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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Taxi Driver Movie! The first thing that I have to get out of the way, is just the name of this site,, which is just brilliant. While I expected this to be a site dedicated purely to the fake taxi genre, I definitely didn’t expect it to be so diverse, and that the name is simply based on the actual movie, as it even has the lead actor next to the logo, fantastic.

While the name gave me quite a few giggles, I can’t say that the rest of the site was so thrilling to explore. For starters, you guys know that I keep ad-block on all the time and that I consider it one of the holiest things when it comes to browsing for porn. Naturally, if there is a site that offers amazing free content but makes revenue from the ads, I encourage disabling it, but I prefer having it on.

To stop dibble dabbing you, I will go straight to the point, and that is a pure fact that this site is completely broken if you have ad-block turned on. Now you may wonder, what do I mean by broken? Well, since the site is based around sharing all kinds of adult content, which is mostly in the form of images when it comes to the homepage, if you happen to have ads blocked, half of the homepage is going to be empty, which just looks like complete garbage.

Other than that, you will not be able to open up some posts, as they simply won’t register your clicks, and a couple of buttons that you can actually see on the homepage, will not work at all, meaning that you can’t discover the rest of the site, which is just an utter garbage experience.

Of course, once you dwell into this shit without an ad-block, the site shows itself in a completely different light. Naturally, you will immediately get a couple of ads here and there, but I was genuinely surprised that there were only two ads on the whole site, amazing. The main discovery upon having ads enabled, is the fact that you can actually scroll infinitely down the homepage, revealing more and more content, which is definitely an interesting feature, as I have never seen ad-block block the site fully from working.

The design is quite clever

When it comes to the design of the site, in its working form at least, I have to admit that it is done in a pretty simple and clever way. The top of the page is the classic checkerboard with the “Taxi Driver” logo and the main actor snapped on the right side, it just adds a nice charm on it, I will stop fanboying about it after this, I promise.

Right under that, you will have all the available menus, which now work once ads are enabled. Some of the categories have clever names, and while they might not seem that obvious at first, once you click them and see what they are about, you will have on of those “Oooooh” moments, which is pretty cool.

As I mentioned earlier the whole homepage is filled with content, and when it comes to the type of content, you can expect to find pretty much anything. I will admit that most of the post is quite interesting, as they are revolving around celebrities and some of their hot outfits and nudes.

There are some very boring posts as well, again, of celebrities but in full cloths taking pictures in front of those fashion boards. The only people who can enjoy such content are probably women, strictly for fashion reasons.

The pornstar section is interesting

What I find most interesting about the pornstar section here is that it goes under the name “Taxi Fares” which is one of those name spin-offs that I mentioned earlier. From what I have noticed, this category is going to list the latest posts featuring various pornstars in all kinds of photoshoots. Usually, when you click on the image featuring the pornstar you want to bust your nut to, you are going to be transferred to a completely different site, so you can consider this one as a really good messenger that will help you excrete that crème fraîche from your pole.

The movies category is a bit lame

I was quite excited when I saw the “Movies” category here, and when I saw the number of movies popping up in the category, I got excited even more. However, my excitement was gone as fast as when you would discover that the girl you took home from the club is actually having a meat pole of her own, that is also bigger than yours.

That is mainly because all of the “movies” that you can find here are actually just screenshots of either their posters or a scene that is somewhere within the movie. In most cases, you are not even given the source where you can find the porn movie, but that doesn’t even fucking matter when you get cock-blocked by the realization that it is just a fucking screenshot, and sometimes a bloody ad. You have no idea how disappointed and outraged this dumpster of a section made me feel.

Most of the things are extremely softcore

When it comes to porn, you know that while I do enjoy galleries more than actual videos since I have quite a wild imagination, I can’t really say that I have been turned on by anything that this site has to offer, as it is just simply too softcore for me, however, I will not judge if you are into something like this.

The rest of the categories, besides the extremely disappointing “movies” category, are pretty much what they say they are. In the cameltoe category, you will be able to find all kinds of celebrities showing off their cameltoe in public while they are wearing tight jeans, shorts, or yoga pants. While I have to say that they definitely look quite hot, they are just not something that I would spend too much time browsing.

The same can be said for the nip slip, upskirt, and topless categories, you will get what you came for, which is plenty of galleries that revolve around the theme, and you will usually get the same quality of the images within the gallery that you see on the thumbnail.

The only weird category is the see-through category, which is pretty much the same as the nip-slip category, as there are many exact same images in both categories. I don’t understand what is the point of having two categories with pretty much same images, but who gives a fuck if it makes people turned on, I guess. Sometimes you will get an even better image if it happens to link to a different site, but most of them are in HD, which is more than enough.

The search engine is pretty good

I have to give props to the search engine, as it is quite responsive to the keywords that I tried out. Most of the keywords that I tried revolve around celebrities I was interested in and some of them were related to softcore porn or specific outfits. Either way, no matter what I was looking for, I found it, which is more than enough to give the search engine positive credit.

Registering an account seems pointless

There is an option to register an account on the site, as you will be able to comment and save the images that you enjoyed under your favorites list, however, that does not necessarily mean that you will be able to register successfully. This was probably the first time I have received a completely empty verification e-mail, which of course, did not let me complete my registration the first time I tried to register.

It took me three different attempts, with three different e-mails in order to register on this site so I can review it properly for you, and the worst part about that, is that the verification e-mails are not even instant, it took on average of twenty minutes for one to receive, that is fucking insane.

Overall, I think that is a pretty decent site, despite the flaws that it has if you happen to be running an ad-block, but in all honesty, disabling it is definitely worth it if you enjoy some softcore adult content that will make your boner dance. You can expect quite a lot of uploads throughout the week, as there are images from all kinds of sources.

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  • Requires ad-block disabled to work properly