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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I like the idea of watching porn and obviously, so do you. It is even a more refreshing idea when fans of porn are able to build their own site. This is pretty much the idea behind Do you have porn images and videos in your possession that you would like to share with other users? Just pin it on Smutty. The Smutty homepage is very welcoming; ‘Hello, my name is smutty. I’m a simple, collaboratively curated collection of arousing pictures and videos’. That just about sums up the whole site, to be honest.

It wouldn’t go unnoticed how easy it is to find your taste in content on Smutty. The most popular material is displayed closer to the top and as it begins to age, more fresh stuff are added on top. The content is arranged by the means of Hot, Trending, New, and Top. This should allow you to head straight for the hottest new content that users have uploaded before checking out the older stuff.

How Smutty blends with Twitter and Pinterest is just amazing. Honestly speaking, this is a feature that makes Smutty stand out from the rest. On homepage far left is a list of the top curators (users who upload the most content). I guess that answers the question “whose content is the most erotic?” Just below them is a list of the most popular hashtags, on Twitter. ThePornDude wasn’t surprised to find #teen, #sexy, and #young as the top hashtags. And rightly so because the site features a good number of busty teens in hardcore fucking action you won’t be able to take your lustful eyes off.

The site features a relatively attractive theme that’s not too heavy on the eyes. There are loads of users out there who post their own content and everything is put in order to help you share your porn antics with the world, in case you have any. On homepage far right is an ‘Add’ button that allows you to easily upload any outstanding content you may have. The bad news is you have to sign up for you to do that, otherwise, your attempt to upload anything will be an effort in futility. Fortunately signing up is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Out of curiosity, ThePornDude checked the ‘People’ section and was pleasantly surprised to find a list of the top posters accompanied with a description of what they are all about. One particular freak has the following as a part of their profile; ‘Fed up of photos without names & categories being ruined by shitty posters with low IQ’s. Then take a refreshing break & browse my posts’. Smutty seems to have no shortage of freaky content posters. Some of the niches these top posters will post about include milf, gilf couples, voyeur, fucking, bisexual, shemale, sexy-models and basically visuals of sex of all kinds that you would definitely fap to.

Surprisingly, the site has Notifications for good measure and you can always subscribe, easy and free, to get notifications regarding the site. For instance, if something is not working properly on the site for one reason or the other, you will be notified but ONLY if you are a subscribed member. It’s for you to decide if it’s worth the hassle.

Talk of the videos; this is where all the fun and action lies. Watch group sex, straight, gay, lesbian fucking each other with dildos and sucking pussy, tranny, and group sex. Anything that suits your hard on, is available on Smutty. It was a little difficult for ThePornDude to immediately establish the size of Smutty’s libraries, but with users uploading content on a regular basis, there is zero chance of you exhausting the site content. At the time of writing this review, a particular post by ‘habjones27’ impressed me. It featured a black guy eating pussy like it’s his last before proceeding to drill that cunt with a huge dick and eventually cumming on the slut’s mouth. That was kinda kinky, there more of that on Smutty.

Live Sex is available on Smutty but unfortunately, it links to another site called Not exactly what ThePornDude had in mind.

There is not much going regarding the commercials and the site generally it’s all clean. You may need some getting used to in terms of the site layout but ultimately, this is a perfect site and deserves a bookmark. It is a whole new concept but as they say, a change is as good as a rest.

ThePornDude likes Smutty's

  • Great concept
  • Good community
  • Filled with content

ThePornDude hates Smutty's

  • Difficult to understand at first
  • Be careful! A lot of girls didn't look 18+!