baby and they’re what keeps you satisfied and interested as an adult – it’s funny how everyone sucks on them as infants, and eventually comes back to them as adults, and this also applies to a lot of women too because even women find women hot and can appreciate real feminine beauty especially now in 2019 with everything being open-minded and all. If you can appreciate some fine, clothed amateur titties in image and/or video format then you’ll definitely have fun on TheCandidZone.

There’s Even an Uncandid Section for All You Hopeless Fappers Out There

Clothed women are fun and all, and they can definitely at the very least pique your curiosity, but sooner or later they’re bound to lack the ‘oomph’ that actual porn provides, and the people running this site are definitely aware of that so they went ahead and made an ‘uncandid’ zone that actually contains nudity so that you can get your guilty perverted pleasure and treat yourself to a nice, fulfilling fap to some actual nudity. Granted there isn’t any content that shows any actual intercourse which would classify as X-rated, but there is the occasional masturbation/pussy play solo that actually shows a girl working her privates or at the very least petting them.

There’s Plenty of Photos and Sometimes Even the Occasional Video

The majority of the content on this website is uploaded and stored as photos, and judging from what I’ve seen I’d say that about 90% of them are just single images which contain a random amateur girl, with the remainder being part of whole photosets or at small collection of a few photos – now these photosets don’t actually show the woman or girl undressing herself since this is ‘TheCandidZone’ and the content here doesn’t depict nudity, but they do show the girl or woman from various angles which should do the job and stimulate your imagination enough in order to get your horny and eventually fire you up enough to start fapping away.

Yes, It Can All Be Viewed from a Mobile Device

TheCandidZone is optimized for mobile viewers, and why wouldn’t it be – I mean it’s 2019 and by now over half of all the people who jerk off to internet pornography do so by accessing it through a mobile device. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only fap to internet porn on your smartphone, but you definitely can, especially if you lead a busy schedule and wouldn’t mind rubbing one out in your workplace’s bathroom for convenience’s sake.

A Very, Very Active Community

(you need a profile to view this site’s content)

One of the most unique things about this website is that it’s practically built on a thriving, active community whose members constantly upload candid content of all manner. There are even a lot of request takers here who can find and upload something that you’re specifically looking for so long as it’s within the softcore clothed genre – but you’ll need to create a profile in order to view this site’s content and mingle with its members. Don’t worry though; the sign-up process is fast and free.

ThePornDude likes TheCandidZone's

  • A very active community
  • Pleasing visual design
  • Optimized for mobile
  • A very specific niche within the XXX site industry
  • Almost no ads
  • Site responds fast to commands

ThePornDude hates TheCandidZone's

  • Visual design is so basic it might as well be communist
  • Need to make a profile to view this site
  • Not much X-rated stuff in the non-candid section
  • A lot of the stuff doesn’t pass quality checks
  • Videos must be downloaded from alternate portals