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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Oh 4chan, you never cease to amaze me. Can you imagine that there are people out there such as the creator of who dedicate a lot of their time just to archiving all of the posts that end up on there? Yeah, it’s pretty insane, to say the least, even commendable I’d say. Anyway, we should talk a little bit about and why the hell it exists, when the guy started archiving all the shit on his own servers and so on. Also, we’ll probably touch on the reason as to WHY someone would want to archive the entire shitstorm that happens on 4chan. Let’s find out.

An archive for every single post that’s put up on /b/

First things first, started archiving posts since all the way back in 2016. The guy that made the site said it himself. And he’s be archiving every single post that gets on /b/ on here ever since. Why /b/? Well, as he puts it, nobody else is doing it so he might as well be the beacon of hope in that sense of the word. We all know that the /b/ section is full of just random shit and it ranges from profane and provocative pics of hot chicks to some of the most disgusting pictures of micropenises, to just some ordinary everyday memes that you’d find on Reddit.

There’s just no saying what you’re going to end up finding on, just as you wouldn’t know what to expect when visiting 4chan. It could be a normal day, it could also be a day of absolute shitstorms in that section. It all depends on the situation, but is there to record it all. Of course, some lines have to be drawn when it comes to the legality of the content, but other than that, everything goes. If you see some sort of illegal shit (and we all know what kind of content we’re talking about here) you can simply report it and the owner of is going to look into it and delete it if need be.

Report unwanted content to keep the community clean

If you play an active part in the community, then you’ll surely need to report some of the content that gets archived. Since everything on is archived automatically, then all sorts of shit can pass through on the servers and it’s your job to stop that from happening by reporting all sorts of unwanted shit. Now, I’m not the one to advocate for censorship, but all that lolicon shit has to fucking go. Not to mention all that furry and cub garbage. I know that /b/ is supposed to be for all sorts of random stuff, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, it’s not like you weren’t expecting all this stuff when you opened up the /b/ archive. You knew what you were getting yourself into, so I don’t think that it comes as a surprise to anyone as to what kind of foul stuff goes on around here. What’s more, you’re probably going to want to keep your eyes open cause if you came here for some sexy content, then you’ll definitely find a diamond in the rough here and there. For example, I found a chick with the best tits that I’ve ever seen on here and it was an amazing experience. I seriously can’t do anything but thank for blessing me with that image. Hey, when I see a hot chick I acknowledge it.

Randomness and international randomness as well

So there are a few sections which you should get to know when you’re exploring There’s the /b/ Random, and the /bant/ International/Random. They’re essentially the same thing except for the fact that International/Random is supposed to be for users in all languages and from all countries. That’s for international, while the ordinary Random section is meant to keep things in English so that the English speaking sphere can understand it. With that in mind, here’s the thing about these two sections, they’re all content and no filler. Whatever was posted on 4chan’s /b/ section will be on these two, no questions asked.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule if a post gets removed for illegal content or something similar, but other than that all the content that gets posted is automatically archived on here. And while you might be asking yourself: “why archive it all if it’s on 4chan anyway?” Well, what if you want to see a specific post but 4chan’s system just doesn’t let you find it whatever you try. You might be inclined to try out since it has a much better search engine in place. I forgot what the name is but I think it’s something like Sphynx. Well, whichever engine it is, it’s working charms for

Talk about any issues that you might have with posts

There’s also a board on here and it’s called the /talk/ board. Here you can chat with other people and talk about problems that you might have with some of the posts on I mean, you can email the person behind the archive directly, that being said though you’re still going to have a really tough time getting some stuff taken down if you don’t have a DMCA ownership or whatever else you need to protect your work if you’re an art creator. I mean “art” creator, I don’t think that all this furry bullshit constitutes as art, but whatever. Either way, you’re going to want to file for DMCA if you see some of your work stolen on

There are many other archives that you can check out directly from, but I don’t think that you need that if the first archive you visited was If you’re into the /b/ section of 4chan, then that means that you’re one mighty sick fuck that just wants to watch the world burn. If you give anonymity to this many people and just let them post random shit, you’re bound to get chaos immediately. I mean, don’t get me wrong there’s still some sexy content on here, but most of it is pure bullshit. If you can stomach all the bad stuff though, then you can go to in search of some incredibly sexy pics.

Hot images and thumbnails hidden beneath the shitposting

But that’s about all that you can expect from It’s just images, thumbnails, text, and some random files. There aren’t any videos that you can watch, and if you’re looking for a purely porn driven experience, then isn’t for you. is more for people who are a part of the 4chan community and want to find some hot content while passing by their favorite random shitposting platform. If that description fits you perfectly, then you have made it to a match made in heaven. If not, then keep scrolling cause this place definitely isn’t for you.

Pretty simple and user-friendly aesthetic on here

It has an incredibly simple aesthetic with a dark background (as it should be) which will facilitate late-night browsing as well as lower power consumption on your OLED phone screens. Oh, that’s right, it’s mobile compatible as well. If you want to take this experience on the go, with you can definitely do that as well. There are very few buttons and you will be able to jump straight into action the moment you load the website up. Of course, you’re going to need to be familiar with the 4chan format in order to pick up what the hell is going on in here with the IDs and the anonymity and all that.

All in all, is a place of pure chaos where you can find all sorts of content that got posted on 4chan’s /b/ section. You’ll love watching all of this random chaos unfold as you eventually stumble upon some really hot content that you just can’t say no to. Get ready to begin your search for some of the best porn pics and thumbnails on the internet as you scour through piles of shit before you reach content like that. It’s a real shame that there are no videos on here as well, as that would make the entire experience that much more complete.

ThePornDude likes TheBArchive's

  • An unlimited number of posts saved straight from /b/
  • Hot pictures and thumbnails hidden in the rough

ThePornDude hates TheBArchive's

  • A lot of shitposting that you have to get through
  • No videos available, only pictures and thumbnails