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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The Candid Forum! There’s always something weirdly exciting about secretly doing illegal stuff. After being banned from social networking sites, massive communities of sick naughty fucks who are self-declared “shooters” have found other ways to beat the meat to real photos and videos of sexy ladies without their consent or knowledge. These fucking perverts have found alternative platforms where they can share photos and videos exposing ladies of all ages on closed-off, dedicated forums, including sharing mainly softcore, upskirt clips, photos of random chicks booties, boobies, bodies, or any kind of shit and posting it for other horny dudes to jerk off to.

Well, social media sites have continually bitched about these so-called creepshots that reveal close-up photos and videos of girls taken without their approval. But to be honest, who hasn’t seen a sexy lady strutting her way down the street in a short skirt or tight ass pants and felt the temptation to take a picture or video to wank to or share later? I bet some of you hopeless losers will probably say that’s some creepy shit but get the fuck off your moral utopia. I know millions of people out there who get off to worse shit. I must admit that this kind of smut offers a refreshing break from ordinary porn, especially knowing that what you’re seeing is real and hasn’t been staged. And I found it on a site dubbed, which I will be reviewing today to find out if it’s worth a visit.

Intro Promises is an online forum devoted to sharing, surfing, and exchanging thoughts about candid images and videos of sexy ladies of all ages out in public. I was impressed to discover that although the site was established in 2011, just about the time when online forums started losing fame, it has continued to remain as popular as fuck. And it’s still highly active today with more than 220,000 dedicated members sharing, commenting on, and liking material on the site.

Love this! As I was browsing the site, I found one sick forum member commenting on a set of upskirt images of a sexy schoolgirl in uniform. “If only I could get to be her teacher or after-class tutor, only God knows what the fuck else I would teach her to do with that hot sexy body of hers.” I guess there’s something weirdly exciting about jerking off to or capturing images and videos of hot chicks with no clue that they’re online for horny sick fucks to polish their poles to.

Pretty Decent Design

I don’t think I have to explain why the fuck having a good design is really important. Of course, there are those of you who don’t really give a fuck about the design as long as the material you’ll find in it is jizz-worthy. But I always love a simple and effective design, and that’s what you get with It surely makes my experience a lot friendlier. Although I can’t say it’s up there with the best sites in the world. But for a fucking forum, it is pretty impressive.

There are certainly a few improvements the forum could make. In particular, it’s so fucking bright with an all-white background that could make you fucking blind. The site could look a lot better is they include some dark modes. Besides that, there’s a banner on the top section of the page with the logo, a header for “Home, Candid Pictures, and Candid Videos.” Right below these you’ll find links to all the forum topics and discussions.

Almost everything is Fucking Restricted

I was fucking pissed off by two things about First, the “Candid Videos” section is closed off for members only. I figured I could bypass this small obstacle by signing up real quick since its free right? No fucking way! New members are not allowed to sign up for some reasons I can’t figure out and I don’t know for how long. Moreover, you cannot upload content and most of the damn fucking site is off-limits. To make matters worse, virtually all the threads I tried to check out would not let me view content. All I could do is check out some content under “Candid Pictures,” and even that is occasionally blocked.

To be candid, I was already getting frustrated by because I was craving to beat the meat to some of the good stuff but unfortunately it is restricted to previously registered users only. But I figured I could get a source with valid login credentials and I was lucky and quite relieved to find one.

A Ton Fuck of Real Softcore Content Once you Get In

I couldn’t help noticing that all the shots on the forum, as far as I can tell, are real and haven’t been staged. And at least that’s what the members on the forum are saying! Perhaps there maybe a couple of members that know some of these hotties and ask them to pose in tight-ass yoga pants or short skirts, but for the most part, each photo and video on the site looks so real. So, I guess these chicks want to be seen looking naughty, dirty and damn right fucking sexy!

I must admit that the amount of content on is pretty impressive. Yes! There’s a ton fuck of genuine softcore material to help make your fap sessions more realistic. I found approximately 4,300 individual threads in the section dedicated to “Upskirt Videos alone.” If jerking off to naughty videos and photos of young girls in school uniforms is your kind of thing, I can assure you this place will get you totally hooked. A query on their search tool for ‘schoolgirl’ returned around 1,000 individual threads. Some of the photos even show the pretty faces of these innocent chicks.

I also found a shit load of naughty images and videos of girls and women taken at universities, coffee shops, and places of work, and numerous other places in different parts of the world. Well, most of the posts don’t detail the specific location where the photo or video was taken. But I was able to figure out what state, country or specific location some of the ladies were located in based on clues in the shots themselves. One group of young women was outside a certain college of an American university, while several other shots of women were taken in a UK supermarket. Numerous other sets of videos and photos showed upskirts of schoolgirls on Sydney public transport. I also found another post from last year showing the photographer reaching out and physically lifting up a young girl’s school skirt in public. Other posts joke about what members would wish to do to the ladies here in private sessions.

In a nutshell, there’s a lot of real softcore material on this forum and if that’s the kind of smut that gets the junk in your pants throbbing with sheer excitement, I bet you’ll start jerking off immediately you gain access to this place. But the fucked up thing is that if you’re not already a member you cannot access all the juicy stuff.

Suggestions from ThePornDude

I suggest should at least tease potential users before trying to get them to sign up for anything. I can understand that the members already registered work their asses off on these naughty photos and videos. But just give people a few cheeky teasers of some topless bikini shots or amazing asses in tight-ass yoga pants. I mean, just something to tell people the site is worth the trouble involved signing up!

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

I must admit that the content on is quite impressive and some of the members are damn lucky to live in areas with such sexy babes. Most of the posts are genuinely Candid if you really give a flying fuck about that sort of shit and most of them are damn sexy. Of course, the site needs a few improvements, and anyway what sexy forum doesn’t? And if they could just let people see some of the good shit before putting them through the trouble of signing up or getting legit log in details, that would be well worth it. Also, if they could just add a section about jerking off in public, it would be exciting too!

ThePornDude likes TheCandidForum's

  • Excellent videos and photos
  • Large porn community with active members
  • Limited ads

ThePornDude hates TheCandidForum's

  • You can’t check out most of the content or contribute because you must be a member and registration is fucking closed